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Shawnee Fire Department


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ISO Rating Inside City Limits---3
ISO Rating Outside City Limits--9

Introducing your firefighters and giving you valuable safety tips 

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     Why should I have a working smoke alarm?

        A properly installed and maintained smoke alarm is the only thing in your home that can alert you and your family to a fire 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether youre awake or asleep, a working smoke alarm is constantly on alert, scanning the air for fire and smoke.

      According to the National Fire Protection Association, almost two-thirds of home fire deaths resulted from fires in properties without working smoke alarms. A working smoke alarm significantly increases your chances of surviving a deadly home fire.  

       If you are a homeowner and live within the city limits, the Shawnee Fire Department will install a new smoke alarm at no charge?
Call 273-4282 to schedule an appointment.
      If you rent, your landlord is responsible to provide a working smoke alarm on every floor. If you need a 9 volt battery replaced in an existing smoke alarm, this service is provided free of charge to home owners by calling 273-4282.

Exposing an Invisible Killer: The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

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Telephone (405) 878-1671
FAX  (405) 878-1631

Postal address
Shawnee Fire Department
PO BOX 1448/16 W. Ninth Street
Shawnee, Oklahoma, 74802-1448

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Fire Department Frequently Asked Questions
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Q:How can I find out how close a fire hydrant is to my home or business?
Use the Online Fire Hydrant lookup site to check for local hydrants. You can enter the address of your home or business in the Shawnee city limits and see any hydrants within 1000 feet of the pinned address.
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Q:What is the Mission of the Shawnee Fire Department
The mission of the shawnee fire department is to provide quality protection of life, property, and the environment to our community, through effective response, prevention, building and preparedness programs and customer service, while maintaining a high level of employee safety and professionalism.
Dated:4/19/2004 4:54:50 PM Back to Top--^

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    Notice of Ward 1 City Commission Vacancy

    The Board of Commissioners of the City of Shawnee will appoint a new City Commissioner to represent Ward 1 until the next general or special municipal election and until a successor is elected and qualified. All persons residing in Ward 1 who are at least 25 years old and qualified electors of the City of Shawnee may apply for the seat. The person appointed must qualify to hold the office under State Law and the Charter and Code of Ordinances of the City of Shawnee.

    Applications may be obtained from the City of Shawnee’s website, or may be obtained at the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, 16 West 9th Street. Each application must be received in the office of the Shawnee City Clerk no later than 4:00 p.m. April 29, 2015.

    Applications should be mailed or delivered to:
    Phyllis Loftis
    City Clerk’s Office
    16 West 9th Street
    P.O. Box 1448
    Shawnee, Oklahoma 74802-1448

    All applications will be considered during the City Commission meeting on May 4, 2015, at 6:30 p.m. Each member of the City Commission will receive a copy of each application.
    Each applicant will be given the opportunity to address the City Commission and be interviewed at the City Commission meeting on Monday, May 4, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. Following the interviews, the City Commission will consider the appointment of a person to fill the vacancy during the City Commission meeting of Monday, May 4, 2015, or have the option to defer appointment to a subsequent meeting.

    *The City of Shawnee does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, veteran status, handicapped status or any other legally protected status. The City of Shawnee adheres to the equal employment opportunity guidelines set forth by state and federal laws.





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    Kicking off the “Season” - Are YOU Ready?
    Everyone ready for the “Season”? No? Well we, being the City and the Emergency Management group, aren’t enthused about it but we ARE ready for it. Of course we are talking about “Tornado Season”, that wonder time… err, TIMES of the year when Oklahoma weather can be a little over bearing. With some bad weather possible soon you should review your “Oklahoma Weather Kit” and get ready for the Spring time.
    So first up let’s talk about that kit, your “Family Disaster Supply Kit” is the official name.

    After a disaster, local officials and relief workers will be on the scene, but they cannot reach everyone immediately. You could get help in hours or it may take days. Your family will cope best by preparing for disaster before it happens. One thing to do in preparedness is assemble a 72-hour disaster supplies kit. Once disaster hits, you won’t have time to shop or search for supplies. But if you’ve gathered supplies in advance, your family can endure an evacuation or home confinement.

