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Welcome to the Shawnee Police Department's Gang Unit Section.

Our Mission: The Shawnee Police Department Gang Unit is dedicated to making Shawnee a gang free community. A place where our citizens feel safe. We will not tolerate gangs and the crimes associated with gangs in our great city. We will diligently search out the members of gangs in our community and work with the District Attorneys and City Attorneys to prosecute them for their crimes.
Gang Activity in Progress (405) 273-2121                                   Gang Tip Line (405) 878-1570
Gang Unit  Leader- Lt.  Wilson

Gang Tip Line: (405) 878-1570
Parental Responsibilty:
We believe that parents should be held accountable for the actions of their children. Juveniles in gangs are all too often unsupervised for the majority of their day. We will work with local prosecutors to prosecute parents that are allowing their children to become involved with gang activity.

We need the help of our citizens. You are the eyes of our community.
If you witness gang activity or suspect gang activity, please notify the Shawnee Police Department Gang Unit. 405-273-2122

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Gang Tip Line: (405) 878-1570