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The City of Shawnee Budget and Finance department handles all the financial accountability for the City of Shawnee as well as data processing and City Hall building management.

Finance Director
The City of Shawnee Finance Director / City Treasurer operates out of Shawnee City Hall

Provides all fiscal processing, budgeting, and finance management for the City

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Finance Chart Maker

View graphs of various GL Numbers directly from the data.
Finance Gain/Loss Chart
View graphs of monthly gain/loss by Fund
Finance Category Revenues/Expenditures-Expenses
View a pie chart displaying where the money comes from and where it goes

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Finance Department Frequently Asked Questions
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Q:How is the 3% sales tax revenue allocated within the City's budget?
Q:What is the sales tax rate for the City of Shawnee?
Q:What type of Accounting Structure does the City use?
Q:What type of Fiscal Year does the City operate around?
The City of Shawnee uses a standard Fiscal Year of July 1 to June 30. This is the most common fiscal year for Oklahoma Cities although some have chosen to match the calendar year.
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