    There are six basics you should stock in your home: water (one gallon per person per day) , food, first aid supplies, clothing and bedding, tools and emergency supplies, and special items.
    Keep the items that you would most likely need during an evacuation in an easy to carry container such as a large covered trash container, a camping backpack, or a duffle bag.
    Store your kit in a convenient place known to all family members. Keep a smaller version of the disaster supplies kit in your car.

    Changed your stored water supply every six months so it stays fresh.

    Rotate your stored food every six months.

    Re-think your kit and family needs at least once a year. Replace batteries, update your clothes, etc.
    Ask your physician or pharmacist about storing prescription medicines.

    Next time we’ll talk about taking shelter, but until then, be safe and be aware!


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    Staff Activity Report for February 2015
    CITY MANAGERS OFFICE/Justin Erickson, Interim Manager
    • Attended the EXPO Board Regular meeting and an additional Special Meeting
    • Met individually with Mayor Mainord and various City Commissioners to discuss City business
    • Met with the Avedis Foundation to discuss current and potential future projects
    • Met with appropriate City Staff to discuss major projects underway including: pool, splash pad, trails and major commercial development
    • Attended and presented at the Reimagine Downtown Shawnee Seminar held at Vintage Venue
    • Met with the Shawnee Mall Manager to discuss the Mall and City operations
    • Met with Staff and others concerning a potential 911 merger
    • Met with individuals and groups concerning use of the City Auditorium
    • Met with the Shawnee Housing Authority
    • Met with the Salvation Army and discussed operations and the homeless shelter
    • Attended the SEDF Board meeting
    • Coordinated and attended meetings with Jim Nuse of Affion

    • Rehab Asphalt Streets Project - Contractor will be performing the overlay of Pecan Grove west of Hwy. 102 in March according to the County Commissioner.
    • Shawnee Marketplace - Public waterlines and sanitary sewer improvements are completed. Perimeter road and signalized intersections completed. Drainage and storm sewer completed. Work remaining includes widening of entrance between Whataburger and Delta Cafe, installation of sidewalks, and landscaping needs completed. HOBBY LOBBY is open!!!! We have received from Developer maintenance bonds for the water and sanitary sewer improvements, and we are awaiting submittal of the paving maintenance bond and submittal of the As-Built plans for the Public Improvements to be accepted. Upon receipt of those items and completion of work we will bring the item to the City Commission for official acceptance of the public improvements and determination of actual dollar costs of those improvements for sales tax reimbursement calculation as required by the Contract between the City and the Developer.
    • COS-PW-13-01 Sidewalk/ADA Handicap Ramps Project (Bryan Trail) - 6’ sidewalk along MacArthur to Bryan complete. Construction of 10’ trail along Bryan south of MacArthur is still in progress. The 10 trail will run from MacArthur to Highland Avenue.
    • Vision Bank Property Channel Improvements- 100% of the cost for these drainage improvements are borne by the Developer (Vision Bank). All concrete has been placed for the twin 8’ x 5’ drainage structure that will be under future road extension. Construction of concrete drainage channel continues. Upon completion of all work, Developer will need to submit As-Builts of plans to FEMA for them to issue the Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) that is needed for future development to occur on that site.
    • Pool Parking Lot Project- Contract awarded to CGC Inc. in the dollar amount of $369,305.25. Grading of the parking area south of the tennis courts is underway. Fill material has been hauled in to the site. The damage poles still need to be replaced as well as repair to the tennis court fencing. Overall project approx. 15% complete.
    • Hyatt Addition- Clearing and grubbing has been completed and rough grading of future streets completed. Silt fencing and stormwater prevention facilities have been installed. Sanitary sewer installation is currently underway. The costs for all construction work taking place is 100% borne by the Developer (Mezdi Azimi).
    • Union Sidewalk – MacArthur to Middle School- Obtained survey from street widening project and will create cross-sections of ground for sidewalk placement and grading.
    • Main Street Streetscape Project- We have finally received ODOTs comments concerning the completion of ODOTs environmental review portion of the project from them, and have received a Categorical Exclusion which means we will not have to do any further NEPA approvals by FHWA. Finalizing landscaping & irrigation plans are in progress, and have received OGEs cost proposal for providing and installing decorative lighting for project. Tentative schedule is to be in position to advertise the project for bids by late April-early May timeframe with construction starting later this summer.
    • Boy Scout Park Splash Pad Project- Water feature apparatus were ordered by the City from ARC, Inc in the dollar amount of $131, 130.00. The City also let for bids the construction and installation of the splash pad and the project was awarded to C3 Construction in the dollar amount of $148,364.00. A PreWork meeting with the Contractor is scheduled for Monday, March 23, 2015, and the Notice to Proceed will be issued effective March 25th. Completion date is tentatively scheduled for May 20th.
    • Receipt of two Preliminary Plats- that staff is currently reviewing. One is for Tamarack housing development to be located at the Northeast Corner of Independence & Elm, and the other one is for Cooper Commercial Development located immediately east of the KFC and Holiday Inn Express off of Mall Drive.
    • SMA Waterline Looping Project-SMA is planning to bid out a city wide water line looping project. The project will include various locations and will be bid on an estimated quantity basis much like the sanitary sewer pipe bursting projects. Working on preparing the DEQ application for the project.
    • Street Selections for Maintenance Work-Currently, existing asphalt streets are being evaluated and rated to determine ranking and priorities of streets selected for maintenance. This work is very time consuming, every street has to be inspected and stress conditions of roadway determined and quantified. Anticipate project inventory being completed by end of June 2015.

    EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT/Don Lynch, Director
    o 1100 applications were received. 204 awards have been made.
    o 60 notices to proceed have been issued so far.
    o 15 inspections were completed and requests for payment were processed.
    • Individual Stakeholders meetings were scheduled for March to review the specific functional annexes to the updated Emergency Operations Plan. A Planning Team meeting was scheduled for March to review the Basic Plan.
    • The county-wide Hazard Mitigation Plan draft is still at the State Emergency Management office being reviewed prior to re-submission to FEMA Region 6 for approval.
    • Staff met with four Northeastern State University-Broken Arrow Campus Homeland Security Degree program students getting them started on development of Hazardous Materials Site Specific plans for the Shawnee Water Treatment Plant, North and South Wastewater Treatment Plants, and Jindal Films plant. A fifth student meeting is scheduled for March 6 to work on the site specific plan for Shawnee Milling.
    • We are collaborating with the Local Emergency Planning Committee and emergency services agencies to prepare for a full-scale emergency exercise in May in the Dale area. We will also be activating the Emergency Operations Center for this exercise. Planning meetings have been held and tasks relating to exercise facilitation.

    UTILITY DEPARTMENT/Steve Nelms, Director
    • PWSC Emergency Generator Project SMA-15-04 - A pre-bid meeting is scheduled for February 3rd, 2015. Bids were opened at the commission meeting on February 17th, 2015. Project will be awarded at the commission meeting on March 2nd, 2015.
    • Tennessee Lift Station Rehab Project SMA-15-03 - A pre-bid meeting is scheduled for February 3rd, 2015. Bids were opened at the commission meeting on February 17th, 2015. Project will be awarded at the commission meeting on March 2nd, 2015.
    • Southside Waste Water Treatment Plant Emergency Generator Project SMA-15-05 - Currently in the engineering phase.
    • St. Anthony’s Hospital Waterline Replacement - This is an in house project. The project is 90% complete.
    • Repair and Restoration of River Bank Failure at the WTP - This project was completed on August 18th, 2014. Staff met with PSI on February 10th, 2015 to inspect and discuss the lagoon. PSI came out on February 20th, 2015 to conduct soil testing. Currently awaiting results.

    AIRPORT/Keenan English, Assistant Airport Manager
    • AAB recommended a land lease with Johnson Snoball on Saratoga St.
    • Oklahoma Airport Operators Association annual conference being held March 8 – 11 in Tulsa, OK
    • FAA-AIP-3-0040-0088-16-2015, rotating beacon, apron lighting, and AWOS. Project is waiting for FAA approval. AWOS phase I benefit cost analysis complete and approved by FAA.
    • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise has been approved and published.
    • Bodard Hangar is undergoing repairs and maintenance on both electric doors.
    • Water defense system has been installed on Jet fuel pump system.
    • Existing rotating beacon has been repaired.
    • Airport’s Ground Communication Outlet has been serviced and returned.
    • Addition door rails have been replaced on two T-Hangars.
    • Youth Aviation Day is April 11th at the Gordon Cooper Tech Aviation Center.

