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  • Pound Class - offered Tues/Thurs starting Jan. 16th @ 5:30pm-6:15pm in Shawnee Community Center (804 S Park Avenue). $5 per class. SWEAT. SCULPT. ROCK. For more information go to our Facebook page or call 405.275.3986

Welcome to the City of Shawnee
Parks Department!

The City of Shawnee Parks and Recreation division oversees all the many parks available to the public in the City. The division strives to maintain many hundreds of acres of parkland for your enjoyment.
Watch for a dynamic list of parks along with maps in the near future.

Programs and Departments

Adopt-A-Street - Check out the City's Adopt-a-Street program and help Keep Your Street Neat. Any individual or group can volunteer for this program.
Fairview Cemetery - The Operations Director oversees the Fairview Cemetery operations. Fairview Cemetery offers affordable spaces and a time honored respectful cemetery. We also have online lookup abilities for loved ones.
- Residents and Business owners are encouraged to submit Nominations for those that have put extra effort into Beautifying and Maintaining their area. The nomination period ends on September 30th of each year. Winners will be recognized with a certificate.
Shawnee Twin Lakes- The Shawnee Twin Lakes are located 9 miles west of Shawnee and provide a wide range of recreational opportunities.
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Staff Activity Report for April 7 - 13, 2013
* Kickapoo Street Widening Project
> ODOT awarded the Kickapoo Paving Project to Haskell-Lemon Construction for a total project construction cost of $10,930,517.98 (including water line costs). Work on the project is underway with relocation of the waterline. Contractor has laid line from the Spur to Independence, once waterline work is completed in the vicinity of Kickapoo & Independence the paving Contractor (Haskel-Lemon) will be able to begin on paving construction from the Spur to Independence. The existing street just south of Arvest Bank on the west side of Kickapoo has been removed and grade work started for the new City Street to be built at that location. Project is scheduled to be completed by May of 2014
* Airport Trails Project
> City Commission awarded project to Bishop Paving in the amount of $633,409.90. Work on the track has begun, and Contractor has completed removal of existing track. All CKD base stabilization has been completed and Contractor has begun laying the asphalt track. Overall, project is approximately 80% complete. Weather and rains have really hampered this project. The project is a calendar day project with 180 days allotted for completion of the 3.75 miles of 10 foot trail being installed. This project is a complete removal and replacement of the City existing trail(s) around the Airport, and trail widened to 10 feet, approximately 3.75 miles of trail. Anticipate construction being completed by June 2013.
* Main Street Streetscape Project
> Field survey work has been completed and submitted to City for review. Preliminary design work has been started as time allows on this project. Project design will follow closely the design layout that was used on the Bell Street Streetscape Project. Preliminary design is approximately 80% complete. ODOT has announced that the City of Shawnee was approved for the $400,000 enhancement grant, and with funding from the Downtown TIFF District, 302 Street Fund, and SMA, the City should be in shape to have full funding for the project. A landscape architect will be employed to finalize irrigation and landscape plans, and the City may be able to advertise this project sometime Fall 2013.
* ADA Sidewalk and Ramps Project
> Bid Opening for this project was at the April 15, 2013 City Commission meeting. Four bids were received ranging in costs from $127,000 to $249,000. Bids are under review and a recommendation of award will be made at the May 6, 2013 City Commission meeting.

