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Press Release: Shawnee Citizens begin Receiving Curbside Recycling Services
Shawnee Citizens begin Receiving Curbside Recycling Services

Media Contacts –

Todd Adcock, Central Disposal, LLC ; ; 405-275-0900

Steve Nelms, Director, Shawnee Municipal Authority;; 405-273-1960

February 20, 2014

This week, 18-gallon recycling bins are scheduled for delivery to all City of Shawnee residents. This action is the kickoff to curbside recycling in Shawnee. Included in the recycle bins are detailed instructions for recycling items.

The new Curbside Recycling service is being offered to all Shawnee Utilities trash customers beginning with their normal trash pick-up day, the first full week of March. All customers within Shawnee City limits should receive an 18-gallon hard plastic bin to fill each week with paper, plastic, and certain aluminums and metals for recycling. No changes to the city’s regular trash pickup service are expected. Slight pricing changes will occur to pay for curbside recycling. Customers who choose to downsize from a typical 95-gallon polycart to a 65-gallon polycart will save a few cents each month on their overall garbage pick up billing. Customers who retain one or multiple 95-gallon polycarts will see a slight increase to their monthly bill.

The City Commission tasked Central Disposal, which holds the city contract for waste pick up service, to plan and implement a curbside recycle program. Central Disposal worked closely with Shawnee Municipal Authority, the City of Shawnee’s utilities department, to devise and implement a convenient plan for Shawnee utilities customers to follow. Shawnee households are being asked to put their recyclable items together in the provided 18-gallon bin throughout a normal week. Customers should carry their full recycle bin out to the curb along with their normal trash polycart on their regularly scheduled weekly pick-up day and place it directly behind their trash polycart. Central Disposal employees will go through the recycle bin and sort the items right at the curb. Central Disposal personnel have been instructed to leave unacceptable items in the recycle bin to help customer awareness of what is acceptable for the curbside recycle program. Any items left in the bin should be dumped into the regular trash poly cart when a customer retrieves both bins the same evening.

In 2005, the City Commission ordered a recycling drop off site in the current Homeland parking lot, just off Independence. The original purpose of the recycling drop-off site was to give Shawnee utilities customers who wanted to recycle an opportunity to do so.

With the implementation of the curbside recycling plan throughout Shawnee, the Homeland recycle drop off site will be eliminated. The recycle drop off at the Central Disposal transfer station on 45th street will be reduced to accepting only recyclable cardboard and glass.

For more information please go to our curbside recycling page found in the link below:
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John Galvin said...
So far I have not seen any $ figure behind this. If I keep my current 95 gallon, how much extra is this going to cost me? And if I choose to reduce my throwaway capacity by 10% by opting for the 65 gallon, how much will that save me? Need numbers. Not "a few cents"
2/25/2014 7:31:34 PM

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