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What do I do if I get a ticket?
If you have received a citation from a City of Shawnee Police Officer for an infraction, you can pay the fine in person at Shawnee City Hall, pay the fine ONLINE via the Online Payment Process, or decide to go to court and plead your case.

Locally at Shawnee City Hall, 16 W 9th Street, Shawnee Oklahoma we accept cash, MasterCard and Visa Credit/Debit cards, Money Orders, or Cashiers Checks. Sorry we DO NOT accept personal checks.

Pay Your Citation Online!
You can avoid a visit to City Hall and/or the Courtroom in most cases by paying your citation online. Follow the above link or THIS LINK to make your payment. Note that certain offenses require a Court visit and cannot be paid online. If you have concerns call the Shawnee Municipal Court system from 8:30am-4:45pm Monday-Friday at 405-878-1624 FAX 405-878-1743.

View All Citations

If you are interested you can view all the non-juvenile issued citations on the City's Citations Listing website. You can even sort by sex, race, etc and view Pie, line or Bar Charts of the information.

Do YOU have an Outstanding Warrant for an unpaid ticket?
Find out on by searching for your name (or your friends and family) on the Online Warrants Page This area provides basic access to current outstanding warrants for general public and other law enforcement agencies. One can search or list the current outstanding warrant information for most municipal warrants.

See someone on the list that needs addressed?

Call the anonymous Warrant Hotline at 405-878-1645 (New Number 5/2015!)

Non-Emergency Dispatch Contact: 405-273-2121

Municipal Court Location:
16 W 9th St - Shawnee - OK - 74801

Current Warrant Statistics
Current counts outstanding warrants by violation description. This data is only as valid as the last refresh date as shown below and is for reference purposes only. Juvenile warrants are not included in this count.

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Staff Activity Report for July 27 – August 9, 2014
CITY MANAGERS OFFICE/Brian McDougal, Manager
• Met with staff regarding our ADA statements and activities. Staff will be bringing official statements to the Commission for approval.
• Assist Shawnee Milling, SEDF, the CPN and SE Oklahoma in helping A-OK railroad with the opening of the Shawnee to McAlester rail line.
• Attended the Mayors transportation meeting.
• Met with VSI staff regarding branding the City.
• Attended CMAO board meeting.
• Attended Nash Construction mediation.