* Federal Street Bridge Repair Project
> City Commission awarded the project to PbX Corporation in the amount of $685,565. Work is scheduled to begin the middle part of April. As of last week all the utilities have been removed from the bridge so that demolition work could proceed. The Contractor (PbX Corp) though is having difficulty with the railroad in getting approvals for their work and safety plan to protect the tracks from damage, but, that issue should be resolved within the next few weeks. It has been decided that actual demolition of the bridge and closure of Federal Street will occur on May 20, 2013 which will be the week following when school is out at Liberty School.
* Bell Street Streetscape Project (from Farrall to 7th Street)
> Project was awarded to All Roads Paving ($98,500) and work has begun on sidewalk installation beginning at Farrall Street and working north along Bell. Project is approximately 90% complete. Work will also include an enhanced crosswalk at Farrall with in-paving strobe lighting. Upon completion of project, OG&E will install decorative street lighting along the east side of Bell Street from 7th to Farrall at a cost to the City of Shawnee of $30,050.20.
* City Hall Parking Lot Improvements
> City Commission awarded the project to All Roads Paving in the amount of $195,235.40. Project consists of constructing a new 73 space concrete parking lot and milling/overlay the existing asphalt City Hall parking lot and alley. 90 calendar days are allotted to the project by contract, but a start date has not yet been determined. A Pre-work meeting is scheduled for April 25, 2013 at which time the All Roads will submit their executed contract with bonds and insurance, and from discussions held, a Notice to Proceed date will be determined.
* Rehab Concrete Streets Project (FY11-12)
> City Commission awarded the project to All Roads in the amount of $387,409.00. The focus of this project has been entirely on Independence Street east of Center. All Roads Paving (Contractor) began work January 2, 2013, and work is approximately 85% complete. Contract time ends May 2, 2013 and if contractor is not completed by that time, then the City has the ability to assess them $1,000 per day as damages until the project is completed.
Traffic Control Division
> Replaced James Allen bridge sign on S. Beard
> Checked pedestrian heads for burn outs
> Set up drums & flagging for 1st Annual Shawnee Cruise
> Set work zone for Street Department on Kirk
> Checked intakes in sector 3
> Replaced street marker for Brangus & Independence and Juel & Del Rancho
> Checked airport tunnel for bad lights
> Checked areas for flooding
> Checked signalized intersections
> Dropped off 20 cones and 6 drums to OK Classics and 20 cones to parking lot at 7th & Bell
> Checked and repaired type I and type III barricades that came in from the field
Street Department
> Completed repairing the following water-cuts: Lindale & Oakland (15x9), 1706 E. Walnut (12x14), 1205 N. Park (16x25), and 1218 N. Park (25x16)
> Saw-cut water-cuts on Ridgewood between Broadway & Beard on the north and south side.
> Saw-cut Bingham Circle for concrete panel replacement; citizen’s call in.
> Hauled 4 loads of rock to Westech and graded
> Picked up trash on Ingram west of Walker; citizen call-in
> Started repairs on two water-cuts: 311 W. Kirk (20x20; 75% complete) and on Ridgewood between Broadway & Beard (north side, (10x10; 50% complete)
> Hauled 5 loads of millings to Post Office Lane and graded
> Sweeper ran 5 days and the Patch truck ran 2 days
> Roads graded: Perry Road, Pecan Grove, Walker North, and Lake Road east of Patterson

UTILITY DEPARTMENT/Steve Nelms, Interim Director
* Water Treatment Plant (Staff of 10)
> Average production: *MGD - 3.646 Last week: *MGD - 3.618
> Pumped 388,485,000 MG to date compared to 352,911,000 MG for same period last year
> Performed routine plant maintenance and water testing
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily
* Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
> Flows averaged: *MGD - 1.948 **BOD - 10 mg/l ***TSS - 6 mg/l
> Performed routine maintenance and testing on the plant
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
* Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
> Flows averaged: *MGD - 2.004 **BOD - 5.3 mg/l ***TSS - 4.3 mg/l
> Hauled 82,500 gallons of bio-solids so far this month
> Performed routine maintenance and testing on the plant
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
* Water Distribution (Staff of 11)
> Service Calls - 67, Main Breaks - 2, Leak Checks - 11, Cut-offs Replaced - 8, Water/Sewer Line Locates - 41, and Reset Water Meters - 14
> Repaired a main break at Madeline Drive
> Worked Shop Tickets
* Valve Maintenance (staff of 3)
> Located/performed serviceability check on valves at 3 locations throughout the city
> Located/performed serviceability check on fire hydrants at 12 locations throughout the city
> Repaired/rebuilt fire hydrants at 4 locations throughout the city
> Raised fire hydrants at 2 locations
* Wastewater Collection (Staff of 7)
> Sewer lines flushed - 13,000 ft. Flushed (year to date) - 247,127
> Total Service Calls - 34, Sewer Lines Checked - 13, Lift Stations Checked - 16, and Emergency Sewer Calls - 13
> Worked on the preventative maintenance flusher list and maintenance on Lift Stations
* Capital Projects (no changes on any of the projects this week)
> Kimberly Sewer Lift Station Rehab
Jordon Contractors was awarded the bid. Contractor is waiting on other utilities to be relocated.
> Water Line Replacement Project Midland Street
All water line has been installed. Clean-up has started and sod is being laid. The overall project is 95% complete.
> North Park Block 5 Sewer Line Replacement Project
Trent Construction was awarded the bid. Construction began Wednesday, February 27, 2013. Contractors have completed laying the sewer line and stubbing up all services. This project is about 75% complete.
> Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project (Pipe Bursting)
Budgeted project amount is $1,000,000.00. This project was awarded to Jordon Contractors on March 4, 2013. Estimated start date is April 3, 2013.
> Utility System Master Plan
Contract awarded to SRB (Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC) for an amount to not exceed $549,460. The Water Hydraulic Model will be completed by the end of this April. SRB has started work on the Wastewater Hydraulic Model. Staff met with SRB on March 22nd for a basis of planning meeting.

