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City Government Frequently Asked Questions
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Q:Can I see the Commission Meetings online?
Yes, the meetings are published on the City of Shawnee web site usually within two (2) working days after the actual meeting. Visit the link here to view a listing of the meetings available online.
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Q:Can I watch the meetings on TV?
Q:How can I review the City Charter?
Q:Is the City of Shawnee a "Strong Mayor" City?
Q:When does the City Commission Meet?

City Commission Ward Map
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City of Shawnee Zoning Map
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City of Shawnee Parks
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City of Shawnee Airport Walking Trail
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From the date of its incorporation, October 18, 1894, until July 3, 1908, the City Government was operated under State law, which provided for the election of all officials by direct vote of the people.

In 1908 the City adopted its first charter form of government.  This Charter contained twenty articles and divided the City into six wards; the governing body consisted of a Mayor and a councilman from each ward, all elected by voters of the City.

Since 1930, Shawnee has operated under a managerial form of government.  The commission appoints a City Manager, who has charge of all the departments of the City. The Board of Commissioners pass all ordinances and must confirm all appointments made by the City Manager.  It is purely representative in form; the power is derived directly from the people.

Commission meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month starting at 6:30pm as of January 1st, 2007. Watch the meeting LIVE on local cable channel 30 or view the web versions on the MEDIA PAGE.