• Received FINAL PLAT for the Shawnee Market Place Development project and it appears to be compliant with City of Shawnee Subdivision Regulations. The Shawnee Planning Commission approved the plat at their August 6th meeting, and the City Commission will consider the Final Plat at the Commissions August 18th Commission Meeting. We are awaiting submittal of final traffic signal plans for their main entrance south of Delta Cafι, and the upgrade plans for the traffic signals at the intersection between Whataburger and Delta Cafι.
• Plans for the Kwick Stop development on Kickapoo & 32nd Street have been approved.
• Panda Express Site plans approved by Engineering, and site prep construction work is underway in the Walmart parking lot. Panda Express is installing the sanitary sewer extension that will become a public line upon satisfactory completion. 100% of the construction cost is being paid by Panda Express.
• Stone Creek Development on Acme Road has submitted a revised Drainage/Detention plan which is currently under review. First submittal of the public infrastructure improvements, i.e. paving, drainage, waterlines, and sanitary sewer construction plans were submitted and are under review by Staff. Rough grading and dirt work of road locations were done at the development on Acme Road north of MacArthur.
• Kickapoo Paving Project from the Spur to Farrall: Engineered construction plans were completed and submitted to ODOT in May 2014 for review and comments. ODOT has indicated they are in the process of scheduling a field and plan-in-hand meeting around mid-September to go over their review.
• Held interdepartmental staff meeting with Engineering, Streets and Traffic Divisions
• Assisted numerous call in inquiries from citizens regarding floodplain issues, location of utilities, etc., etc.
• Main Street Streetscape Project design is substantially completed (no change). ODOT has verbally indicated that their funding source has been identified and that the City can now submit our plans for their formal review process associated with receiving the $400,000 grand. We will package up the appropriate number of copies (7) and submit them on Monday, August 18th. Before we will be allowed to advertise the project for bids, ODOT will have to review and approve the plans. Depending on the length and time of ODOTs review once they allow us to submit the plans, we may not be able to advertise the project for bids or have construction begin until after the first of the year (2015).
• Deer Field Estates (on Bradley just west of Elm Street): We had a meeting with the Developer and his Engineer to discuss the Citys drainage concerns and to go over other issues with their preliminary plat. As result of meeting, Developer will resubmit a revised Preliminary Plat and his Engineer will submit a detailed drainage/detention analysis taking into account the Citys requirements.
• Rehab Asphalt Streets Project (Haskel-Lemon Contractor): Work on Broadway from Federal to MacAthur has been completed. Work on Independence from Kickapoo to Broadway will begin after the intersection improvements at Kickapoo & Independence are completed on the Kickapoo Paving Project, AND, with the City prevailing at the mediation hearing dealing with 45th Street resurfacing and Nash Construction, Staff will recommend to mill and overlay the east half of Shawnee Mall Drive instead of resurfacing 45th due to 45th maybe needing
• MacArthur – Raley Dr. Relocation: Intersection is completed and signals are operational. OBU paid 100% of the construction costs for the improved and upgraded signals and intersection. Decorative poles, mast arms, and signals, as well as the stamped concrete through the intersection was done to match the work that will be at the intersections along Kickapoo.
• COS-PW-13-01 Sidewalk/ADA Handicap Ramps Project (Various Locations): Project has been bid and awarded to Parathon Construction. Concrete has been placed at the Bell and Highland intersection and the north side of the Union and Highland intersection. The ramps and sidewalks along Highland between Broadway and Union have been completed. City will direct Contractor to next begin ramps/sidewalk at Union & 11th Street.
• Vision Bank Property Channel Improvements: Vision Bank is installing concrete drainage channel improvements east of Harrison and south of 45th Street which will be able to carry the 100 year flood flows enabling other property in the immediate vicinity to be developed by Vision Bank. Contractor had cleared trees and brush from site, and last week has begun some rough grading and dirt work. This is a Private Project paid entirely (100% of the costs) by the Developer (Vision Bank), and once satisfactorily completed in accordance with the specs and plans, then the City will accept the project for ownership and future maintenance responsibilities.
• Wyndemere Addition: Developers Engineer submitted sidewalk plans last week and after review, Staff gave approval. The sidewalk will be along MacArthur Street and will run the full frontage of the Wyndemere Addition. Developer will need to address the severe erosion taking place at their detention pond, and will need to install appropriate end sections for the inlet and outlet pipes at the detention area.
• Communication Credit Union – Kickapoo and 45th: The drive approach on 45th and sidewalks along Kickapoo and 45th have been installed. The sidewalks and ramps meet ADA requirements.
• Rehab Concrete Streets Project: The Re-Bid of this project was awarded to S&J Construction in the amount of $466,725. By rejecting the sole bid from the first project letting ($568,000) and re-advertising the project, the City saved approximately $102,000. A PreWork meeting was held and a Notice to Proceed was issued to the Contractor effective August 18, 2014.
• Water Main Looping Projects: Hwy 177 – GE to Leo 12” Loop: SMA originally planned to construct this project in-house but due to being short on manpower will be contracting the project out. Center St. From REACT building to Mark St. 8” loop: Construction plans 80% complete. 45th St. west of CVS 12” Loop: Working with SMA staff to confirm locations/sizes of existing lines to determine where the crossing of 45th needs to occur.
• FY 2014 -2015 SMA Water/Sewer Design Projects: Pipe bursting: Quantities have been calculated for the Smoking Oaks/Bison/College View Additions.
• Water Rehab: SMA has requested that rather than replacing all waterlines in the Thompson Heights that the 8” lines between the new REACT building and Mark Dr. on Center Street be connected.
• Proposed Airport Restaurant Site: Met with City Manager, Airport Manager and Local Realtor to discuss Proposed Restaurant Site at the Shawnee Regional Airport which may be located south of the Terminal Building. We prepared some exhibits for realtor to aide in marketing the property.
• Turn Lane on MacAthur at Grove School: City Street Department has completed the right turn only lane into the Grove School facility. Completion of the turn lane, and the restriping of Bryan Street to allow for left turn only into the school facility off of Bryan, and, with Grove School changing their main drop off / pickup location to Bryan Street should alleviate some of the major traffic congestion we have been experiencing in the MacArthur-Bryan streets area in the immediate vicinity of Grove School.

