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Shawnee Centennial Shawnee Centennial Oklahoma Centennial
Description of Centennial Projects
A memorial to Louise Funk Fluke who designed the Oklahoma State flag. The memorial will be placed in Centennial Park on Main Street.

Centennial Park
Refurbishment of the existing Centennial Park located on Main Street. New fencing, columns and planting will be added.

Centennial Benches
Centennial benches will be placed in Centennial Park and at Broadway and Main with the Centennial logo appearing on the back.

Candidates are being sought for the Royal Centennial Court that will preside over Pottawatomie County’s Statehood Centennial celebration in late September.

Statehood Ball and Queens Contest
A ball will be held Friday night with food, drinks and entertainment as well as the announcement of the Centennial Queen.

Centennial Festival and Fireworks Display
The Centennial Festival will be held on Saturday night in the Historic Bell Street District. Live entertainment capped off by a fireworks display will end the night.

Centennial Parade
Parade will take place on Saturday morning on Main Street.

Calendars and Books depicting historical properties around Pottawatomie County will be available for sale.

Coloring Contest
One page will be given to each 4th grader in the area schools.

Woodland Park Festivities
Festivities will include 2007 Santa Fest

“Century of Progress” Teacher’s Guide
A guide developed locally to encourage and enrich students learning of Oklahoma History. These guides will be made available to area teachers.

SRDS, Inc.
The Ritz Theatre will be available for area students to perform “Oklahoma” skits throughout the weekend of the celebration.

Santa Fe Homecoming
The Santa Fe Depot will host this event with a festival atmosphere and activities for the young and not so young.

Shawnee Public Library
The Library will have a photo mural on exhibit depicting the history of Oklahoma and Pottawatomie Count.