    PARKS/CEMETERY/EQUIPMENT SERVICES/James Bryce, Director of Operations
    • Municipal Swimming Pool - Project is moving right along, weather is messing with pouring concrete but the contractor is able to work on other items while the weather is bad. All pools are poured except the splash pad area. Contractor has some decks formed and ready for concrete when the weather allows. Electrician, Plumber, And Heat and Air contractors have also been out working on their end of project.
    • Boyscout Splash Pad- The Engineering Department is out for bid on the splash pad and the Operations Department is out for bid on the restroom. Both are due back in for opening on March 16th.
    • Certified Healthy Communities- The City finally got word that we were awarded the $110,000.00 grant from TSET. This money will go towards the Boy Scout Splash Pad and Restroom Project.
    • Alternative Fuels- Staff has joined up with the Central Oklahoma Clean Cities as a stakeholder in hopes to be able to apply for grant monies to convert city vehicles to natural gas or propane. Stakeholders consist of individuals that work in the field of CNG/LPG, install equipment, operate converted equipment, or are looking into and tracking conversion data. Fleet maintenance has a meeting set up with LPG individuals to look at some of our equipment for quotes on conversion. Through information learned at the COCC meetings, staff has made the decision to hold off on conversions for a couple of more years. This is based on our ROI from our conversions; we need to convert vehicles running 35000 miles per year to which we do not have. On another note, we have been paying a lot less for gas and diesel leaving extra money in the budget that could be used for conversions. Staff is looking at this and hope to be able to convert a few vehicles.
    • KABOOM grant/YMCA partnership- The YMCA is back in the running for funding on the KABOOM grant. As soon as a funding partner is found, the YMCA and the City will coordinate installation.
    • Kiwanis park restroom project at the lake- Canadian Valley Electric has agreed to put in the electric service here as long as the City clears the ROW for them. The process has been started through DEQ for the septic system and well. Staff is working with the Kiwanis group to develop a plan and how much funding will come from each. The DEQ process will take 3 months for their review.
    • Parks Master Plan- The Parks Master Plan survey went out and is in the hands of the public. After all responses are in, it should take about another 4 weeks to compile the data.
    • Lake Maintenance building- out for bid, due in on March 16th.
    • Auditorium HVAC Design-RFQ in front of the commission on March 3rd for approval to advertise.

    EXPOSITION CENTER/Mike Jackson, Operations Manager
    • February 2, Pottawatomie County JR Livestock Show Pig Roast/Trophy Auction, 500 people
    • February 2-6, Eaton Corp. Training, 25 people per day, 125 people
    • February 3, Oklahoma Water Resource Board Meeting, 35 people
    • February 5-7, Central District Livestock Show, 1,800 entries, 13 counties, approximately 3,600 people
    • February 6, News Star Editorial Board, 25 people
    • February 7-8, G & S Promotions Gun & Knife Show, approximately 1,200 people
    • February 9, Chick-fil-A Dedication Dinner, 120 people
    • February 10, St. Anthony’s Heart Event, 180 people
    • February 11, McDonald Law Firm Royalties Owners Meeting, 200 people
    • February 14-15, Central 4D Barrel Racing, 380 barrel racers per day, approximately 1,200 people
    • February 14-15, Buchanan Vintage Market, approximately 500 people
    • February 19, Chamber Banquet, 250 people
    • February 21, Oklahoma Quarter Horse Banquet, 200 people
    • February 26-27, Unit Liner Water Garden Expo, 400 people
    • February 27-28, Triangle Horse Sale, 330 horses, approximately 1,000 people

