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What do I do if I get a ticket?
If you have received a citation from a City of Shawnee Police Officer for an infraction, you can pay the fine in person at Shawnee City Hall, pay the fine ONLINE via the Online Payment Process, or decide to go to court and plead your case.

Locally at Shawnee City Hall, 16 W 9th Street, Shawnee Oklahoma we accept cash, MasterCard and Visa Credit/Debit cards, Money Orders, or Cashiers Checks. Sorry we DO NOT accept personal checks.

Pay Your Citation Online!
You can avoid a visit to City Hall and/or the Courtroom in most cases by paying your citation online. Follow the above link or THIS LINK to make your payment. Note that certain offenses require a Court visit and cannot be paid online. If you have concerns call the Shawnee Municipal Court system from 8:30am-4:45pm Monday-Friday at 405-878-1624 FAX 405-878-1743.

View All Citations

If you are interested you can view all the non-juvenile issued citations on the City's Citations Listing website. You can even sort by sex, race, etc and view Pie, line or Bar Charts of the information.

Do YOU have an Outstanding Warrant for an unpaid ticket?
Find out on by searching for your name (or your friends and family) on the Online Warrants Page This area provides basic access to current outstanding warrants for general public and other law enforcement agencies. One can search or list the current outstanding warrant information for most municipal warrants.

See someone on the list that needs addressed?

Call the anonymous Warrant Hotline at 405-878-1645 (New Number 5/2015!)

Non-Emergency Dispatch Contact: 405-273-2121

Municipal Court Location:
16 W 9th St - Shawnee - OK - 74801

Current Warrant Statistics
Current counts outstanding warrants by violation description. This data is only as valid as the last refresh date as shown below and is for reference purposes only. Juvenile warrants are not included in this count.

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Current News/Information
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Staff Activity Report for February 17 - 23, 2013
(No change on any of the projects this week)
* Kickapoo Street Widening Project
> ODOT awarded the Kickapoo Paving Project to Haskell-Lemon Construction for a total project construction cost of $10,930,517.98 (including water line costs) at their December 3, 2013 Transportation Commission meeting. Brewer Construction, a subcontractor of Haskell-Lemon will be doing all the waterline relocation and improvements, as well as installation of all the drainage and storm sewer improvements. Work was scheduled to begin on Feb 11, 2013 but due to the weather (snow and rain) work was rescheduled to begin Feb 18th, BUT, again rain and snow this past week hampered any real production of work on the project. I guess one way to get the drought busted is to schedule construction work on the long awaited Kickapoo Paving Project. First section (or phase) of construction will be from the Spur to Independence Street and once that section is completed that Contractor will then move forward from Independence to Federal, and so on. Project is estimated to take 18-24 months construction time.
* Rehab Concrete Streets Project (FY11-12)
> City Commission awarded the project to All Roads in the amount of $387,409.00. All Roads Paving has begun work on Independence east of Sequoyah with removal and replacement of badly broken and cracked concrete paving panels. Work is approximately 80% complete. Work will continue on Independence Street in that area for the next 4-5 weeks, with the majority of work scheduled during the upcoming school spring break
* Airport Trails Project
> City Commission awarded project to Bishop Paving in the amount of $633,409.90. Contractor has completed removal of existing track. CKD base stabilization has begun and is on-going, expected to be completed in the next two weeks barring any bad weather. Overall, project is approximately 48% complete. By Contract they have 180 days to complete the reconstruction. This project will be a complete removal and replacement of the City existing trail(s) around the Airport, and trail widened to 10 feet, approximately 3.75 miles of trail. Anticipate construction being completed by June 2013.
* Main Street Streetscape Project
> Field survey work has been completed and submitted to City for review. Preliminary design work has been started as time allows on this project. Project design will follow closely the design layout that was used on the Bell Street Streetscape Project. Preliminary design is approximately 58% complete.
* Bell Street Streetscape Project (from Farrall to 7th Street)
> ODOT had conducted a recent traffic and pedestrian study and came back with the conclusion that no warrants were met for signalization or crosswalk improvements; however, they have given the City to install inpaving yellow strobe lights actuated by pedestrians and a lighted flashing crosswalk signage when in use. Also we received back the OG&E cost proposal on installing decorative lighting along the sidewalk. Cost of OG&E lighting will be approximately $30,050.20. Project was awarded to All-Roads Paving. A Pre-work meeting is scheduled for February 19, 2013, after which a Notice to Proceed will be issued effective the last week in February. Contractor will have 90 days to complete the project.
* City Hall Parking Lot Improvements
> Design plans for a proposed parking lot have been completed at the site of where the old Al & James Grocery once stood. Prelim plans are under review for added comments from City Administration. City is in process of having underground storage tank (UST) removed which will need to be done before any parking lot work can be started. Preliminary cost estimate for the parking lot project is at $210,573. At the March 4, 2013 City Commission meeting, a request to authorize staff to advertise the Parking Lot Project will be considered. If approved, project will be let for bids, with a bid opening scheduled for the first meeting in April, and a tentative construction start date of the first week in May 2013.
* Federal Street Bridge Repair Project
> City Commission awarded the to PbX Corporation in the amount of $685,565. Anticipate issuing a Notice to Proceed by the first week in April, and Contractor will have 3 months to complete. There are several utilities hanging from the bridge deck, the most critical is the ONG gas line that feeds the eastern part of Shawnee, and ONG has requested that work not start until after the winter months because they are unable to route the amount of gas that flows through this line to adequately serve the east side of Shawnee.
* City Wide Streets Evaluation & Inspection
> Work expected to start shortly after the Thanksgiving Holidays and take approximately 4-5 months to complete. Street selections and recommendations for upcoming street paving projects anticipated to be presented to City Commission in April 2013. Evaluations are on-going.

