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Q:How does the automated polycart system work?
Q:I have just setup service what day will my new polycart be delivered?
Q:I need to order an extra polycart, who do I call? What day will I get it?
Q:I received house side service due to a disability, will Central Disposal provide as well?
Q:What day will my yard waste be picked up?
Q:What is the schedule for curbside bulk waste pick-up?
Q:What should I do if my navy blue Central Disposal polycart hasn’t been delivered?
Q:When is my Polycart picked up each week?
Q:Who do I call if I have a trash complaint?
Q:Who do I contact if I have a question or complaint about my trash service?
Q:Who provides the sanitation or trash pickup for Shawnee?
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Staff Activity Report for March 18 - 24, 2012
Engineering Department:
* Kickapoo Street Widening Project (from MacArthur Street to Kickapoo Spur)
> Met with ODOT officials and EST on March 13, 2012 to go over corrections/revisions to final set of Kickapoo Paving Plans. EST still needs to complete the final drawings and plans for the project, and needs to get survey information to ODOT Right-of-Way Division by Friday, March 16. If ODOT R/W receives that information then they said they could be completed with their review in 3 weeks to get comments back to the City for any corrections that may be necessary. It may still take EST 8-9 more weeks to finalize the construction plans. The City has caused all utility relocations to be completed, and has acquired all right-of-way and easements that ODOT had previously said the City needed to acquire. Notification was given to ODOT in October that the utilities were cleared for the project, and in December ODOT was notified that the City has acquired (or right of entry) on the last remaining r/w parcel. ODOT has indicated that efforts are still proceeding towards letting the project in June 2012.
* Beard Street Widening Project (from Farrall to the Canadian River Bridge)
> Project was awarded to All Roads Paving in the amount of $367,732. Traffic stripping has been completed, and project has been opened to traffic. Traffic Signals Inc. is scheduled to install traffic loops by March 22, 2012 to get signal operation off of automatic cycling.
* Harrison Street Median Landscaping Project (Median just south of I-40 and north of Gordon Cooper Vo-Tech entrance)
> Concrete removed and installation of raised stamped concrete border, backfilled with suitable soil and then landscaped with a variety of bushes and ornamental plantings. Plans will be resubmitted to ODOT by Wednesday, March 21st for comments. Anticipate project being let for bids by end of April 2012.
* Safe Routes to School Sidewalk Project (from Shawnee Middle School, north along Union Street to Chapel Ridge Apts.)
> Project awarded to Parathon Construction in the amount of $87,352.50. Project is 100% complete. ODOT’s final field inspection is scheduled for March 22, 2012. We will make application for reimbursement pending final review inspections.
* Bryan & Independence Intersection Traffic Signal Project
> Surveying and field data acquisition has been completed and plan preparation is underway. Anticipate being able to let project for bids May-June of 2012.
* Expo Parking Lot Improvements
> Project was awarded to CGC, LLC in the amount of $1,696,850.00. Project began Monday January 16th with removal operations being started. Contractor has completed water line and sanitary sewer installation for east parking lot(s), and will begin curb & gutter installation by March 2, 2012. Work is being coordinated with OG&E and Shawnee Lighting on their electrical and lighting installations. Project is approximately 35% completed, and is scheduled as a 150 day calendar day project, with completion by end of May, barring any substantial and prolonged weather delays, the project should be completed well before the July rodeo events scheduled. City finalizing landscaping and irrigation plans for the Expo Parking Lot Improvements, and anticipate being able to present such to the City Commission at their March 19, 2012 meeting for their consideration and direction.
* Lake Road Bridge Repair Project
> Project was awarded to PbX Corporation in the amount of $630,316.30. Project began January 31, 2012. Contractor has been working on the eastbound lane, while the westbound lane stays open to carry traffic. Eastbound lane has had the deck overlay milled off and areas of full deck repair/replacement have been underway. Work on the eastbound lane should be completed by March 30, and then the Contractor will start work on the westbound lane, keeping the eastbound lane open to traffic. Citizens are encouraged to find alternate routes instead of using Lake Road. Overall project approximately 40% completed.
* Gordon Cooper Bridge (southbound lanes)
> Proposed bridge deck repair project under review, and discussion with CPN for funding participation in progress. An Agreement will be presented to City Commission at their March 19, 2012 City Commission meeting for consideration.
* Traffic Control
> Ran street sweeper on route 9
> Recovered work zone for Utility Department on Gordon Cooper Dr
> Finished no soliciting signs
> Shut down Benedict St (Kennedy - Daley) (flooding)
> Cleared intakes on Independence
> Checked intakes in sector 3
> Set up and recovered work zone for Utility Department on Center
> Replaced street marker for Jefferson & Thompson
> Put up dead end sign on Gracelann
> Replaced load switch for west bound left turn signal at Kickapoo & MacArthur
* Street Department
> Ran intakes 4 days
> Fixed crushed tinhorn at Granada & Serenada
> Cleaned culverts/tinhorns at: 7 Mohican, 920 Buck Drive, 1228 Dewey, 24 Comanche Circle,
Kickapoo north of Wolverine, 9th & Florence, and 10th & Florence
> Grinded asphalt at Beard & Main / 75% complete
> Graded road in front of CMW Muffler shop
> One 2 ton truck load of rock to the alley behind 1100 Harrison.
> Cleaned tinhorns on Buck Rd at lake and re-dug about 75 feet of ditch
> Replace 75 ft of culvert pipe at 2601 Park / 70% complete
> Placed one load of rock on Perry Rd & graded