• Assigned 8 private storm shelters in database
• Attended City Commission Meeting
• Coordinated with LEPC on possible locations for Pott Co Prepare Fair
• Assisted with installation of conduit from Monopole to EOC
• Answered inquiries concerning Storm Shelter Rebate Program
• Turned in and recorded numerous 911 remittance checks
• Met with Co 911 to address 911 Addressing issues
• Coordinated with multiple entities regarding 911 address include Co 911, Shawnee Post Office, UPS, OG&E and ONG
• Attended Board of County Commissioners Meetings
• Participated in OKWIN Governance conference call on Friday morning 8/8
• Coordinated with Motorola Project Staff on activities and project status on communications system upgrade
• Continued work on draft Emergency Operations Plan update.
• Worked on issues and tasks and answered several telephone calls concerning operations of the Safe Room/Storm Shelter Rebate grant program
• Served as an evaluator for the Washington County Emergency Management Dept. On a full scale exercise with an active shooter scenario at the Washington Park Mall on Sunday 7/27
• Attended the Associated Public Safety Communications Officers Annual conference in New Orleans from 8/1 to 8/6

UTILITY DEPARTMENT/Steve Nelms, Director
Water Treatment Plant (Staff of 10)
Average production: *MGD: 3.961 Last week: *MGD: 3.988
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily
• Pumped 830,510,000MG to date compared to 921,378,000MG for same period last year
• All lab hourly testing was completed.
• All cleaning and maintenance was completed.
Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
Flows averaged: *MGD: 2.764 **BOD: 13 mg/l ***TSS: 5 mg/l
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
• Performed routine maintenance and testing on the plant
Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
Flows averaged: *MGD: 1.528 **BOD: 2.1 mg/l ***TSS: 2.7 mg/l
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
• 253,500 gallons of bio-solids have been hauled for the month.
• Performed routine maintenance and testing on the plant
Water Distribution (Staff of 11)
Service Calls: 121, Main Breaks: 3, Leak Checks: 27, Cut-offs: 4, Reset Water Meters: 3, Service Lines: 5; Water/Sewer Line Locates: 138
• Worked on shop tickets, and service orders from customer service.
Wastewater Collection (Staff of 7)
Sewer lines flushed: 50,300 ft. Flushed (year to date): 645,945 ft.
Total Service Calls: 75, Sewer Lines Checked: 64, Lift Stations Checked: 46 Emergency Sewer Calls: 1, Camera Lines: 1,027 ft., and Camera Inspections: 2
Valve Maintenance (staff of 3)
• Located/performed serviceability check on valves at 4 different locations
• Located/performed serviceability check on fire hydrants at 0 locations
• Performed annual fire hydrant flow testing at 3 locations
• Performed dead end flush at 126 different locations
* Capital Projects
Utility System Master Plan- On June 18, 2012 the Commission authorized the Shawnee Municipal Authority to enter into a contract with Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC for an amount to not exceed $549,460. There was $300,000 budgeted for the 2011/12 fiscal year and $300,000 for the 2012/13 year. A Notice to Proceed was issued on June 25, 2012. Data loggers have been installed and flow meters have been received, and will be utilized for gathering data once installed. SRB conducted a site visit on October 10th, 2012 to collect data for computer model. The Water Hydraulic Model will be completed by the end of April. Staff met with SRB on March 22nd, 2013 for a basis of planning meeting. SRB has started work on the Wastewater Hydraulic Model. The Water Hydraulic Model has been completed; staff had training on it Tuesday, July 9th, 2013. Staff met with SRB on Friday, August 9th, 2013 to go over Waste Water Collection, Waste Water Treatment, Water Supply and Treatment, and Water Distribution. On August 19th, 2013 the Wastewater Hydraulic Model Software was approved by Commission. Currently waiting on installation of the software. SRB conducted a Filter Media Evaluation on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 which lasted fourteen hours; results are still pending. Staff also had a meeting with SRB the same day, discussion of getting Commissioners updated were among the topics. Staff and Carollo Engineers met with DEQ on Thursday, August 29th, 2013 to go over possible options for the wastewater treatment system. SMA staff sent SRB information requested for the Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant, and an updated list of manholes needed for the sewer model software. Staff will meet with SRB on Friday, September 13th, 2013 to receive training on the hydraulic water model software. Staff had a conference call with Carollo Engineers on Wednesday, September 18th discussing the Wastewater Plant’s immediate needs. Staff had a conference call with SRB on Wednesday, September 25th, items discussed were data needed for the master plan, phased projects, and updates on progress. Staff has gathered, sent part of the data, and is currently compiling the remainder of the data requested. SRB and Carollo Engineers met with City Commission and presented an update with visuals at the Special Call Meeting on Monday, September 30th. Staff had a conference call with SRB and Carollo Engineers on October 9th, 2013. SRB requested more sewer and water flow information for the water and sewer models) staff is currently working on). SRB delivered draft reports on the filter media, and returned plans and documents that were scanned recently on Friday, October 