UTILITY DEPARTMENT/Steve Nelms, Interim Director
* Water Treatment Plant (Staff of 10)
> Average production: *MGD - 3.666 Last week: *MGD - 3.627
> Pumped 206,276,000 MG to date compared to 166,035,000 MG for same period last year
> Performed routine plant maintenance and water testing
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily
* Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
> Flows averaged: *MGD - 1.189 **BOD - 15 mg/l ***TSS - 7 mg/l
> Performed routine maintenance and testing on the plant
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
* Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
> Flows averaged: *MGD - 1.106 **BOD - 9.1 mg/l ***TSS - 5.9 mg/l
> 181,500 gallons of bio-solids have been hauled for the month of February
> Performed routine maintenance and testing on the plant
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
* Water Distribution (Staff of 11)
> Service Calls - 134, Leak Checks - 17, Reset Water Meters - 9, Cut-offs Replaced - 3, and Water/Sewer Line Locates - 82
> Worked Shop Tickets
* Valve Maintenance (staff of 3)
> Located/performed serviceability check on valves at 4 locations throughout the city.
* Wastewater Collection (Staff of 7)
> Sewer lines flushed - 6,850 ft. Flushed (year to date) - 109,477
> Total Service Calls - 22, Sewer Lines Checked - 8, Lift Stations Checked - 16, and Emergency Sewer Calls - 10
> Worked on the preventative maintenance flusher list and maintenance on Lift Stations
* Capital Projects
> North Park Block 5 Sewer Line Replacement Project
Trent Construction was awarded the bid on December 17, 2012. The estimated start date is February 15, 2013. Due to weather conditions, this project has been delayed
> Utility System Master
Contract awarded to SRB (Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC) for an amount to not exceed $549,460. A Notice to Proceed was issued on June 25, 2012. The Water Hydraulic Model will be completed by the end of this month. SRB has started work on the Wastewater Hydraulic Model
> Water Line Replacement Project Midland Street (no change on project this week)
This week Jordan Contractors completed installing the 12” water line and the 6” water line. The overall project is 90% complete
> Kimberly Sewer Lift Station Rehab (no change on project this week)
Jordon Contractors was awarded the bid on February 4, 2013
> Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project (Pipe Bursting) (no change on project this week)
Budgeted project amount is $1,000,000.00. This project will begin in the Spring of 2013

