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Shawnee's Public Arts Project

Horse in the City Artist Prospectus (374 kb in PDF format)


Horse in the City is a citywide public art presentation designed to enliven cultural activity and increase tourism to Shawnee. The horses are to be sponsored by companies, organizations, and individuals, and be transformed into multimedia works of art by local artists and craftspeople. These extraordinary works of art will be installed in the spring of 2008. Proceeds from the Horse in the City project will go to the City of Shawnee Beautification Fund. This city art project will be managed by the Public Art Committee.

Our Goal

Our goal is to enrich our cityscape with art that is accessible to everyone and interesting to a wide spectrum of individuals. The City of Shawnee wants to celebrate its character and culture with this display of art work. While celebrating the arts in Shawnee we will build meaningful relationships between major corporations, foundations, civic groups, merchants, individuals, the arts community, and the City of Shawnee.

The Details

Specifications The horses will be life size in several poses; Standing (Thoroughbred & Arabian), Rearing and Grazing Poses. The standing and grazing pose is 6 ft. high x 8 ft. long x 20 inches wide while the rearing horse is 8 ft. high x 10 ft. long. When placed in public, the horses will be mounted to concrete bases. The basic poses may be altered by the artist, so long as they remain structurally intact.

Artistic Designs

It is extremely important for both the artist and the sponsor to understand that we are promoting public art as our number one goal while attempting to incorporate the identity of the sponsor into the design. Designs that appear to be merely an advertising piece will be rejected. The artist may paint, sculpt, transform and adorn the horse as he or she sees fit, but the structural integrity of the horse must not be compromised, and the hooves should not be altered or obstructed.

Design Ideas

Sponsors that have shown interest include the following; Financial Institutions, Car Dealerships, Casinos, Veterinarians, Doctors, Native American Tribes, Realtors, Insurance Agency, Oil Companies, Retail Stores, Lumber Companies, Restaurants, Motorcycle Dealership, Western Wear, Car Wash, YMCA, and Hotels.


Horses will be placed in areas fully accessible to the public. Although a few horses may be in indoor locations, Most will be outdoors. When creating a design, artists must consider carefully the weather and other elements of nature, including sun, rain, wind and dirt. We cannot guarantee whether a given horse can be placed indoors or in a weather-protected location. Additionally, Horse in the City will be an interactive event that allows the public to touch and feel the designs. As such, designs should be created with durability and public safety concerns in mind. Although objects may be attached to the horse, artists should be aware that vandalism can occur. Any object added to a horse should be attached in such a way that it cannot be easily removed. Artists should bear in mind that the audience will be broad based and of all ages, and designs should be appropriate for public display. Designs that are offensive, political or sexual in nature will not be accepted. As outlined below, designs will be evaluated by a review panel to ensure they conform to these guidelines. The review panel may reject any design that, in its sole discretion, does not adhere to these guidelines.

Selection Process

Artists may submit up to five designs and will be paid an honorarium for a maximum of two designs selected for production that yields a finished horse approved for exhibition. Once the application has been submitted it will be reviewed to ensure that the designs conform to the standards outlined above. Once an approved design has been selected for production by a Horse in the City sponsor, the artist will be notified immediately to pick-up their horse.

Production of Horses

Artists will produce their horse in their own studios or homes. Artists will be responsible for the care and transportation of their horse to and from their studio or workspace.

It may be necessary to apply a primer to the surface of the horse before starting to work. Acrylic paint, artificial resin paint or two-component paint can be used to paint or spray a design on the horse. Items may be applied to the horse. To complete the artwork, The City of Shawnee will have a clear coat professionally applied to each horse. It is the responsibility of the artist to transport their finished horse to the approved body shop for clear coating.

Artists will not be responsible for the installation or removal of the horses, as Horse in the City will manage this process. Artists should, however, be available for any possible touch-up work that may be required once the exhibit is underway. If the artist is not available for necessary touch-ups, Horse in the City may ask another artist to perform the work (refer to copyright assignment agreement).

Before a finished horse is placed on exhibit, the horse must be inspected by a representative of the review panel. If it is determined that an artist’s finished horse has been completed in substantial conformity with the artist’s approved design, the finished horse will be approved, and the artist will receive a $1000.00 honorarium.


By submitting your application, you confirm that:

1. You are the original creator of your design.

2. You have not copied anyone else’s original work.

3. Your design does not infringe on anyone else’s intellectual property rights (for example, trademark, copyrights, trade dress, and design patent).

4. To the extent anyone else has contributed to your design, you shall obtain a signed, written agreement from that person assigning all of their rights in their contribution to you.

As part of the application process, you must sign the “Copyright Assignment” that accompanies this application. By signing, dating and returning the original Copyright Assignment with your application, you are indicating your understanding that you are assigning the entire right, title and interest to your design to The City of Shawnee, the organizers of the art exhibition. Please remember to keep a copy of these forms for your records. If your finished horse is approved for exhibition, you will receive a $1000.00 honorarium.

The City of Shawnee will continue to own the entire right, title and interest in your design proposal, accompanying sketches and all derivative works, including the final work completed on the fiberglass horse. You will be acknowledged as the artist on a plaque attached to the base of the horse and in appropriate publications. However, the copyrights, including the rights to reproduce your design, create copies or reprint your design in books, will be owned by the City of Shawnee.

If your design is not approved or selected for exhibition, the City of Shawnee shall assign the entire right, title and interest in your design back to you.

What You Need to Do

Send in two (2) copies each of the following: completed application form, your proposed design(s) (all designs must be color), a brief statement about yourself and design (statements may be used in advertising or sponsor solicitation), the signed Copyright Assignment and your resume by the deadline of February 29, 2008 to:

Horse in the City
1400 N. Center
Shawnee OK 74801

You must submit an ORIGINAL signed Copyright Assignment as part of your application. The additional copy may be photocopied. You may also submit photographs, slides or other examples of your past work if desired; however, we are unable to return any materials submitted. Please restrict all material submitted to no larger than 8.5” x 11” in size. All material submitted as part of the application will become the property of the City of Shawnee and will not be returned to the artist. Artists may submit up to five designs and will be paid an honorarium for a maximum of two designs selected for production that yield a finished horse approved for exhibition. If you are submitting multiple designs, they may be mailed together; however, please provide the required number of copies of each application element, including ORIGINAL signed Copyright Assignment, for each design proposal.


Sponsor and art panel review will begin as soon as artist’s proposals are submitted. Horse in the City encourages all artists to submit proposals as soon as possible so that we can assemble a sizable and diverse portfolio for sponsors to review. A reception for sponsors and artists will be held on the March 11, 2008. Artists who have approved designs, will have the opportunity to meet with sponsors.

Both sponsors and artists may collaborate on designs prior to this deadline. Any significant changes or redesigns must be approved by the selection committee prior to executing the work.

Application Submission Due Date - February 29th, 2008

Art Panel Review – First week of March 2008

Artist/Sponsor Reception - March 11th, 2008

Horses Available – Late March

Installation of Horses in early May


Horse in the City is open to all artists, from the acclaimed to the amateur.

Contact For more information about Horse in the City and the design submission process, please call

Linda Dixon at 275-0924, or
Janna Childers 598-5265,