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ISO Rating Inside City Limits---3
ISO Rating Outside City Limits--9

Introducing your firefighters and giving you valuable safety tips 

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     Why should I have a working smoke alarm?

        A properly installed and maintained smoke alarm is the only thing in your home that can alert you and your family to a fire 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether youre awake or asleep, a working smoke alarm is constantly on alert, scanning the air for fire and smoke.

      According to the National Fire Protection Association, almost two-thirds of home fire deaths resulted from fires in properties without working smoke alarms. A working smoke alarm significantly increases your chances of surviving a deadly home fire.  

       If you are a homeowner and live within the city limits, the Shawnee Fire Department will install a new smoke alarm at no charge?
Call 273-4282 to schedule an appointment.
      If you rent, your landlord is responsible to provide a working smoke alarm on every floor. If you need a 9 volt battery replaced in an existing smoke alarm, this service is provided free of charge to home owners by calling 273-4282.

Exposing an Invisible Killer: The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

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Telephone (405) 878-1671
FAX  (405) 878-1631

Postal address
Shawnee Fire Department
PO BOX 1448/16 W. Ninth Street
Shawnee, Oklahoma, 74802-1448

Staff Picture Dru Tischer
Dept: Fire Dept - City Hall

Position: Fire Chief

Dru Tischer is currently serving as the Fire Chief for the City of Shawnee. He has served with the City of Shawnee Fire Department since November of 1995 in the positions of Firefighter, Lieutenant, Deputy Fire Marshal and Deputy Fire Chief before promoting to the position of Fire Chief in September of 2015. Chief Tischer has earned Associate Degrees in Municipal Fire Protection and Fire Protection Technology from Oklahoma State University. He is a lifelong resident of Pottawatomie County growing up and attending school in Tecumseh, OK. Upon graduation from Tecumseh High School in 1991, he enlisted in the United States Army and served as an Infantryman from 1991 to 1995. He is married to Kristi Tischer formerly of Marion, KY.
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    Staff Activity Report for March 31 - April 6, 2013
    No updates on any of the projects this week
    * Kickapoo Street Widening Project
    > ODOT awarded the Kickapoo Paving Project to Haskell-Lemon Construction for a total project construction cost of $10,930,517.98 (including water line costs). Work on the project is underway with relocation of the waterline. Contractor has laid line from the Spur to Independence, and has been preparing a roadbase on the east side of street for temporary asphalt paving placement that will need to be installed, then the two lanes on the west side will be shut down as removal and construction takes place there from the Spur to Independence. Project is scheduled to be completed by May of 2014
    * Airport Trails Project
    > City Commission awarded project to Bishop Paving in the amount of $633,409.90. Work on the track has begun, and Contractor has completed removal of existing track. All CKD base stabilization has been completed and Contractor has begun laying the asphalt track. Overall, project is approximately 75% complete. By Contract they have 180 days to complete the reconstruction of approximately 3.75 miles of 10 foot trail being installed. This project will be a complete removal and replacement of the City existing trail(s) around the Airport, and trail widened to 10 feet, approximately 3.75 miles of trail. Anticipate construction being completed by June 2013.
    * Main Street Streetscape Project
    > Field survey work has been completed and submitted to City for review. Preliminary design work has been started as time allows on this project. Project design will follow closely the design layout that was used on the Bell Street Streetscape Project. Preliminary design is approximately 80% complete. ODOT has announced that the City of Shawnee was approved for the $400,000 enhancement grant, and with funding from the Downtown TIFF District, 302 Street Fund, and SMA, the City should be in shape to advertise for bids soon.
    * Federal Street Bridge Repair Project
    > City Commission awarded the project to PbX Corporation in the amount of $685,565. Work is scheduled to begin the middle part of April. ONG has scheduled cutting and capping their line so that it can be removed from the bridge. SMA has completed inserting valves on both ends of their waterline that is attached to the bridge so that that section can be isolated and removed when the bridge deck is removed. AT&T is scheduled to begin removing their conduit/cable from the bridge beginning Monday, April 1, 2013 and taking a week to complete. Thus, it looks like we should be able to meet our start date of April 15, 2013 for the actual bridge rehabilitation construction work.
    * Bell Street Streetscape Project (from Farrall to 7th Street)
    > Project was awarded to All Roads Paving ($98,500) and work has begun on sidewalk installation beginning at Farrall Street and working north along Bell. Project is approximately 85% complete. Work will also include an enhanced crosswalk at Farrall with in-paving strobe lighting. Upon completion of project, OG&E will install decorative street lighting along the east side of Bell Street from 7th to Farrall at a cost to the City of Shawnee of $30,050.20.
    * City Hall Parking Lot Improvements
    > City Commissioners authorized staff to advertise the project for bids. Bid Opening is scheduled for the April 1, 2013 City Commission meeting. Bid Opening was on April 1, 2013 and three bids were received ranging in cost from $196,000--235,000. Bids are under review and a recommendation of award will be made at the April 15, 2013 City Commission meeting.
    * Rehab Concrete Streets Project (FY11-12)
    > City Commission awarded the project to All Roads in the amount of $387,409.00. All Roads Paving has begun work on Independence east of Sequoyah with removal and replacement of badly broken and cracked concrete paving panels. Work is approximately 85% complete. The week of Spring Break the Contractor worked on the area between Sequoyah School and Rickey Road. Work continues on Independence Street in that area for the next 3-4 weeks.