* Planning
> Staff attended and presented reports at the City Commission meeting
> Staff held nuisance abatement hearings
> Building inspections staff completed inspections on several large projects around the City
> Staff attended the Chamber of Commerce, City Beautification meeting
> Staff met with developers and discussed forthcoming projects
* Current Projects (no change on any of the projects this week)
> Façade Grant Program
Staff collected submitted application for Round 2 of the Façade Grant process.
> Land Development Code
Staff continues work on revising the City’s development regulations.
> Downtown Streetscape Project
Staff is awaiting a funding decision from ODOT on a Transportation Enhancement Grant that was submitted almost two years ago. A survey was recently done of the area and engineering and design work is ongoing so that the project can be bid immediately upon notice of funding decision. Phase 2 of the Streetscape Plan will improve a four-block area of Main Street with new sidewalks, landscaping, street lights, signal lights, pedestrian improvements and utility work. If the City is not successful obtaining a grant, a reduced Phase 2 project will still be implemented.
> Wayfinding Study Implementation
Staff continued work on the Wayfinding Plan implementation process; preparing to bid the wayfinding (signage) project in early 2013. At present, review of the previous implementation plan and the preparation of documents for bid are underway.

PARKS/CEMETERY/EQUIPMENT SERVICES/James Bryce, Director of Operations
* Parks Maintenance Division (Staff of 8)
> Daily cleanup route on Main Street and in city parks
> Snow Removal at various City owned buildings
> Preparing equipment for herbicide spraying
> Removing dead trees at the Lake and in town
> Performing various repairs and graffiti removal in several city parks and buildings
* Cemetery Division (staff of 4)
> One (1) burial last week
> Leveling markers
> Herbicide spraying when weather permits
* Central Garage (Staff of 6)
> 20 units in last week with 38 total repairs
* Current Projects (no change on any of the projects this week)
> Municipal Court Offices Remodel
Drawings are complete and the specifications are nearing completion; will bid this project in March.
> Municipal Swimming Pool
The City has an agreement on a contract with Waters Edge Aquatic Design. We will place this on the March 4, 2013 Commission Agenda.
> Fuel Storage Tank at City Hall
Scheduled for removal beginning March 7, 2013. OCC has been notified of the project and will have a Licensed Remediation Consultant taking soil samples during the tank removal. If any contamination is detected there is a remediation fund that will help with the expense of the contamination clean up.
> City Hall ADA Restroom Project
Drawings nearing completion; bid project in July 2013
> Auditorium Exterior Restoration and Window Replacement
Specifications are nearing completion; will bid project soon.
> City Auction
Auction will take place on March 30, 2013. The Resolution and a list of the items to the auctioned will be presented at the March 4, 2013 Commission Meeting.
> Trash Off
This event will take place on April 20, 2013 in Woodland Memorial Veterans Park from noon to 4:00 pm.

AIRPORT/Rex Hennen, Assistant Airport Manager (no changes on report this week)
* Youth Aviation Adventure – April 6, 2013
> Event will take place at the Gordon Cooper Technology Center Aviation Campus
> Planning/organizational meetings will begin this month.
* Airport Advisory Board
> Regular monthly meeting was held on February 20, 2013
* Runway Rehabilitation Project
> Construction substantially complete; full runway open
> FAA has requested minor wiring modifications to MALSR lights
* Foreign Trade Zone Application
> Application has been approved; will work with SEDF to market the Airport’s new designation
* “Oklahoma Certified Site Program - Aerospace Park”
> Application is being completed by SEDF and airport staff
* Fuel Sales
> Sales are steadily increasing

* City Clerk
> Preparation of 2/19/13 City Commission and Authorities minutes
> Preparation of Community Service Contract Review meeting; contact with committee members; contact with contracting agencies.
> Preliminary budget preparation
> Normal routine duties including tort claims, insurance on vehicles and property
* Utility Billing/Customer Service
> Zone 2 cut-off for non-payment (2/20/13)
> Preliminary budget preparation
> Routine customer service/billing transactions and issues

