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Q:Can pregnant women drink chloraminated water?
Q:Can you safely wash an open wound with chloraminated water?
Q:Can you safely water plants, vegetables or fruit and nut trees with chloraminated water?
Q:Chloramine Public Notice March 7, 2007
Q:Do I need to buy a water softener?
Q:How do I know that my water is safe to drink?
Q:How much fluoride is added to the water?
Q:If chloramines are harmful to fish, how can people safely drink the water?
Q:What about the 2012 Yield Study?
Q:What about water rationing?
Q:What are Chloramines?
Q:What are the major benefits associated with chloramination?
Q:What do I do if my water does not flow?
Q:What is the metal content of the water?
Q:What special precautions should fish owners take with chloraminated water?
Q:What special precautions should kidney dialysis patients take with chloraminated water?
Q:Where do I find the Consumer Confidence Reports for each year?
Q:Where does my water come from?
Q:Why are chloramines a problem for kidney dialysis patients and aquarium owners?
Q:Why does my water sometime taste or smell like swimming pool water
Q:Why does my water sometimes look brown?
Q:Why does my water sometimes look ''milky'' or ''cloudy''?
Q:Will chloramines be removed by boiling the water?
Q:Will chloramines dissipate, or dissolve, out of the water?
Q:Will there be any noticeable changes with chloraminated water?
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Staff Activity Report for May 26 -June 1, 2013
> Staff continued with disaster recovery operations
> Participated on team conducting preliminary structural damage assessment.
> Met with FEMA/State officials for Public Assistance Applicants Briefing
> Received and processed 35 storm shelter registrations
> Participated in the Public Assistance Preliminary Damage Assessment
> Began working with City department to gather data about equipment, personnel, and supplies used in the response/recovery effort.
> Received 3 tents donated by Alaska Shelters for use in storing donated goods. Coordinated with manufacture to set up tents at Gordon Cooper Technology Center
> Answered numerous telephone calls from people wanting to donate items to disaster relief.
> Toured the damage area with videographer for City Connect program on Monday afternoon.
> Coordinated with American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and Oklahoma Baptist Convention
> Disaster Relief, FEMA, and other organizations on recovery activities.
> Met with Federal and State Coordinating Officers for the disaster to review impact of event and recovery activities needed.
> Meetings with City, County, State, and Federal officials on debris management activities
> Attended FEMA/State Kickoff meeting for Public Assistance
> Began development of Debris Removal Bid Specifications

(No project updates submitted this week)
* Kickapoo Street Widening Project
> ODOT awarded this project to Haskell-Lemon Construction for a total project construction cost of $10,930,517.98 (including water line costs). Work on the project is proceeding with installation of new, larger water main(s) that will be located from outside of the street paving instead of under the paving as where the existing lines are located. Water line replacement has proceeded from the Spur to north of Wall Street thus far. The existing traffic signals have been taken down from the intersections of Kickapoo & the Spur and Kickapoo & Independence, and temporary signals on span wire have been erected as the Contractor is readying the section from the Spur to Independence to be able to start actual roadway construction in that area. Project is scheduled to be completed by May of 2014
* Airport Trails Project
> Project awarded to Bishop Paving in the amount of $633,409.90. The Contractor is working on the concrete replacement for driveways and ramps along the section of the track that is adjacent to Airport Drive. Anticipate construction being completed by June 2013.
* Rehab Concrete Streets Project (FY11-12)
> Project awarded to All Roads in the amount of $387,409.00. Work on Independence was halted on May 3, 2013, because the only sections remaining to be removed and replaced are right in front of Sequoyah Schools drives. We will wait until school is out on May 17, 2013 to have the Contractor (All Roads Paving) back onsite to have the sections of paving repaired that would result in blocking the schools driveways that they use to drop off and pick up the school children.
* Federal Street Bridge Repair Project
> Project awarded to PbX Corporation in the amount of $685,565. All the utilities, ie, water, ONG, and OG&E have moved their facilities from underneath the bridge deck and construction work could be started, however, we are still waiting on the BNSF to give approvals to PbX Corp to proceed. The bridge being over the railroads right-of-way gives them jurisdiction over construction and we are in need of their approval before proceeding. Contact was made with the BNSF this week and although Contractor and BNSF have executed an Agreement, the railroad (BNSF) is still holding up construction start date until their Demolition Division has approved the Contractors method of operations. Start date has now been pushed back till at least May 28, 2013.
* Bell Street Streetscape Project (from Farrall to 7th Street)
> Project awarded to All Roads Paving in the amount of $98,500. Project is approximately 95% completed. The project also includes an enhanced crosswalk at Farrall with in-paving strobe lighting, and that is scheduled to be installed within the next two weeks. OG&E will install decorative lighting along the east side of Bell Street upon completion of the sidewalk project, and OG&E is tentatively scheduled to begin their lighting installation in four weeks.
* ADA Sidewalk and Ramps Project
> Project awarded to All-Roads Paving in the amount of $127,337.75. We are targeting ramps at the intersections along 10th Street from Harrison to Bell Street. Contractor has started work at the intersection of Tucker & 10th Street, and work is in progress.
* City Hall Parking Lot Improvements
> Project awarded to All Roads Paving in the amount of $195,235.40. Project consists of constructing a new 73 space concrete parking lot and milling/overlay the existing asphalt City Hall parking lot and alley. 90 calendar days are allotted to the project by contract, but a start date has not yet been determined. A Pre-work meeting was held and a Notice to Proceed for this project has been issued effective June 3, 2013. Contractor will start construction the week of June 3rd.
* Main Street Streetscape Project
> Preliminary design work has been started as time allows on this project. Project design will follow closely the design layout that was used on the Bell Street Streetscape Project. Preliminary design is approximately 80% complete. ODOT has announced that the City of Shawnee was approved for the $400,000 enhancement grant, and with funding from the Downtown TIFF District, 302 Street Fund, and SMA, the City should be in shape to have full funding for the project. A landscape architect will be employed to finalize irrigation and landscape plans, and the City may be able to advertise this project sometime Fall 2013.

