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Q:??What happened to the Public Works Department??
Q:How do I contact the Public Works department?
A list of contact information is provided here on the web site. The location is in the link below.
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Q:How do I report a street light that is out or damaged?


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Welcome to the City of Shawnee Public Works page

The City of Shawnee Public Works is not longer a full department with the various sub-departments having been allocated to other department heads around 2005. The follow links will provide more information about some of these sub-departments.

City Streets Department
- Directed by the City Engineer

City Traffic Control
- Directed by the City Engineer
Parks and Recreation - Directed by the Director of Operations
Utilities: Water and Sewer, Solid Waste/Sanitation, Landfill - Directed by the Utility Director and Customer Service directed by the City Clerk