    UTILITY DEPARTMENT/Steve Nelms, Interim Director
    * Water Treatment Plant (Staff of 10)
    > Average production: *MGD - 3.618 Last week: *MGD - 3.613
    > Pumped 362,295,000 MG to date compared to 324,316,000 MG for same period last year
    > Performed routine plant maintenance and water testing
    *MGD: Million Gallons Daily
    * Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
    > Flows averaged: *MGD - 1.473 **BOD - 18 mg/l ***TSS - 12.0 mg/l
    > Performed routine maintenance and testing on the plant
    *MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
    * Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
    > Flows averaged: *MGD - 1.724 **BOD - 5.9 mg/l ***TSS - 12.0 mg/l
    > Performed routine maintenance and testing on the plant
    *MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
    * Water Distribution (Staff of 11)
    > Service Calls - 93, Main Breaks - 1, Leak Checks - 6, Cut-offs Replaced - 3, Water/Sewer Line Locates - 35, and Reset Water Meters - 2
    > Performed the following work at the Shawnee Mall: Worked on the bypass, installed 4” pipe and a big meter.
    > Worked Shop Tickets
    * Valve Maintenance (staff of 3)
    > Located/performed serviceability check on valves at 6 locations throughout the city
    > Installed water service line at 7 Ridgewood
    * Wastewater Collection (Staff of 7)
    > Sewer lines flushed - 14,150 ft. Flushed (year to date) - 234,127
    > Total Service Calls - 29, Sewer Lines Checked - 12, Lift Stations Checked - 28, and Emergency Sewer Calls - 15
    > Worked on the preventative maintenance flusher list and maintenance on Lift Stations

    * Capital Projects
    > Kimberly Sewer Lift Station Rehab
    Jordon Contractors was awarded the bid. Contractor is waiting on other utilities to be relocated.
    > Water Line Replacement Project Midland Street
    All water line has been installed. Clean-up has started and sod is being laid. The overall project is 95% complete.
    > North Park Block 5 Sewer Line Replacement Project (no change on project)
    Trent Construction was awarded the bid. Construction began Wednesday, February 27, 2013. Contractors have completed laying the sewer line and stubbing up all services. This project is about 75% complete.
    > Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project (Pipe Bursting) (no change on project)
    Budgeted project amount is $1,000,000.00. This project was awarded to Jordon Contractors on March 4, 2013. Estimated start date is April 3, 2013.
    > Utility System Master Plan (no change on project)
    Contract awarded to SRB (Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC) for an amount to not exceed $549,460. The Water Hydraulic Model will be completed by the end of this April. SRB has started work on the Wastewater Hydraulic Model. Staff met with SRB on March 22nd for a basis of planning meeting.

    No updates on any of the projects this week
    * Current Projects
    > Downtown Streetscape Project
    ODOT awarded the City of Shawnee a $400,000.00 Transportation Enhancement Grant A survey was recently done of the area and engineering and design work is ongoing so that the project can be bid immediately upon notice of funding decision. Phase 2 of the Streetscape Plan will improve a four-block area of Main Street with new sidewalks, landscaping, street lights, signal lights, pedestrian improvements and utility work.
    > Façade Grant Program
    Staff collected submitted application for Round 2 of the Façade Grant process.
    > Land Development Code
    Staff continues work on revising the City’s development regulations.
    > Wayfinding Study Implementation
    Staff continued work on the Wayfinding Plan implementation process; preparing to bid the wayfinding (signage) project in early 2013. At present, review of the previous implementation plan and the preparation of documents for bid are underway.

