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Police Department Frequently Asked Questions
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Q:How do I get an Accident Report Form?
You can access recent accident reports on our Online Accident Report form page. You simply need to know the Date of the accident and either the accident #, or the last name or date of birth of someone involved in the accident.
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Q:What if I know about a crime or a criminal?
The City of Shawnee Police Department is always eager to receive information about criminal activity in the City. We offer our 24 hour CrimwStoppers hotline at 405-273-0989 for such tips, email or use the CrimeStoppers web page linked here.
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Q:What if my car was impounded?
Impounded vehicles may be released from the records division located in the basement of Police Headquarters. Title or registration is required, as well as a valid drivers license.
Information Desk Phone: 405-878-1691 Hours are M-F 8-5 Not open on holidays. There is a $100.00 impound release fee.
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CompStat is a process, not a computer program. Generally the acronym stands for Comparative Statistics or Computer Statistics. It is a process of applying four key principles that use technology such as mapping, charting, and statistical analysis, as a tool for targeting crime and applying officer resources based on the intelligence gathered through the technology.

For more information about CompStat, click the link provided.
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Q:What is the Citizens Police Academy?
The Shawnee Police Department Citizen Police Academy is a 12-week block of instruction. It is designed to give the public an overview of the police department and rules governing police activities. It is also designed to create a two-way communication between citizens and officers. The academy dates and times will be announced.
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Q:What number do I call for non-emergency reports?
Non-emergency reports can often be made over the phone by calling 405-273-2121. This is the non-emergency 911 line.
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Q:When are quite hours for Shawnee
The Courts have deemed night time hours as 10:00pm to 6:00am. An person can or may have their peace disturbed anytime of the day depending on the circumstances of a situation or incident the officer would have to verify the circumstances and the person would have to be willing to sign a complaint and testify in court.
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Q:Where can I get a copy of a report?
Reports can be obtained from the Records Bureau, located in the basement of Police Headquarters. There may be minimal fees involved for obtaining reports.
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Q:Where do I call if I have information on a crime, but want to stay anonymous?
You can call (405) 273-0989, which is the Shawnee Police Department Police Anonymous hotline or email CrimeTips (At) You can also use the CrimeStoppers tip form located on the Shawnee CrimeStoppers website. Click the link shown here.
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Q:Where do I go to pay a ticket?
Municipal tickets and citations can be paid in person or by mail at the Municipal Courthouse. It is located on the ground floor above the Police Department. Located at 16 W 9th Shawnee, OK 74801. The phone number is (405) 878-1624

You can also pay your municipal citation online through the Shawnee Online Payment Site 24/7.
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Q:Where is the County Courthouse?
The County Courthouse is located at 325 N Broadway, Shawnee, OK 74801 CLICK FOR MAP
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Q:Where is the jail located?
The Pottawatomie County Safety Center is located on Highway 177 and Acme Road northwest of Shawnee. Phone number is (405) 273-0043. Click the link for a map. Click for Map
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Q:Where is the Police Department located?
The Shawnee Police Department is located at 16 W 9th St in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The main desk is down the stairs on the North side of the main lobby. Click for map
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Animal Shelter Frequently Asked Questions
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Q:Can I view shelter animals on a website?
Yes, as of October 2014 you can view found animals on the Shawnee Online Shelter page.

You can also visit the ARC website at

ARC has volunteers taking pictures two to three times a week and placing them on their website for viewing.
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Q:How long will my pet be kept at the Animal Shelter?
The Animal Control under city ordinance can hold your animal 48 hours if not licensed with the City and 96 hours if licensed.

This is why we encourage you, if you have lost a pet, to check with Animal Control every day and check the website as well.

Additionally, microchip scanning is performed on each animal that is brought to the Animal Shelter to help locate owners.

Licensing your pet with the City is really like life insurance as the Animal Control officers will do everything they can to get your pet back to you!
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Q:If you have lost your pet, what should you do
The first thing is to search your surrounding area.

Secondly, call Animal Control or visit the page and see if your pet has been picked up.

It is recommended that you check back with Animal Control each day
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Q:What hours is the Shawnee Animal Shelter open?
The Shawnee Animal Shelter is open from 9:00 AM. until 6:00 pm Monday through Friday AND 8am-Noon on Saturday. We are closed on Sundays and Holidays but be sure and check the website for any animal updates.
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Q:What if I want to trap an animal such as a skunk
You can check out a trap from Animal Control Monday through Thursday between 10:00 a.m. & 5:00 p.m.

Traps have to be returned by 5:00 Thursdays and can be checked out again on Monday.

The requirement to avoid over the weekend trapping is if an animal is captured it could be left trapped in the elements over the weekend without food or water.
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Q:Where can I get a license for my pet?
Animal licenses can be purchased at the Animal Shelter at 1900 W Independence St (W Independence St and Highway 177).
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Q:Where is the Animal Shelter Located?
The Animal Shelter is located at 1900 W Independence St in Shawnee. This address is slightly off as compared to the physical location of the facility which is just North of the Highway 177 and Independence area.
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