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Shawnee Centennial Shawnee Centennial Oklahoma Centennial
Royal Centennial Court
    Candidates are being sought for the Royal Centennial Court that will preside over Pottawatomie County’s Statehood Centennial celebration in late September.

    The state Legislature, through the Centennial Commission, designated each county seat to plan a countywide centennial celebration. City of Shawnee Community Development Director Mike Southard is handling the project along with a committee which has planned several events.

    Although all the activities are planned for Shawnee, the committee is soliciting the participation of all county towns. A monument listing county towns in 1907 is planned, and floats from across the county are sought for the parade on Saturday morning, Sept. 22. Contestants from across the county are also sought for the Royal Centennial Court, which will include a Queen from the 65 and over age group, a Princess Royal from the 35-64 age group, a Duchess from the 20-34 age group, a Princess from the 13-18 age group, and a Lady-In-Waiting from the 12 and under age group.

    Competition will be limited to 10 in each age group, with a secret committee choosing the ten from among the applicants. Winners will be determined by penny votes and will be crowned at the Statehood Ball on Saturday night. Contestants will also participate in other events.

    Ann Davis, co-chairman of the centennial committee, said she would love to see a candidate in each age group from each community in the county. Schools, community groups or other organizations could determine who that contestant might be, she said.

    An application form for candidates is available online at The application deadline is June 30.

    Other events planned for the two-day celebration include the dedication of the Louise Fluke memorial, a parade, the Santa Fe Homecoming, the Horse In The City art project, and much more.

    Fluke, a Shawnee resident, designed the Oklahoma state flag. The memorial to her is at the Santa Fe Depot and will be dedicated Sept. 21. The Fluke memorial will be adjacent to Centennial Park, which will contain some of the new benches. A monument listing county towns in 1907 is planned, and floats from across the county are sought for the parade on Saturday morning, Sept. 22.

    Schools, libraries and other groups will also have special activities during the Centennial celebration, and the Ritz Theatre will host student performances focusing on the state’s history. A photo history mural, Woodland Park activities, a fireworks display and more are being planned.

    Sponsorships and donations are currently being solicited to fund the celebration. For more information, contact centennial co-chairman Beverly Mosman at 275-5652 or by e-mail at, or Davis at 273-7263 or 273-2417.