City of Shawnee
Job Opening

Job TitlePolice Officer
DepartmentPolice Department
Date Posted7/16/2013
Posting Expires8/9/2013
Job DescriptionCity of Shawnee
Job Description

JOB TITLE: Police Officer
PAY GRADE: Starting at $15.95/hr

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE OF POSITION: Under the general, and occasional, direct supervision of the Lieutenant, is responsible for protecting the law-abiding citizen and enforcing the law through ongoing police work in the City. Work varies, exercising judgment within well established procedures and standards.

• Must be able to perform those duties normally associated with law enforcement work. Included are abilities to investigate, interrogate, evaluate, and document evidence in accidents, crimes, and other incidents within the police department operations.

• Physical requirements include sitting, walking, stooping, bending, running short distances, restraining, hearing and speaking with clarity, viewing, climbing, crawling, ability to handle stress, and may be required to lift up to 75#’s (greater with assistance).

• May be exposed to dangerous life threatening situations, hazardous materials and infectious disease.

• Must possess CLEET Certification within one (1) year of employment and maintain all of the requirements of the State Certification throughout employment;

• Must possess a valid Oklahoma Driver's License.

• Performs the duties of a Police Officer; responds to dispatches and appears at the scene of disorder or crime, patrols assigned area, on foot or by car, inspects public establishments requiring licenses, and responds to domestic calls;

• Is responsible to perform the law enforcement activities of maintaining law and order, the protection of life and property, the regulation of traffic, reporting any hazards or dangers, the apprehension, arrest, and detection of law violators all in compliance with City Ordinances, Policies, and Procedures;

• Directs and reroutes traffic around fires, accidents, or any other disruption of normal activity; carries out orders and enforces directions from the State and Federal Court Systems;

• Shall meet and maintain the physical and professional requirements and certifications of a police officer as established by the CLEET Standards;

• Initiates reports and records reflecting daily, weekly, monthly, and annual activities; prepares reports on crime and traffic incidents as necessary; has access to information requiring confidentiality and discretion; contacts with fellow employees, the public, and other agencies are constant and involves communication of complex information requiring tact and diplomacy; responsible for equipment requiring accountability; work requires contact with unpredictable and uncontrollable physical conditions requiring care and use of proper personal safety equipment and procedures to prevent injury.

JOB TITLE: Police Officer (continued)

• May work nights, rotating shifts, holidays, weekends, and during emergencies;

• May be assigned other responsibilities such as Fire Arms Instructor, K-9 Officer, etc.;

• Performs other duties as may be assigned.


• Must be a high school graduate or its equivalent;

• Must be 21 and no more than 45 years of age, plus some work experience;

• Must meet all statutory requirements in becoming a Police Officer;

• If designated as a K-9 Officer, must procure additional CLEET Certification with Officer’s dog and satisfactorily maintain an annual renewal of such Certification;

• Must obtain CLEET Certification within one (1) year of employment and must maintain all required CLEET requirements during employment;

• Possession of a valid Oklahoma Driver’s license and maintain a status of insurability.

• Maintains and applies a thorough knowledge of current and new principles and practices of law enforcement;

• Obtains field experience under the direct supervision of a Field Training Officer;

• Maintains and exhibits discretion and integrity at all times;

• Maintains and applies thorough knowledge of federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, Department Policies, and Procedures which are enforced by the department;

• May execute Search Warrants, assist in jail booking processes, and with animal control;

• Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with fellow employees, other criminal justice agencies, courts, officials, and the public;

• May testify in Court or Hearings;

• Performs other assignments as directed.