* Water Treatment Plant (Staff of 10)
> Average production: *MGD - 3.814 Last week: *MGD - 3.536
> Pumped 272,003,000 MG to date compared to 285,070,000 MG for same period last year
> Performed routine plant maintenance
> Standard Masonry continues to repair earthquake damage
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily
* Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
> Flows averaged: *MGD - 2.019 **BOD - 24 mg/l ***TSS - No test ran this week
> Performed regular maintenance on the plant
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
* Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
> Flows averaged: *MGD - 1.528 **BOD - 3.2 mg/l ***TSS - 3.2
> Hauled 186,000 gallons of bio-solids for March
> Performed regular maintenance on the plant and mowed
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
* Water Distribution (Staff of 11)
> Service Calls - 86, Water/Sewer Line Locates - 36, Leak Checks - 11, Cut-offs Replaced - 9,
Main Breaks Repaired - 4, and Reset Water Meters - 5
> Doing clean-up and placing top soil where needed following main break repairs
> Assisted the valve crew in excavating for valve installation
* Wastewater Collection (Staff of 7)
> Sewer lines flushed - 15,955 ft. Flushed (year to date) - 232,030 ft.
> Total Service Calls - 29, Sewer Lines Checked - 16, Emergency Sewer Calls - 13, and Lift
Stations Checked - 21
> Worked the flusher list, maintenance on Lift Stations, and manhole rehab
* Construction Inspector
> Water and sewer for the Expo have been installed and waiting to be tested
> Tri-Star started to camera lines for pipe bursting project. Seneca was first on the list but we
pulled Tri-Star off to camera a line south of Pulaski running west from Broadway. The line is
collapsed and we will have Tri-Star pipe burst the line

* Planning
> Staff presented material at the City Commission meeting
> Staff continued work on a revised off-premise sign ordinance
> Staff attended the Chamber Board Meeting
> Staff assisted with a Main Street Mural program
> Staff met with developers and discussed current and planned projects
* Shawnee Urban Renewal Authority
> Daily project construction inspections
> Working on revisions to HUD’s Annual Action Plan
> Making repairs to one of the SURA owned transitional shelters
> Writing specifications for rehabilitation project