EXPOSITION CENTER/Mike Jackson, Operations Manager
> February 18, Gordon Richards FFA Achievement Awards Banquet, Conference Center,
> February 19, Chamber Banquet, Conference Center
> February 21, SC&CDA Board Meeting
> February 22, City of Shawnee, DEQ Meeting, Conference Center, Upstairs
> February 22-23, Triangle Horse Sale, Otto Krausse Building & Fred Humphrey Pavilion
> February 23, Oklahoma Emergency Management Meeting, Conference Center
* Comfort Station Project (no change on project)
> Patterson & Associates Construction award bid for roof replacement, siding, and gutter on four (4) comfort stations in the amount of $47,019.00

FINANCE DEPARTMENT/Cynthia Sementelli, Finance
> Prepare for the Airport Advisory meeting
> Meeting with Saxum
> Meeting with Jodi Cox
> Worked on agenda items
> Worked with auditors on single audit
> Review monthly financials

FIRE DEPARTMENT/David Short, Chief
* Suppression
> Responded to 101 emergency calls: Breakdown of calls: Fires - 6, Good Intent Calls - 11,
Rescue/EMS - 72, Service Calls - 3, False Alarms - 5, and Hazardous Conditions - 4
* Prevention
Plan Reviews
> Shawnee Memory Care, 1723 Airport Road (sprinkler system)
New Construction Inspections
> Bricktown Brewery, 4845 N. Kickapoo
> OBU Apartments, 500 W. University
> Shawnee Memory Care, 1723 Airport Road
Requested/Administrative Inspection
> Event inspection at Expo Center
Follow-up Inspection
> Kids R Us #6
> 2425 N. Harrison (structure fire)
> St. Anthony Hospital preconstruction meeting
Permits and On-Site Inspections
> Bricktown Brewery, 4845 N. Kickapoo (hood system)
> Shawnee Memory Care, 1723 Airport Road (sprinkler system)
> Open Burns: OBU (500 W. University) and the dead end of Kellye Green

* Current Projects (no change on projects this week)
> Telephone System Replacement
Process of coordinating contract with vendor under way
> VHF System Narrowbanding
Fire Stations # 2 and 3 control stations are awaiting installation/reprogramming from Total Radio.
Interface cables received for 800 MHz radio connection to EOC console awaiting technician to install. Awaiting VHF/UHF licenses from FCC
> 800 MHz Upgrade/Enhancement
Proceeding with verifying project requirements and components list

* Police
> Reports: 132 / Total Citations: 68 / Handwritten Citations: 50 / E-Citations: 18 (26.47%)
> Arrests: 38
> Officially started OACP Accreditation process
> ALICE Training for McLoud Public Schools
> Multiple burglary cases solved - $31,000 worth of recovered property and an arrest
* Dispatch
> Managed 1602 calls for service (Police/Fire/EMS)
* COPs Grant Program
> Worked drug tips, assisted evening and day shift patrol, and Special assignment
> Assisted DA’s office
> Processed search warrant
> Assisted with drug seizure and conducted interview
> Assisted with Missing Person case – Mcloud Pawn Shop detail
> 41 Cases Forwarded to CID for Review
> 10 Felony Cases Assigned / 1 Misdemeanor Case Assigned / 2 Other Cases Assigned
> 11 Felony Cases Cleared / 1 Other Case Cleared
> 4 Felony Cases Filed through DA’s Office
> $31,722.98 Total Property Recovered
> 5 Assists with Patrol and Other Agencies
> Worked Large Burglary Ring that resulted in $31,000 worth of recovered property and an arrest
* Accreditation: Lt. King, Accreditation Manager
> Working on preparing the department for State Accreditation and proofs of compliance
> Working on Criminal Justice Information Services Facility Protection & Security requirements
> Continuing with In-Service policy training on all shifts
* Evidence
> Number of evidence items brought in: 143 > Number of evidence items released: 15
> Amount of drug seizure money returned: $355.00
* Animal Control
>Calls Responded: 65 >Animals Impounded: 21 >Animals reclaimed: 3 >Animals adopted: 2
* Staff
> Police Officers - 59 / 2 open positions / 1 in FTO Training / 2 on extended leave / 54 available
> Dispatch positions - 13 / 13 available for service / 3 in training status
> Animal Control Positions - 4 / 4 available for service



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