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Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions
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Q:Can I just submit my application/resume for when something becomes available?
We do not accept applications without there being an open position.
Dated:11/7/2007 3:47:05 PM Back to Top--^
Q:How do I apply for a job with the City?
Jobs are posted after a request has been received from the department indicating they will have a vacancy. The open position is opened and able to accept applications/resumes. Jobs with the City have open and closing dates. When the position has closed, the application/resumes are reviewed and applicants are selected for the interview process.
Dated:2/4/2008 9:30:42 AM Back to Top--^
Q:How do I get an interview?
All applications received while the vacancy is posted are reviewed and the selected candidates are contacted for testing or an interview.
Dated:2/4/2008 9:24:37 AM Back to Top--^
Q:How long do you keep an application on file?
We keep submitted/reviewed applications on file for 60 days.
Dated:11/7/2007 3:29:06 PM Back to Top--^
Q:Once I have applied for a position, will I be contacted?
You will be contacted by phone if you are chosen for an interview or testing. If you are not selected, either initially or after an interview or testing, we will send a letter stating that you are not longer being considered.
Dated:2/4/2008 9:12:35 AM Back to Top--^
Q:What benefits does the City provide?
The City offers its employees many benefits including but not limited to: Holidays/Vacations/Sick Leave, Medical Insurance with choice of 3 plans, Optional Dental and Vision coverage, and Life Insurance. Retirement plans are based on employee classifications.
Dated:11/7/2007 4:29:04 PM Back to Top--^
Q:What happens once the department has made a decision on who they would like to hire?
Once an applicant has been selected, the Human Resources Department will call and make them a contingent job offer. The applicant will then be scheduled for a pre-employment drug screen, and possibly a physical or other tests as required for the position. If all testing is satisfactory, the department will contact the applicant, and a start date will be determined.
Dated:2/4/2008 9:32:10 AM Back to Top--^
Q:Where do I find job applications?
Applications can be downloaded on line at the Human Resources website page or picked up at City Hall.
Dated:2/4/2008 9:14:54 AM Back to Top--^
Q:Where is the Human Resources Office located?
The Human Resources Office is located in City Hall room 242.
Dated:2/4/2008 9:03:24 AM Back to Top--^