PARKS/CEMETERY/EQUIPMENT SERVICES/James Bryce, Director of Operations
* Parks Maintenance Division
> Daily cleanup route on Main Street and in city parks
> Completing Park inspections
> Various repairs and graffiti removal in several city parks and buildings
> Painting and clean-up around lake area
> Turning water on in various city parks
> Mowing and weed eating has begun in all areas
> Herbicide spraying right-of-ways
* Cemetery Division
> Four (4) burials last week
> Leveling markers, herbicide spraying, mowing, and weed eating
* Central Garage
> 19 units in last week with 23 total repairs to vehicles and equipment
> Exploring the possible use of CNG vehicles for city fleet
* Current Projects
> Lake #1 fishing dock is closed due to storm damage, no date for reopening. Budget for new
dock in FY 12-13
> Writing specifications for the Floating Fishing Dock on Lake #1
> Working on various projects on Lake #1
> Community Center Fire Suppression System installation to begin soon
> Al & James Building Remodel/Demolition Project: received estimated costs
> Tennis Courts Resurfacing Project: obtaining bids
> AC repair at City Hall and new AC at Auditorium (Estimates have been received)
> Working on ordinances for recodification

AIRPORT/Rex Hennen, Assistant Airport Manager
* Runway Rehabilitation Project
> FAA Grant: $3, 524,477 and the OAC Grant: $221,006
> Phase I construction underway:
> Complete removal/replacement of east side of the south 1,700 feet of the runway
> Overlay/strengthening of south 3,000 feet of the runway
> Installation of LED runway lights
> Grading of safety areas
* Foreign Trade Zone Application
> Matthew Weaver reports that the application is under final review and approval is imminent.
* Department of Commerce “Oklahoma Certified Site Program - Aerospace Park”
> Application is nearing final completion by SEDF and airport staff.
* Airport Advisory Board
> Regular meeting scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on March 21, 2012 was held in the Airport Terminal.
* 2012 Youth Aviation Adventure – Saturday, April 21, 2012
> Special Guest Instructor – Commander John B. Herrington, the first Native American to fly and
walk in space.
* 2012 Pilots and Pancake Fly-in – Saturday, October 6, 2012
> Planning for larger air show including acrobatic planes
> Planning committee meeting monthly

EXPOSITION CENTER/Mike Jackson, Operations Manager
No Report this week

* City Clerk
> City Clerk and one deputy clerk attended IIMC Institute in Stillwater March 19 – 23
> Preparation of 3/19/12 minutes
> Preparation of special call meeting for 3/24/12 – later cancelled
* Utility Billing/Customer Service
> Routine phone calls and customer service issues
> Zone 1 billing (3/21/12) and Zone 2 cut-off for non-payment (3/21/12)

HUMAN RESOURCES/Tammy Johnson, Director
> Processing evaluations/PAA’s for status changes/retirements/resignations
> Processing insurance status changes/retirements/resignations
> Updating/maintaining employee records for insurance
> Processing monthly reports for workman’s comp
> Processing new employee insurance/retirement/new hire paperwork
> Conducting interviews for open positions
> Review and attend WC case proceedings
> Observe crews in the field for safe work procedures
> Processing items for compensation study

FINANCE DEPARTMENT/Cynthia Sementelli, Finance
> Worked on Bank Reconciliations, Budget, and CDBG issues
> Attended meeting in Oklahoma City with City Manager
> Review RFP for new auditing services
> Prepared budget amendment for agenda
> Attended conference in Stillwater
> Attend phone conference on virtual budgeting
> Met with City Manager concerning budget
> Prepare for arbitration

