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City of Shawnee Online Maps

Flood plain map
      flood plain viewer
City Commission Ward Map
      What Ward do YOU live in? Check the map!
Police/Fire/EMS Currently Active Calls
      View currently active Police/Fire/EMS calls from CAD
Police/Fire/EMS Last 30 Minutes
      See he last 30 minutes worth of inbound calls in CAD
Emergency Siren Locations
      Is there a storm siren near you? Check the map out
Police Crime Incidents - Last 30 Days
      View recent Police Incidents across the City
Sexual and Violent Registrants Map
Vehicle Accidents
Fire Runs in the past 24 Hours
City Fire Hydrants
      Find the closest Fire Hydrant to your location
Residential / Garage Sales
Shawnee City Limits April 28th,2015
      Shawnee City Limits April 28th,2015
Pott County Fire Districts
Tall Grass or Weeds
Dilapidated Structures

Illegally Stored Appliances, Refridgerators, etc
Illegal Parked Boat or Trailers
Illegal Brush Piles
Dead Trees Needing Removed
Junk, Trash or Debris
Obstructing View of Roadway
Illegally Parked RV or Travel Trailer
Illegally Parked Semi Truck
Using Street as Storage
Trees Too Low over Street/Alley
City of Shawnee Zip Code Information
      Find your Zip Code
Derelict Vehicles
City of Shawnee Zoning Map
      As of January 2014
Horse in the City Map
      Check out the Horse in the City Arts project locations
City of Shawnee Parks
      Find a park nearest you and enjoy the outdoors
City of Shawnee Utilities System
      Utility Map

City of Shawnee Airport Walking Trail
      Like to walk/ride? Check out the Airport Trail
Trash Pick up Days
      Trash Collection for your Area
Maps are provided as a convenience service to Shawnee Citizens, please validate official needs with City staff.