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Public Works Frequently Asked Questions
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Q:??What happened to the Public Works Department??
In early 2005, the Public Works Division was reorganized to provide more efficient operations and use of staff.

The Utility related functions, including Water Production, Water Distribution, Sewer Collection, the two Waste Water Treatment plants and solid waste collection were consolidated under the operations of a new Utilities Director position.

The Streets and Traffic Control divisions were re-organized and moved under the Engineering department to allow consolidation of new street construction, street maintenance and traffic control.

The Parks and Cemetery divisions were re-organized and moved under the Planning department which has historically been responsible for creating new parks and recreation for the City.

For practical purposes the ''Public Works'' Department no longer exists as the various departments and duties have been re-organized under differing areas.
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Q:How do I contact the Public Works department?
A list of contact information is provided here on the web site. The location is in the link below.
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Q:How do I report a street light that is out or damaged?
The City of Shawnee pays for street lighting across the City but does not manage or replace street light bulbs. This is provided by the particular electric utility provider in the area, which in most cases is OG&E. To report a burned out or damaged street light, please call OG&E at 1-800-522-6870 to report the problem. Be sure you have the closest address to the particular pole to report to them. They will advise if the area is not in their service area.
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Welcome to the City of Shawnee Public Works page

The City of Shawnee Public Works is not longer a full department with the various sub-departments having been allocated to other department heads around 2005. The follow links will provide more information about some of these sub-departments.

City Streets Department
- Directed by the City Engineer

City Traffic Control
- Directed by the City Engineer
Parks and Recreation - Directed by the Director of Operations
Utilities: Water and Sewer, Solid Waste/Sanitation, Landfill - Directed by the Utility Director and Customer Service directed by the City Clerk