INFORMATION SYSTEMS/Steve Nolen, Chief Information Officer
> Install new Work station in Finance new office
> Worked on RDP Print issues
> Damage at WTP Phone and Cable drops, contacted cable vendor and reported issue afterwards
> Deployed temporary 3G cell/network router at WTP for use during outage
> Replaced ATG workstation with Desktop workstation at public works for SMA
> Reviewed Court machine onboard video Failure, scheduled to replace unit
> Fully deployed online registration and payment system
> Conducted Management Team iPad training session
> Produced Commission meeting live and video publishing
> Fix maps for Firehouse software
> Install voice recorder for evidence manager
> Update drivers on Software Support Tech system
> Change setting in global records to allow edit of persons when entering new incident

FIRE DEPARTMENT/Dru Tischer, Interim Chief
* Suppression
> Responded to 93 emergency calls: Breakdown of calls: Fires - 3, Rescue/EMS - 66
Service Calls - 2, Good Intent Calls - 13, and False Alarms - 5
* Prevention
Plan Reviews
> Shawnee Community Center, 804 S. Park
Permits and On-Site Inspections
> 77 Granada (open burn)
> 15504 SH 102 (open burn) and 15203 Patterson Rd (open burn)
* Training
> Physical Fitness and Street & Hydrant Review
> Kaplan EMS C.E.U. Training: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and Hypothermic Patient
> Kaplan Fire C.E.U. Training: Orientation, Safety, Communications, Fire Officer, and
Hazardous Materials
> Continuation training three (3) Probationary Fire Fighters
> Fire Fighter Safety: SCBA Emergency, Self Rescue, and RIT Pack Operations
> Stand-pipe operations, Truck Company Operations, Apparatus Foam Operations, Apparatus
Pump Operations, and Department Policy and Procedures

> Outdoor Warning Devices were silently tested at Noon on Wednesday
> Hazard Mitigation Planning Team met on Thursday morning. Reviewed list of potential hazard
mitigation projects
> Attended Board of County Commissioners meeting on Monday afternoon
> Participated in conference call concerning Radio system infrastructure re-banding on
Wednesday afternoon
> Continued work to move furnishings back into radio shop and prepare it for occupancy
> Continued work on RFP package for Telephone system replacement

* Police
> Recovery of stolen vehicle – arrest of two suspects
> Arrest of juvenile that broke into Jefferson School – recovered all stolen property
> 35 Arrests – 62 reports – 113 Handwritten Citations – 50 E-Citations
> Dispatch handled 1761 calls (Police/Fire/EMS)
* COPS Grant Program
> Assisted with Sheriff Dept serving wanted felony warrants within Shawnee – multiple arrests
> Worked with DA Drug Task Force on joint operation
> 27 Cases forwarded to CID for review
> 6 Felony Cases Assigned / 2 Non-felony Cases Assigned
> 4 Felony Cases Cleared / 0 Non-felony Case Cleared
> 4 Felony Cases Filed through DA’s Office
> 1 Total Arrests Made
> 3 NFN Cased being looked into
* Accreditation
> Lt King has been assigned the accreditation manager and is working the state accreditation
process for the department
> Number of Accreditation files worked on this week: 22/ADM 601-603, ADM 701 & 704-707,
ADM 801 & 803-805, ADM 901-904, ADM 1001-1003 & 1005-1006, and ADM 1101
> List of files sent to Chief’s Office for review for the week: ADM 901-904, ADM 1001-1003 &
1005-1006, and ADM 1101
> Meeting attended this week: OACP Accreditation Committee Meeting Stillwater – 3-22-2012
> Number of Reports Taken: 2 Number of calls: 4
* Evidence
> Number of evidence items brought in: 19
> Number of evidence items released: 12
> Number of found property items taken in: 3
> Number of items submitted to the OSBI: 8
> Number of items released from OSBI back to the dept: 14
> Number of Reports Taken: 1 Number of calls: 3
* Staff
> Police positions-59: 2 open position / 2 not available for Service / 1 away on extended military
service / 5 in Field Training Program
> 12 Dispatch positions /9 available for service / 2 in training / one position to fill
> 4 Animal Control Positions / 4 available for service



Sanitation Pickup Map Include
Solid Waste / Sanitation Collect >                                     



(Once A Week)

• All garbage must be placed inside polycart.

