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Welcome to the CADCom Site!

Computer Aided Dispatch Communicator Project

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What CADCom Is...

The CADCom (Computer Aided Dispatch COMmunicator) project provides real time CAD information to members within a few minutes of the call entering the Computer Aided Dispatch system. The CADCom application monitors CAD activity and if a match is found in your subscription you are notified via email or txt of the activity.

You can add address locations to your account and select to be notified of different types of calls that may occur within a number of feet that address.

You may want to add your home address, work address, and school address or other addresses in the city limits that you would like notifications of activity around those areas.

You can use a normal email address or if your mobile device allows for it you can use the email address associated with your phone to receive SMS messages of the activity. For example, if your phone number is 405-123-4567 and you have AT&T as your mobile carrier, you can use and you will receive txt messages of activity.

If you have a Apple or Android device you can use other services that provide an email address such as TextFree to receive notices without worrying about txting fees or rates.

Disclaimer: CADCom reports calls within minutes of the inbound call. As such, the NATURE of the call may change AFTER the call is reported and validated. The City of Shawnee takes no responsibility in regard such changes as they occur.

What CADCom is NOT...

CADCom is NOT an early warning solution and delivery of the messages is limited by Internet activity and connectivity. The City of Shawnee cannot be liable for information transferred through the CAD system as all information is public record once the initial call has been received.

You will be able to select from various calls that may come into the system but for privacy concerns all call types are not available.

The CADCom system may go offline without notice and/or may fail to function due to hardware, software or technical difficulties.

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