10th, 2013. Staff had a conference call with SRB on October 24th, 2013. SRB requested more sewer information for the sewer model (staff is currently working on). Staff gathered more camera footage for engineers to put in model. Staff sent SRB more data from the hydrant flow loggers, and largest water users. Staff gathered and submitted data for the water tower study. Staff met with newly added Carollo Engineering staff to give them a tour of both wastewater plants on Thursday, December 12th, 2013. Staff is expected to receive the Water and Sewer Treatment Draft after Christmas, from SRB. Carollo Engineers emailed a draft report for the Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants. Staff is currently reviewing this report and will work with the Engineers to evaluate the plan. SRB met with City Commission on February 3rd, 2014 to give a progress report on the Master Plan. Staff completed review and mark-ups of water plant and wastewater plants draft plans and returned to SRB for updates. Staff sent draft master plan documentation including appendices that SMA staff is currently reviewing. Staff gave SRB more data including camera footage for the wastewater model. Staff met with SRB on Friday, March 14th and went over the preliminary draft of certain chapters of the Master Plan. Questionable sections were addressed and explanations were given for some items that were unclear. We await the remaining chapters for preliminary review. Staff met with SRB and Carollo Engineers to review some sections of the Southside Wastewater Plant that needs to be addressed in the master plan. Staff had training with SRB on Friday, April 11th over the Water Model. Staff with meet with SRB on Wednesday, April 23rd to have additional training over the Water Model. SRB gave a presentation to the City Commission on May 5th. SRB will be delivering the Wastewater Treatment Volume III (Final Draft) to the city commission on May 19th. SMA is currently reviewing the Volume II Water Distribution. SMA is reviewing the water distribution draft, and delivering the final draft to the city commission July 7th, 2014. SMA had a work session with the City Commission on Monday, July 14th, 2014 on the Water Treatment CIP, and the Water Distribution CIP. SMA will have a special call meeting work session again on Monday, July 28th, 2014 to discuss the Wastewater Treatment CIP and the Wastewater Collections CIP.
Repair and Restoration of the River Bank Failure at the WTP, including sludge removal- Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC is currently in the engineering phase. SRB had their survey team on site August 28th, 2013. Staff met with SRB and FEMA on Friday, September 20th to review the erosion damage. The estimated cost for the repairs to the river bank is around $200,000.00. Staff collected soil samples for SRB for the sludge lagoon project at the Water Treatment Plant. On January 14th, 2014 the Notice to Bidders will run in the newspaper, with the pre-bid meeting to follow on February 11th, 2014. SMA will open bids on February 18th, 2014. SMA received bid packets on January 17th, 2014. SMA opened bids on February 18th, 2014, and will award the project on March 3rd, 2014. Project was awarded to CP3 Enterprises on March 3rd, 2014. Estimated start date is April 10th, 2014. Contractors began work on Wednesday, April 9th with taking the sludge out of the Northwest side of the lagoon. Contractors have hauled a total of 300 semi-truck loads of sludge out of the South Lagoon. All sludge has been removed. CP3 has hauled in more heavy equipment and have started working on the river bank. Contractors have started putting down rip rap along the river bank in stages. Once the contractors get the rip rap along the river they will start building up the dam with more dirt, and put down more rip rap. A change order to the contract was approved by commission on July 7th, 2014 for additional quantities for the amount of $63,963.56. Contractors have started hauling in more rip rap and putting it down along the river bank.
Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC is currently in the engineering phase. SRB had their survey team on site August 28th, 2013. Staff met with SRB and FEMA on Friday, September 20th to review the erosion damage. The estimated cost for the repairs to the river bank is around $200,000.00. Staff collected soil samples for SRB for the sludge lagoon project at the Water Treatment Plant. On January 14th, 2014 the Notice to Bidders will run in the newspaper, with the pre-bid meeting to follow on February 11th, 2014. SMA will open bids on February 18th, 2014. SMA received bid packets on January 17th, 2014. SMA opened bids on February 18th, 2014, and will award the project on March 3rd, 2014. Project was awarded to CP3 Enterprises on March 3rd, 2014. Estimated start date is April 10th, 2014. Contractors began work on Wednesday, April 9th with taking the sludge out of the Northwest side of the lagoon. Contractors have hauled a total of 300 semi-truck loads of sludge out of the South Lagoon. All sludge has been removed. CP3 has hauled in more heavy equipment and have started working on the river bank. Contractors have started putting down rip rap along the river bank in stages. Once the contractors get the rip rap along the river they will start building up the dam with more dirt, and put down more rip rap. A change order to the contract was approved by commission on July 7th, 2014 for additional quantities for the amount of $63,963.56. Nothing new to report other than the contractors have hauled more dirt to the dam.

AIRPORT/Keenan English, Assistant Airport Manager
• Oklahoma Airport Operators Association will be represented at OML in September 2014
• Next 2014 Air Show planning meeting will be held August 28, 2014
• Construction Projects
o The airport and their consultants are submitting and Early Development Packet for project funding. Project will include a new rotating beacon and new apron lighting.
• Hangars remain at full capacity
• The Airport is seeking estimates for railing replacements and floor treatment for the southern row of T-Hangars.
• The Airport has chosen a vendor to foam spray insulation for Hangar 13.
• The airport has signed a lease with Ag Aviation Services, a mechanic shop specializing in crop dusting aircraft repair and service. Operations will be in the “shop” hangar.
• The Airport is currently collecting specifications, estimates, and financing options for a 10 unit T-hangar structure.
• Fuel filters for fuel farm facility and fuel trucks have been ordered.
• The Airport has created an application and specification sheet for future private hangar development inquires.
• Commercial keypads for T-hangar gate access has been ordered.
Fuel Sales
Fuel sales continue to steadily increase:
• July 2013 = Avgas 5,018.15gal; Jet A 2041.15 gal
• July2014 = Avgas 3,248.19 gal; Jet A 2131.67 gal
Airport Advisory Board
• Regular meeting scheduled for Aug 20, 2014.
• Special call meeting was held Aug 6, 2014
PARKS/CEMETERY/EQUIPMENT SERVICES/James Bryce, Director of Operations
Parks Maintenance Division (Staff of 8)
• Daily Downtown cleanup route
• Daily Park cleanup and restroom cleaning in all Parks
• Mowing/Weed eating and spraying in all parks and ROWs
• Working on Monthly Park Inspections
• Center for Employment Opportunities has been weed eating intersections, the Airport area, & Cemetery
Cemetery Division (staff of 4)
• 4 burials
• Mowing /weed eating/spraying
• Daily trash pickup
• Preparing for internments
Central Garage (Staff of 6)
• General servicing and repairs to vehicles and equipment including Expo
• Processing new vehicles
• Working with insurance claims on wrecked vehicles
• Department services and repairs 238 vehicles, 206 pieces of equipment, and 4 boats
• 46 units in last two weeks with 60 total repairs
• EVT schools and testing
Shawnee Twin Lakes
• Boat traffic is picking up on Lake #1 on the weekends. The swim beaches are busy every weekend. New Lake building is being engineered and we hope to get under way with construction soon. Mowing has begun around the lake also.
Wes Watkins Reservoir
• Mowing has begun. Camping and swimming has picked up. Workers have also been doing some minor repairs to the sewer lines leaving the restroom facilities due to clogs.
Municipal Swimming Pool
• Demolition of the pool is almost complete. Ground prep work has begun along with some forms for concrete being built. Everything seems to be going well and the weather has cooperated.
Auditorium Exterior Restoration and Window Replacement
• This project is complete and a new punch will be made if needed. We will be inspecting the project soon.
Certified Healthy Communities
• Staff is waiting to hear about what TSET will do about the two ordinance/policies that the AG’s office ruled that we could not enact in order to be considered for a grant. I have talked with TSET and they say are name is still on the list to be considered but will need to wait to hear from them.
Alternative Fuels
• Staff has joined up with the Central Oklahoma Clean Cities as a stakeholder in hopes to be able to apply for grant monies to convert city vehicles to natural gas or propane. Stakeholders consist of individuals that work in the field of CNG/LPG, install equipment, operate converted equipment, or are looking into and tracking conversion data. Fleet maintenance has a meeting set up with LPG individuals to look at some of our equipment for quotes on conversion. Through information learned at the COCC meetings, staff has made the decision to hold off on conversions for a couple of more years. This is based on our ROI from our conversions; we need to convert vehicles running 35000 miles per year to which we do not have. We have chosen to wait and watch for the price of conversions to come down. We have also learned that UPS in Shawnee along with several other UPS locations in Ok and CO are converting all of their vehicles to propane.
KABOOM grant/YMCA partnership
• The YMCA is back in the running for funding on the KABOOM grant. As soon as a funding partner is found, the YMCA and the City will coordinate installation.
City Hall and Fire Stations Fire Alarm System
• Staff has received all estimates and given them to the Fire Department to apply for grants to install.
Red Cedar Local Emphasis Area
• Staff and one Commissioner has been working on a way to help private land owners remove red cedars from their property in order to make our effort of removing worthwhile. A LEA has been submitted through the NRCS office for grant funding for private land owners. More to come as we hear back.
Other Projects of Importance
• The YMCA received two grants through the Avedis Foundation. Staff will be helping implement these due to the involvement of City Property. Architects are working on drawings for one of the projects.
• Architects are working on the drawings for the new Lake Maintenance building that will be bid out soon.