* Planning
> Presented materials at the Planning Commission meeting
> Prepared materials for the April 15 City Commission meeting
> Met with developers on planned Shawnee projects
> Nuisance abatement hearings were held/one structure ordered removed and declared dilapidated
> The City of Shawnee has condemned 96 structures between 2011-2013
> Staff attended the public meeting regarding the Municipal Pool project at the EXPO
* Shawnee Urban Renewal Authority
> Placed two projects out for bid
> Opened and processed bids on one project
> Signed contract for work on one project with contractor
* Current Projects (no changes on any of the projects this week)
> Downtown Streetscape Project
ODOT awarded the City of Shawnee a $400,000.00 Transportation Enhancement Grant A survey was recently done of the area and engineering and design work is ongoing so that the project can be bid immediately upon notice of funding decision. Phase 2 of the Streetscape Plan will improve a four-block area of Main Street with new sidewalks, landscaping, street lights, signal lights, pedestrian improvements and utility work.
> Façade Grant Program
Staff collected submitted application for Round 2 of the Façade Grant process.
> Land Development Code
Staff continues work on revising the City’s development regulations.
> Wayfinding Study Implementation
Staff continued work on the Wayfinding Plan implementation process; preparing to bid the wayfinding (signage) project in early 2013. At present, review of the previous implementation plan and the preparation of documents for bid are underway.

PARKS/CEMETERY/EQUIPMENT SERVICES/James Bryce, Director of Operations
* Parks Maintenance Division (Staff of 8)
> Cleaned up Lions Club Ball Fields/Repairing back stops
> Cleaned up Archery Range Road for better visibility
> Daily cleanup route on Main Street and in city parks
> Repairing playground equipment in several city parks
> Performing repairs in several city buildings (lights, ceiling tile, wall repair, etc)
* Cemetery Division (staff of 4)
> 2 burials last week
> Leveling markers
* Central Garage (Staff of 6)
> 33 units in last week with 41 total repairs
> EVT School and testing
* Current Projects
> Municipal Swimming Pool
Public viewing and comment session on April 11th went well. We received several comments which the architect is going through.
> Municipal Court Offices Remodel (no change on project)
Drawings and specifications are complete. We will bid this project soon.
> City Hall ADA Restroom Project (no change on project)
Drawings nearing completion; bid project in July 2013
> Trash Off (no change on project)
This event will take place on April 20, 2013 in Woodland Memorial Veterans Park from noon to 4:00 pm. We are teaming up with SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco). SWAT will have some booths set up and will be picking up cigarette butts in the park.
> Auditorium Exterior Restoration and Window Replacement (no change on project)
Specifications are nearing completion; will bid project soon.

AIRPORT/Rex Hennen, Assistant Airport Manager
* Fuel Sales
> Sales are steadily increasing
March 2012 = Avgas 2,135.14 Gallons; Jet A 2,003.60 Gallons
March 2013 = Avgas 2,611.42 Gallons; Jet A 3,232.66 Gallons
* Airport Advisory Board
> Regular monthly meeting rescheduled to April 24, 2013
* Foreign Trade Zone Application
> Application has been approved; will work with SEDF to market the Airport’s new designation
* “Oklahoma Certified Site Program - Aerospace Park”
> Application is being completed by SEDF and airport staff

* City Clerk
> Preparation of 4/15/13 City Commission and Authorities agendas
> Deputy City Clerk worked at the Records Center on 4/8/13 managing and archiving records
> Filed 2 public nuisance liens and 15 lien releases with the Pottawatomie County Clerk
> Filed 4 certifications with the Pottawatomie County Treasurer
> Normal routine duties including tort claims, management of archived records, research of records for staff and Commissioners, distribution of payroll, preparation of inbound/outbound mail, and overseeing insurance on vehicles and property owned by the City of Shawnee
* Utility Billing/Customer Service
> Meetings with staff and meter readers regarding reading PCDA meters
> Routine customer service/billing, water and sewer transactions and issues involving payment arrangements, cut-offs, past-due collections, and sanitation

INFORMATION SYSTEMS/Steve Nolen, Chief Information Officer
No report submitted this week

FINANCE DEPARTMENT/Cynthia Sementelli, Finance
> Working of finalizing the 2013-2014 City Budget

EXPOSITION CENTER/Mike Jackson, Operations Manager
* Events: April 7-13, 2013
> April 8-13, Sugar & Spice Children’s Consignment Sale, Conference Center
> April 11-14, NBHA State Finals (Barrel Racing) Fred Humphrey Pavilion
> April 11, City of Shawnee (Pool Meeting) Conference Center, Upstairs
> April 13, Meeker Prom, Conference Center
* IFYR totals as of April 13, 2013
>Contestants Entries – 430 >Event Entries – 813 >States – 25

* Communications Technician
> Continued maintenance on Outdoor warning devices
> Performed Weekly EOC radio tests on Wednesday morning
> Programmed 800 MHz portable radio for Central Dispatch
> Programmed radio for REACT EMS and State Emergency Management
* Emergency Management Technician
> Worked on Draft City Hall Occupant Emergency Plan
> Registered 6 storm shelters
> Met with County 9-1-1 addressing coordinator on addressing issues
> Worked on Addressing requests
> Assisted with City of Ada / Pontotoc County full-scale exercise on Thursday
* Emergency Management Director
> Preparing for upcoming ICS 300 course
> Webinar demonstration of Equature software for digital logging in 9-1–1 Center
> Participated in severe weather watch activities on Tuesday night
> Served as lead evaluator for Ada / Pontotoc County full-scale exercise on Thursday
> Worked on EOP update briefing materials
> Coordinated with Consulting Attorney working on offer to lease oil and gas minerals on City owned property
* Current Projects (no change on any of the projects this week)
> Telephone System Replacement
Products received and in vendor warehouse; Awaiting network switch upgrade for installation.
> Conventional Radio Upgrade:
Fire Stations # 2 and 3 control stations are awaiting installation/reprogramming from Total Radio.
VHF License still pending action by the FCC
UHF Frequency license has been received from FCC
> 800 MHz Upgrade/Enhancement
Proceeding with verifying project requirements and components list

FIRE DEPARTMENT/David Short, Chief
* Suppression
> Responded to 113 emergency calls: Breakdown of calls: Fires - 4, Good Intent Calls - 19,
Rescue/EMS - 82, Service Calls - 3, False Alarms - 3, and Hazardous Conditions - 2
Fire Department (continued)
* Prevention
Requested / Administrative Inspections
> Select Physical Therapy
> Carnival pre-inspection at Shawnee Mall
> Follow-up investigation at 120 W. Wallace
Consultations / Meetings
> Met with a team from Dallas, TX interested in developing an area on N. Kickapoo
> Met with management at Wal-Mart regarding a fire lane in rear of building
Permits and On-Site Inspections
> Open Burn at 1406 Cambridge
* Training
> Continuation Training for seven (7) Probationary Fire Fighters

* Police
> Reports: 180 / Total Citations: 93 / Handwritten Citations: 29 / E-Citations: 64 (68.82%)
> Arrests: 45
> Vehicle pursuit, one (1) Shawnee unit damaged, one (1) McLoud unit damaged, Shots fired - suspect in custody
> Child Pedestrian – Vehicle accident at Main & Draper
> Great Job - Midnight Shift - Multiple burglary suspects apprehended after they broke into a church
* Dispatch
> Managed 1761 calls for service (Police/Fire/EMS)
* Accreditation: Lt. King, Accreditation Manager
> Working on Criminal Justice Information Services Facility Protection & Security requirements
> Starting file folders update process
> Continuing to update review and policies as necessary
> Working to develop handbook material for patrol officers
> Attended Priority Dispatch meeting
* COP’s Grant Program
> Follow up investigations and investigated Drug Cases
> Attended the following meetings: USMS, PCSO, OSBI, Gateway, and the COP’s grant
> District court for homicide case
> Follow up on missing person’s case.
> Statics for Safety Corridor
> Conducted face book surveillance
> Conducted surveillance on known drug houses and suspects
> Traffic Stop (two felony arrests for possession of Methamphetamine)
> Impounded one vehicle, one citation, two city warrants served
> Packaged evidence Meeting with OSBI re: homicide case
> Transported Homicide Suspect from Task Force to Mable Bassett Prison
> Meeting and interview with suspect of joint investigation with DHS

* Evidence
> Number of evidence items brought in: 10 Number of evidence items released: 2
> 23 Cases Forwarded to CID for Review
> 12 Felony Cases Assigned / 1 Other Case Assigned
> 12 Felony Cases Cleared / 1 Other Case Cleared
> 16 Felony Cases Filed through the DA’s Office
> 6 Total Arrests Made
* Animal Control
>Calls Responded: 66 >Animals Impounded: 33 >Animals reclaimed: 8 >Animals adopted: 7
* Staff
> Police Officers - 59 / 3 open positions / 1 in FTO Training / 1 at FBI Training / 1 deployed on Military / 2 on extended leave / 51 available
> Dispatch positions - 13 / 12 available for service / 2 in training status / 1 open position
> Animal Control Positions - 4 / 4 available for service

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