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Shawnee Online Incident Mapping System

The City of Shawnee Online Incident mapping system has been in place since 2005 and accessible by internal operations. The mapping system was written by CIO Stephen W Nolen utilizing the ASPMap component on the City web servers. The data is extracted from the primary Records Management System (RMS) by a custom data extraction application and made available to the webserver. Data is extracted daily from the RMS for mapping and data mining purposes.

Another Geocoder application runs daily to generate the Lat/Long data needed by the mapping application. The online mapping system allows zooming, panning, and viewing incident information. Full detail data is available to authenticated users including Incident notes and related suspects, victims, and arrest information while basic information is available to the public.

The system generally maintains an 85-95% mapping success rate. This is completely dependent upon the quality of addresses input into the system and/or generated by the Officers during the initial call. Address such as Highway 177 cannot be mapped.

Known Issues

Current the following issues are known issue with the existing code and will be resolved at some future date.

  • Inability to directly input dates in FireFox and Safari
    The Java code used to pan/zoom/identify is blocking out the selection of the input field.
    Work around: Right click on the field and escape out of it to gain access to the input field.
  • Arrest layer sometimes displays on initial startup
    Still a known issue - cannot find issue within code at this time.
    Work around: zooming in or panning removes layer
  • Pull down menus for Label Field and Quick Zoom do not work in Safari on PC
    Not sure why - related to Java code