EXPOSITION CENTER/Mike Jackson, Operations Manager
• July 27-August 2, National Junior Beefmaster Breeders Association Show, approximately 400 plus head of cattle, and 300 plus youth exhibitors
• throughout this seven day event, approximately 3,000 people attended the event
• August 9, Triangle Horse Sale, approximately 600 people attended this 1 day sale

• Staff met with developers to discuss potential future and current development projects.
• Staff attended a meeting with downtown merchants to discuss opportunities and concerns.
• Building inspections staff remain busy with a very high volume of permit requests and inquiries.
• Staff is reviewing development applications (building plans) for the Shawnee Marketplace project.
• Staff prepared materials for Planning Commission (August 6) and City Commission (August 4) meetings.
• Staff continues work on revising the City’s Subdivision and Development Standards.
• Staff is preparing application forms for the next round of Downtown Faηade grants.
• The Action Center is currently investigating the following complaints:
o Dilapidated Buildings: 32 active cases
o Derelict Vehicles: 3 active cases
o Junk/Trash: 10 active cases
o Tall Grass/Weeds: 141 active cases
FINANCE DEPARTMENT/Cynthia Sementelli, Finance
• Worked on SMA fixed asset
• Worked on General fixed assets
• Bank reconciliations
• Began Audit papers for auditors
• Prepared sales tax report
• Prepared budget amendments
• Worked on year end allocations
City Clerk
• Preparation of agendas for City Commission & Authorities August 7, 2014 meetings.
• Preparation of minutes for August 7, 2014 City Commission and Authorities meetings.
• Filed 46 public nuisance liens with Pottawatomie County Clerk; filed 12 lien certifications with Pottawatomie County Treasurer.
• Delivered Ordinance and Resolution to Pottawatomie County Election Board.
• Normal routine duties including tort claims, management of archived records, research of records for staff and Commissioners, distribution of payroll, preparation of inbound/outbound mail, and overseeing insurance on vehicles and property owned by the City of Shawnee.
Utility Billing/Customer Service
• Zone 3 Cut-off July 30, 2014
• Zone 3 billing August 4, 2014
• Meter reader and billing staff training on new handheld meter reading devices August 5, 2014
• Kiosks totals for July, 2014: 259 users; $22,601.30 collected.
• Routine customer service/billing, water and sewer transactions and issues involving payment arrangements, cut-offs, past-due collections and sanitation.