    PARKS/CEMETERY/EQUIPMENT SERVICES/James Bryce, Director of Operations
    * Parks Maintenance Division (Staff of 8)
    > Repaired roof at the COEDD Building
    > Daily cleanup route on Main Street and in city parks
    > Mowing in City Parks has begun
    > Repairing playground equipment in several city parks
    > Performing repairs in several city buildings (lights, ceiling tile, wall repair, etc)
    * Cemetery Division (staff of 4)
    > 2 burials last week
    > Leveling markers
    > Herbicide spraying when weather permits
    * Central Garage (Staff of 6)
    > 32 units in last week with 45 total repairs
    > EVT School and testing
    * Current Projects
    > Municipal Swimming Pool
    Public viewing and comment session on April 11, 2013 at the Expo.
    > Municipal Court Offices Remodel (no change on project)
    Drawings and specifications are complete. We will bid this project soon.
    > City Hall ADA Restroom Project (no change on project)
    Drawings nearing completion; bid project in July 2013
    > Trash Off (no change on project)
    This event will take place on April 20, 2013 in Woodland Memorial Veterans Park from noon to 4:00 pm. We are teaming up with SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco). SWAT will have some booths set up and will be picking up cigarette butts in the park.
    > Auditorium Exterior Restoration and Window Replacement (no change on project)
    Specifications are nearing completion; will bid project soon.

    AIRPORT/Rex Hennen, Assistant Airport Manager
    No report this week/on vacation

    * City Clerk
    > Preparation of 4/1/13 City Commission and Authorities minutes
    > Initial preparation of 4/15/13 City Commission and Authorities agendas
    > Normal routine duties including tort claims, management of archived records, research of records for staff and Commissioners, distribution of payroll, preparation of inbound/outbound mail, and overseeing insurance on vehicles and property owned by the City of Shawnee.
    * Utility Billing/Customer Service
    > Zone 3 Billing (4/03/13)
    > Staff meeting with PCDA to discuss assistance with meter reading
    > Routine customer service/billing, water and sewer transactions and issues involving payment arrangements, cut-offs, past-due collections, and sanitation.

    INFORMATION SYSTEMS/Steve Nolen, Chief Information Officer
    > Worked on the Data Connect element of the voting system, ran into a road block and awaiting a solution from the vendor
    > ISA issues haunted us during the latter part of the week. Friday it was rather cranky indeed.
    > Worked with Vendors on Orders and quotes, systems, printer supplies and VOIP project.
    > Turned over Dispatch07 to Ryan after basic build for configuration and finally installs
    > Support for EM Department and the Fire Department
    > Misc. User and Printer support
    > Assisted Utility Billing with Sewer Average re-calcs
    > Reviewed options with SMA in regard to ArcGIS purchases / needs
    > Assisted with OGITA conference planning
    > Scheduled / research ProQA Medical Dispatch process
    > Continued setup on new dispatch workstations
    > Advised Attorney’s office in regards to Dropbox / iPad usage / function – meeting requested

    FINANCE DEPARTMENT/Cynthia Sementelli, Finance
    > Prepared items for agenda
    > Met with City Manager concerning budget
    > Presentation to the Lions Club
    > Worked on General budget and small funds
    > Attended Commission Retreat
    > Started to prepare narrative
    > Worked on Capital Budget
    > Worked on Airport stuff for April meeting
    > Work on SMA budget

    EXPOSITION CENTER/Mike Jackson, Operations Manager
    * Events: March 31-April 6, 2013
    > April 2, Police Foundation Banquet, Conference Center
    > April 3, OG&E Meeting, Conference Center, Upstairs
    > April 5 & 6, Commissioners Retreat, Conference Center, Upstairs
    > Relay for Life, Otto Krausse Building
    > Taste of Home Cooking School, Conference Center
    > April 6-7, Ultimate Calf Roping, Fred Humphrey Pavilion
    * IFYR 2013
    > Entries opened for IFYR on April 1st; this year we went completely online to enter. On April 1, 2013 there were 300 contestants entries, 593 event entries with contestants representing 25 states. On April 5, 2012 with mail in entries we had 29 contestants, 29 event entries and contestants representing 2 states. It appears that the online process so far has been very successful for us.

    EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT/Don Lynch, Director
    * Communications Technician
    > Performed Weekly EOC Radio Tests on Wednesday morning
    > Continued maintenance and operational checks on outdoor warning
    > Continued renovating the EOC radio room and transmitter room
    > Repaired leaking conduit in City Hall phone room to prevent flooding conditions
    > Added 2 new VHF radios and 2 800 Mhz radios for the new Brush Pumpers at the Fire Dept.
    > Developed new programming codeplug for REACTs dual band APX model radios
    > Assembled XTS 1500-2500 radio cache
    * Emergency Management Technician
    > Worked on addressing requests
    > Attended Advance Storm spotter training on Tuesday night
    > Coordinated with County 9-1-1 Addressing Technician on addressing issues
    * Emergency Management Director
    > Worked on materials for draft Emergency Operations Plan revision
    > Worked on revisions to City Hall Emergency Action Plan
    > Prepared materials for EOP Stakeholders Meeting
    > Traveled with group to Muskogee to review 9-1-1 Center Management and Operations
    * Current Projects
    > Telephone System Replacement
    Products received and in vendor warehouse; Awaiting network switch upgrade for installation.
    > Conventional Radio Upgrade:
    Fire Stations # 2 and 3 control stations are awaiting installation/reprogramming from Total Radio.
    VHF License still pending action by the FCC
    UHF Frequency license has been received from FCC
    > 800 MHz Upgrade/Enhancement (no change on project)
    Proceeding with verifying project requirements and components list

    FIRE DEPARTMENT/David Short, Chief
    * Suppression
    > Responded to 90 emergency calls: Breakdown of calls: Fires - 4, Good Intent Calls - 8,
    Rescue/EMS - 64, Service Calls - 3, False Alarms - 6, and Hazardous Conditions - 5
    * Prevention
    New Construction Inspection
    > North Rock Creek School/Gymnasium
    > St. Anthony Physicians Remodel
    Permits and On-Site Inspections
    > Open Burn: 104 St. John’s Road and Wallace & Union
    * Training
    > Continuation Training for seven (7) Probationary Fire Fighters

    POLICE DEPARTMENT/Russ Frantz, Chief
    * Police
    > Reports: 133 / Total Citations: 80 / Handwritten Citations: 19 / E-Citations: 61 (76.25%)
    > Arrests: 25
    > Arrest of robbery suspect that assaulted/robbed elderly victim
    > Trip to Muskogee to see joint 911 center
    > Awards Banquet – Corporal J Keehn Officer of Year
    * Dispatch
    > Managed 1647 calls for service (Police/Fire/EMS)
    * Accreditation: Lt. King, Accreditation Manager
    > Working on Criminal Justice Information Services Facility Protection & Security requirements
    > We passed the accreditation process
    * COP’s Grant Program
    > Meeting w/ OBN - Meeting PCSO - Meeting w/OSBI
    > Meeting with McDonalds corporate security
    > Phone interviews with informants, investigate drug cases, and drug house surveillance
    > Surveillance on drug dealers District court cases
    > Conducted Facebook surveillance
    > Honor guard practice and Honor guard detail Shawnee Police Foundation Banquet
    > Transport meth lab evidence for destruction
    > Traffic stop (arrest 1, two county warrants served)
    * Evidence
    > Number of evidence items brought in: 7 Number of evidence items released: 3

    * CID
    > 33 Cases Forwarded to CID for Review
    > 5 Felony Cases Assigned / 1 Other Case Assigned
    > 9 Felony Cases Cleared / 1 Other Case Cleared
    > 12 Felony Cases Filed through the DA’s Office
    > 4 Total Arrests Made
    * Animal Control
    >Calls Responded: 81 >Animals Impounded: 16 >Animals reclaimed: 2 >Animals adopted: 1
    * Staff
    > Police Officers - 59 / 3 open positions / 1 in FTO Training / 2 on extended leave / 53 available
    > Dispatch positions - 13 / 13 available for service / 3 in training status
    > Animal Control Positions - 4 / 4 available for service