    • Staff met with developers and consultants to discuss potential future and current development projects.
    • Staff continues to be very involved in downtown revitalization efforts and attends that monthly merchant meetings and the Chamber’s Downtown Taskforce.
    • Building inspections staff remain busy with a very high volume of permit requests and inquiries. There are numerous large construction projects underway throughout the community and several projects have been recently completed.
    • Staff continues work on revising the City’s Subdivision and Development Standards.
    • Staff refined a draft of a Downtown Maintenance Ordinance for review by the Downtown Task Force. The Planning Commission will discuss the ordinance on April 1.
    • Staff prepared reports and attended the Shawnee Planning Commission regular meeting.
    • The City condemned one structure on February 12. Three structures have been condemned in 2015. A total of 159 structures have been condemned since 2011.
    • Staff met with developers and consultants to discuss potential future and current development projects.
    • The Action Center is currently investigating the following complaints:
    o Dilapidated Buildings: 45 active cases
    o Derelict Vehicles: 6 active cases
    o Junk/Trash: 24 active cases
    o Tall Grass/Weeds: 8 active cases

    FINANCE DEPARTMENT/Cynthia Sementelli, Finance
    • Prepare sales tax report
    • Did an analysis on use tax/sales tax
    • Began setting up budget documents
    • Prepared for airport meeting
    • Attended the Expo Board meeting
    • Attending training from the GFOA for 3 days
    • Met with City Manager on various issues
    • Worked on personal side of budget
    • Distributed budget docs to department heads
    • Did monthly allocations
    • Had conference call with HR and OMRF
    • Did interview with Mindy from Shawnee Outlook
    • Attended meeting concerning ACA reporting
    • Met with Jim Nuse with Affion
    City Clerk
    • Preparation of agendas and minutes for City Commission & Authorities regular meetings.
    • Conducted interviews for Deputy City Clerk position.
    • Filed 5 public nuisance liens and 18 lien releases with Pottawatomie County Clerk; filed 15 public nuisance lien certifications with Pottawatomie County Treasurer.
    • Normal routine duties including tort claims, management of archived records, research of records for staff and Commissioners, distribution of payroll, preparation of inbound/outbound mail, and overseeing insurance on vehicles and property owned by the City of Shawnee.
    Utility Billing/Customer Service
    • Routine customer service/billing, water and sewer transactions and issues involving payment arrangements, cut-offs, past-due collections and sanitation.
    • 278 payments made a Homeland Store kiosks resulting in $26,224.48 collected for February.

    INFORMATION SYSTEMS/Steve Nolen, Chief Information Officer
    • Continued project review / management for master projects
    o Remote VPN Router Replacements – Finalizing Federal building, planning Aquatics Center
    o TCM Imaging Solution Project – V4 issues, rolled back to previous, deploying in City Clerk
    o Fiber Data Backup Network Deployment – Still waiting on scheduled build out
    o OneNet Circuit Upgrade – Circuit ordered, vendor on site for location, waiting for build out
    o Web Server Migration – Still in schedule queue for time
    o GIS Project Prioritization – Merging SMA and IT project list for work scheduling and prioritization
    o Dispatch Access Control Deployment – Waiting on construction in Dispatch for vendor schedule
    o North City Hall Door Access Control Deployment – Waiting for vendor to advise scheduling
    o Dispatch Camera Update Project – Waiting to review options with PD Chief

    FIRE DEPARTMENT/Dru Tischer, Interim Chief
    Responded to 403 emergency calls broken down by type below:
    • Fires: 13
    • Rescue & EMS: 293
    • Hazardous conditions: 6
    • Service Calls: 19
    • Good Intent Calls: 53
    • False Alarms: 17
    • Overpressure Rupture, Explosion: 0
    Fire Prevention
    Plan Reviews
    • 6 locations
    New Construction Inspections
    • 3 various locations
    Requested / Administrative Inspections:
    • 9 various locations
    Permits and On-Site Inspections
    • 6 various locations

    POLICE DEPARTMENT/Russ Frantz, Chief
    • Police reports: 391 / arrests: 136
    Total Citations: 300 Handwritten Citations: 161 E-Citations: 139 Traffic Accidents: 44
    • Dispatch managed 6,425 calls (Police/Fire/EMS calls dispatched only)
    • Police Officers - 59 / 1 Officer at Academy/2 Officers in FTO training/ 58 available
    • Dispatch positions - 15 / 10 available for service /3 in training status/ 2 open position
    • Animal Control Positions - 4 / 3 available for service


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