• Place cart no more than two feet from the curb, street, or alley.

• Place cart out for service no later than 7:00 a.m.

• Leave at least 3 to 4 feet clearance on all sides.

• Please keep cart away from mailboxes, parked cars, and trees.

• Do not use cart for removal of construction or demolition debris. Household garbage only.

If you need more than the one polycart or a 65 gallon polycart provided by Central Disposal you can contact the Office at 275-0900. Additional polycarts will incur an additional monthly charge.




Curbside Bulk Waste Schedule for January 2018:




Monday, January 1st


Tuesday, January 2nd


Wednesday, January 3rd


Thursday, January 4th

Friday, January 5th

Once A Month
- (The first full calendar week of the month on your regular trash day (see schedule above) 
•  Stoves, refrigerators, televisions, water tanks, washing machines, furniture and other waste materials with weights or volumes greater than those allowed for polycarts.

• Bulk waste items which typically contain refrigerants such as Freon will not be accepted unless the person disposing of such items provides Central Disposal with an acceptable written certification that the Freon has been removed.

Construction debris, dead animals, hazardous material or stable matter will not be accepted.

Once A Week - (On your normal pickup day)

• Tree limbs need to be no more than 3 feet in length and no more than 2 inches in diameter and bundled with twine or string.

• Yardwaste should be placed no more than 7 feet from the curbside.

• Yardwaste should be placed at curb for pick up no later than 7:00 a.m.

Yardwaste is not to be placed in the polycart.



Curbside Recycling has arrived!
The City of Shawnee is proud to announce that curbside recycling is here. More information can be found on our Curbside Recycling page here:






The City of Shawnee now offers curbside recycling. When you take your polycart out to the curb, put your recyclable items all together in the blue 18-gallon bin and place it beside your polycart. The recyclable items will be picked up on your normal trash day. Central Disposal employees will sort the items at the curb. "You Toss It, We Sort It" is our motto please join us, "Recycling Works Shawnee!"
We accept the following items:
  • Paper-All types and sizes of books, magazines and papers are accepted.
  • Plastic-Please Rinse All Containers. #1 & #2 are only types of plastic that will be accepted.
  • Aluminum & Metals - Please Rinse All Containers. Empty cans only. Metal pots, pans, tins & utensils will be accepted.
  • Unacceptable Items can be found on our Curbside Recycling Page.

    Go to our Curbside Recycling Page to learn more about recycling in the City of Shawnee.


Shawnee residents can safely dispose of paint, pesticides, motor oil and other household products that can harm the environment. For a fee, residents can dispose of their household hazardous waste at the Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Center at 1621 S Portland in Oklahoma City. Click here for more information.

Hours of Operation:
Tue-Fri: 9:30am-6pm | Sat: 8:30am-11:30pm
Phone: 405-682-7038

700 E. 45th Street


·        No hazardous material, concrete, bricks, liquids, or tires.

·        All loads subject to inspection.

·        Scales on location.


·        $45.00 per ton plus $1.25 per ton DEQ fee with a $35.00 minimum
         With a City of Shawnee Water Bill that includes sanitation:

·        One (1) free level pickup bed or equivalent load per month.

·        Over one (1) level pickup bed is $10.00 a linear foot.


Hours of Operation:
Mon-Thur: 8am-5pm | Fri-Sat: 8am-12pm
Phone: 405-275-0900


Shawnee residents who pay a City of Shawnee Garbage bill have access to the Center Point landfill located near Prague. Shawnee residents who pay a City of Shawnee Garbage bill may dispose of 3 cubic yards (1 level pickup bed) per month at no charge. Bring your residential Water bill and matching ID.

  Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm
Phone: 405-567-3806

Questions?  Call Central Disposal at 275-0900, 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday.