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Shawnee's Public Arts Project

Horse in the City Sponsor Page (276 kb in PDF format)
Contains the Order Form.


Horse in the City is a citywide public art presentation designed to enliven cultural activity and increase tourism to Shawnee. The horses are to be sponsored by companies, organizations, and individuals, and be transformed into multimedia works of art by local artists and craftspeople.

The Details & Cost

The horses will be life size in several poses; Standing (Thoroughbred & Arabian), Grazing and Rearing Poses. When placed in public, the horses will be mounted to concrete bases. Sponsorship costs will be $3,000 for the Arabian, Thoroughbred and Grazing pose and $3,500 for the Rearing pose. See attached sheet for sample photos of the horse poses. The sponsorship includes the horse, artist honorarium, clear silicone coat, identification sign and installation.

Artistic Designs

It is extremely important for both the artist and the sponsor to understand that we are promoting public art as our number one goal. Sponsors may choose the option of having their identity worked into the artists design.


Sponsor and art panel review will begin as soon as artistís proposals are submitted. A reception for sponsors and artists will be held on the Tuesday, March 11th Artists who have approved designs, will have the opportunity to meet with sponsors. Both sponsors and artists are encouraged to collaborate on designs prior to this deadline. Any significant changes or redesigns must be approved by the selection committee prior to executing the work.


For more information contact Chuck Mills at 405-273-4900 or by e-mail