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Citizen Police Academy

Community Partnership Through Awareness



The Citizen Police Academy’s slogan; "Community, Partnership through Awareness" is more than just a slogan. It is the future of policing. Together, the officers and the community need to have a better understanding of what is expected and what can be done to improve our great city.
The Shawnee Police Department Citizen Police Academy is a multi week block of instruction. It is designed to give the public an overview of the police department and rules governing police activities. It is also designed to create a two-way communication between citizens and officers. The academy dates and times will be announced.

Anyone who works or lives in the Shawnee community is urged to apply for admission. The minimum age for enrollment is 18. No one will be ejected due to his or her sex, race, employment, socio-economic status or disability.

The purpose of the Citizen Police Academy is to create better police-community relations. The public benefits by better understanding legal issues, personnel issues and department procedures. The department benefits by learning of specific problems and needs of the community. The academy’s slogan is "Community Partners through Awareness."

Topics covered during the academy will include; police patrol, traffic enforcement, narcotics, crime prevention, tactical team and firearms. Other areas will include; use of force, officer safety, bike patrol, crime scene investigation, police canine, criminal investigation and much more. There will be lectures, demonstrations and tours. Each division of the police department will be presented during the course of the academy.
Past Graduating Class

The Shawnee Police Department congratulates the Citizen’s Police Academy graduates. On Thursday 06-12-2008 the Shawnee police department graduated thirteen for completing the Citizen`s Police Academy. Pictured from left to right: back row, Jeanie Hallam, Mercy Derry, Justin Abott, Leroy Gunter, Chief Bill Mathis, Bobby Hibben, Cpl. Dan Shumaker. Pictured front left to right: front row, Victoria Whited, Terry Muller, Kimberly Holt, Lisa Bennett, Kay Snake, Lewis Snake, Yolanda Gomez, Julia Gomez. For thirteen weeks classes have met on Thursdays from the 7pm to 9pm..The graduates have participated in training and classes consisting of subjects on the use of force, gangs, probable cause and the K-9. The classes also included tours of the Pottawatomie Safety Center, Shawnee Police firing range and the Shawnee Twin lakes. “The Lake patrol was a big hit with the class,” stated Dan Shumaker, public information officer for the Shawnee Police department. “We were able to take a tour of the lakes on the police department’s boat.” The purpose of the academy was to give Shawnee residents the opportunity to learn about police work in general and gain insight into the Shawnee Police Department. The focus of the curriculum was to provide an informative overview of the fundamentals of police operations, and to strengthen the partnership between the community and the police department. Classes are open to Shawnee residents 18 and older.