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What do I do if I get a ticket?
If you have received a citation from a City of Shawnee Police Officer for an infraction, you can pay the fine in person at Shawnee City Hall, pay the fine ONLINE via the Online Payment Process, or decide to go to court and plead your case.

Pay Your Citation Online!
You can avoid a visit to City Hall and/or the Courtroom in most cases by paying your citation online. Follow the above link or THIS LINK to make your payment. Note that certain offenses require a Court visit and cannot be paid online. If you have concerns call the Shawnee Municipal Court system from 8:30am-4:45pm Monday-Friday at 405-878-1624 FAX 405-878-1743.

View All Citations

If you are interested you can view all the non-juvenile issued citations on the City's Citations Listing website. You can even sort by sex, race, etc and view Pie, line or Bar Charts of the information.

Do YOU have an Outstanding Warrant for an unpaid ticket?
Find out on by searching for your name (or your friends and family) on the Online Warrants Page This area provides basic access to current outstanding warrants for general public and other law enforcement agencies. One can search or list the current outstanding warrant information for most municipal warrants.

See someone on the list that needs addressed?

Call the anonymous Warrant Hotline at 405-878-1621

For more Warrant Information Contact the City Court Marshal at 405-919-3346

Non-Emergency Dispatch Contact: 405-273-2121

Municipal Court Location:
16 W 9th St - Shawnee - OK - 74801

Current Warrant Statistics
Current counts outstanding warrants by violation description. This data is only as valid as the last refresh date as shown below and is for reference purposes only. Juvenile warrants are not included in this count.

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Shawnee’s City Connect Channel 30 moving to Channel 3
As part of the digital upgrades to the local cable vendor’s, the City’s government channel, branded as “City Connect” and historically on local cable channel 30, will be moving to channel 3. If customers are on the new all-digital system, City Connect will be on Channel 3 and not on Channel 30.

The City Connect channel provides live City Commission meeting coverage and local information about City of Shawnee operations, upcoming events, and videos related to both City and local personal interest topics. Additionally local school sports replays are provided in the evenings for the most recent events. Oklahoma Baptist University also provides weekly local News Updates on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm through their media program during the school year.

The City Connect channel is also available via online streaming at for those without local cable access. For channel information and schedule visit
Join us on Channel 3 on the new lineup and watch for more information programming in the future.



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  • *** CALL 405-878-1621 With Info ***
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