INFORMATION SYSTEMS/Steve Nolen, Chief Information Officer
• Continued project review / management for master projects
o Remote VPN Router Replacements – PD Training / GC Tech location configured / scheduled for install
o TCM Imaging Solution Project – Attorney office template developed, working with vendor for TOP installation and City Clerk templates
o Unitrends Offsite Data Vault Project – Equipment on hand, installation pending
o Fiber Data Backup Network Deployment – Waiting for fiber optic cable delivery
o DataCove Email Archive Upgrade to V5 – Equipment installed, scheduling migration
o Mobile Device Management Deployment – MDM deployed on Fire mobile devices, testing remote app management and deployment
o Web Server Migration – Moving to virtual server after host final configurations completed
o License Plate Reader Server component –Web code for easy lookup / integration lookups left to do / Auto-Download file push to do
o Home Drive Storage migration – Equipment in place, migration by departments under way
o Brazos Citation Import for Global System – Solution installed, working through bugs with vendors
o GeoSafe Fire Mobile – Fire Hydrant data provided to vendor, waiting for deployment
o GeoSafe Police Mobile – Worked with vendor for Windows 8.1 GPS support, continued deployment
o GeoInfo Web App – Final code developed, need volunteer to use iPad to map/photograph murals, horses, etc
o Police AVL Solution – Geosafe deployed on majority of systems, PD Chief to dictate usage
o Police Mobile Vendor Change – Continued migration to new vendor machine by machine
o Global/Firehouse Interface – Changes to design criteria by Fire, new code being tested
o Airport Audio Logger System – System deployed and in use
o Ch3/30 Video Server Replacement – On Hold, scheduled later this year
o NSA 2600 High Availability VPN Router – Test configuration installed, currenting being tested
o Cradlepoint / Verizon Remote Connectitity – Device on hand, tested and final configuration for deploy
o XP System Migration – Migration / replacement continues
o LiveScan Replacement – Hardware on hand, vendor underspec’d system, waiting for updates
o Afix System VPN Upgrade – Working with Feds/State for final support for 64bit VPN
o Dispatch Center Move – Reviewing plans, concerns over critical wiring not priority
o Thin Client Deployment – Reviewed/tested with RDP, video, etc – need live field test next
o Continued desktop / laptop / Police mobile system replacements
o Resolved mulitple remote connectivity outages based on vendor issues
o Worked on continuing audio issues with vendor on Ch3 local PEG channel
o Produced various live and post video City Commission meetings
o Deployed new Utility Billing handheld devices and software
o Resolved AFIX system RAID HD failure
o Updated Ch3 City Reports and video scheduling
o Developed and configured Customer Service display monitor and slide configure for future deployment

FIRE DEPARTMENT/Dru Tischer, Interim Chief
Responded to 186 emergency calls broken down by type below:
• Fires: 5
• Rescue & EMS: 139
• Hazardous conditions: 4
• Service Calls: 12
• Good Intent Calls: 20
• False Alarms: 6
• Overpressure Rupture, Explosion: 0
Fire Prevention
Plan Reviews
• None
New Construction Inspections
• None
Requested / Administrative Inspections:
• 6 various locations
Permits and On-Site Inspections
• 1 hood system
• 1 sprinkler systemt
- Assigned Shift, Company & Individual Training:
o May Day and Search & Rescue SOG Training (All Shifts) (Jul - Aug)
o IAFC Conference @ Dallas TX (Underwood, Cooley) (8/13-16/14)
o Lieutenant Academy (Bertram, McLain, Laxson) (8/19-28/14)
o Fire Marshal Association of Oklahoma Conference (Anderson) (8/26-29/14)
o Annual Fitness Test (All Shifts) (9/2,3,8/14)
o Rope Rescue II Course (9/17-20/14)
o Child Passenger Seat Technician Training (Hotella) (9/18-20/14)

