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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Chan30:  Program Guide for Saturday
Chan30:  Program Guide for Saturday
12:00 AMCity Report and Update
2:00 AMCity Report and Update
4:00 AMCHristmas Parade
6:00 AMCity Report and Update
8:00 AMCHristmas Parade
10:00 AMCity Report and Update
12:00 PMCHristmas Parade
2:00 PMCity Report and Update
4:00 PMCHristmas Parade
5:00 PMCHristmas Parade
6:00 PMCity Report and Update
7:00 PMCity Report and Update
8:00 PMCHristmas Parade
9:00 PMCHristmas Parade
10:00 PMCity Report and Update
*This schedule is valid as of 5:54 AM on Sunday, December 11, 2016 and is subject to change.
Note that any programming is subject to replacement by live broadcasts