- Tentative Shift, Company & Individual Training:
o Air Management Drills (All Shifts)
o Emergency Vehicle Operations Refresher (All Shifts) (TBD)

- Training Chief Schedule:
o Meetings w/ Command Staff Re: Consultant Assessment
o Meet w/ EM and PD Re: Disaster Drill (7/31/14)
o IAFC Conference @ Dallas TX (8/13-16/14)
o Lieutenant Academy (Bertram, McLain, Laxson) (8/19-28/14)
o Firehouse Education and Training Seminar (9/23-26/14)

- Training Chief Activities:
o Conduct Air Management Course / Develop Air Management Policy
o Coordinate Agreement w/ WWT for the use of Federal Bank Building
o Update Medial Directors Contract
o Coordinate Fall Training Schedule
o Coordinate w/ EM Director Re: State-Wide Disaster Exercise
o 11 Probationary Fire Fighter Skills Training and Evaluation
o GEOSAFE / CAD / Firehouse iPad Deployment
o 2014 EMT Certification Renewals (6/30/14)
o FireHouse Administration / Quality Control
o Kaplan Fire and EMS C.E.U. Administration
o 24/7 Fire Course Administration
o N.R.E.M.T. - C.E.U. Program Administration
o Electronic Entry of Dept. Personnel Training Records to FireHouse
o Development Minimum Company Standards (3rd Quarter 2014)
- Medical Director Activities:
o EMS Skills Evaluation (TBD)

• Police reports: 227 / arrests: 93
Total Citations: 153 Handwritten Citations: 99 E-Citations: 54 Traffic Accidents: 27
• Dispatch managed 3,713 calls (Police/Fire/EMS calls dispatched only)
Accreditation/Lt. King, Accreditation Manager
• OACP State Accreditation Compliance and Standards
• ILEA school
• 8 Cases Forwarded to CID for Review
• 2 Felony Cases Assigned / 0 Misdemeanor Cases Assigned / 1 Other Cases Assigned
• 5 Felony Cases Cleared / 0 Misdemeanor Cases Cleared / 3 Other Cases Cleared
• 4 Felonies Filed through DA’s Office
• 2 No Further Needed (NFN) Cases
• $0 Total Property Recovered
• 1 Pending Assignment (PA) Cases
• 1 Call Out
• 10 Assists with Patrol and Other Agencies
COP’s Grant Program
• A-One Conference
• Alcohol Sales Compliance meeting
• Sentinel Meeting with member for next meeting ideas, sending email etc…
• Schedule Santa Fe Home Coming event
• Registered Best Practices in Public Safety
• Registered Valor Training
• Registered Drive Sober Event
• Safe Corridor Meeting
• MATSC meeting
• School Media
• Assist with traffic stop: seized marijuana and one arrested
• Conducted face book surveillance
• Conducted two drug house related traffic stops
• Conducted drug house surveillance
• Prescription drug investigation from local pharmacy
• Participated in multiple agency drug trafficking investigation
• Assisted OKC Impact with search warrant, Shawnee residence searched
• SWAT training
• Emergency Management pre exercise meeting
• AC conference equipment assistance
• Surveillance on in progress drug deal
• Debriefed marijuana operation with OKC Impact
• Prepared and filed arrest warrant for suspect on Possession and Intent of CDS
• Assist OHP with organizing and executing a search warrant on residence
• Netted seizure of two pounds of marijuana and one pound of methamphetamine

• Number of evidence items brought in: 36
• Number of evidence items released: 18
• Number of found property items taken in: 17
• Number of items submitted to the OSBI: 20
Police Officers - 59 / 1 Officers in FTO program/ 56 available
• Dispatch positions - 13 / 13 available for service / 4 in training status
• Animal Control Positions - 4 / 4 available for service
Animal Control
• Calls Responded: 116
• Animals Impounded: 53 / Animals reclaimed: 3 / Animals adopted: 1



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DOB: 11/28
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