UTILITY DEPARTMENT/Steve Nelms, Interim Director
* Water Treatment Plant (Staff of 10)
> Average production: *MGD - 3.996 Last week: *MGD - 3.941
> Pumped 586,335,000 MG to date compared to 577,245,000 MG for same period last year
> Performed routine plant maintenance
> Performed routine water testing
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily
* Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
> Flows averaged: *MGD - 1.784 **BOD - 10 mg/l ***TSS - 0 mg/l
> Performed routine maintenance and testing on the plant
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
* Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
> Flows averaged: *MGD - 1.966 **BOD - 2.7 mg/l ***TSS - 4.5 mg/l
> Hauled 374,000 gallons of bio-solids were hauled for the month of May
> Performed routine maintenance and testing on the plant
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
* Water Distribution (Staff of 11)
> Service Calls - 115, Main Breaks - 0, Leak Checks - 36, Cut-offs Replaced - 5, Reset Water Meters - 28, and Water/Sewer Line Locates - 167
> Repaired two service lines
> Worked Shop Tickets
> Leak Checks - 5, Total Tickets - 5, and Water Line Locates - 22
> Total Miles: 92
> Total Man Hours: 407
* Valve Maintenance (staff of 3)
> Located/performed serviceability check on valves at 7 different locations
> Repaired existing valves at the following locations: 901 N. Kickapoo and on Bell Street on the east side of Shawnee Milling
> Replaced an existing valve at Broadway & Ayre
* Wastewater Collection (Staff of 7)
> Sewer lines flushed - 17,375 ft. Flushed (year to date) - 393,777 ft.
> Total Service Calls - 42, Sewer Lines Checked - 32, Lift Stations Checked - 16, and Emergency Sewer Calls - 2
> Worked on the preventative maintenance flusher list and maintenance on Lift Stations
* Capital Projects
> North Park Block 5 Sewer Line Replacement Project
Trent Construction was awarded the bid. Contractors have completed laying the sewer line and stubbing up all services. Sink holes have occurred around the service clean outs. Contractor will go back and fix when weather permits.
> Kimberly Sewer Lift Station Rehab (no change on project)
Jordon Contractors was awarded the bid. Contractor is waiting on other utilities to be relocated. ONG is scheduling relocation of gas lines; OG&E has lowered all their lines; waiting on cable lines to be moved.
> Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project (Pipe Bursting) (no change on project)
Budgeted project amount is $1,000,000.00. Project awarded to Jordon Contractors. Contractors are reviewing the sewer line list and are videoing lines to find service on the first 5 lines on the list. Review of manholes to be replaced will be done on a line by line basis.
> Utility System Master Plan (no change on project)
Contract awarded to SRB (Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC) for an amount to not exceed $549,460. The Water Hydraulic Model will be completed by the end of this April. SRB has started work on the Wastewater Hydraulic Model. Staff met with SRB on March 22nd for a basis of planning meeting.

* Planning
> Staff prepared materials for the City Commission meeting.
> Staff completed reports for the Planning Commission June meeting.
> Staff approved five new home permits in the month of May.
> Staff met with applicants and discussed pending and future projects.
> The Action Center continues to have an unusually high call volume with lots of complaints concerning tall grass and weeds.

PARKS/CEMETERY/EQUIPMENT SERVICES/James Bryce, Director of Operations
* Parks Maintenance Division (Staff of 8)
> Cleaning up tornado damage at the Lake; dock repair to start soon
> Set a Horse at Joe Cooper Ford
> Daily cleanup route on Main Street and in city parks
> Mowing in City Parks and at the Lake
> Performing Park inspections
> Set storage building at the Public Works Facility
* Cemetery Division (staff of 4)
> One (1) burial last week
> Cleaning up tree debris
> Filling in burial sites that have settled due to the recent rainfall
> Leveling markers
* Central Garage (Staff of 6)
> 33 units in last week with 21 total repairs
> EVT School and testing
* Shawnee Twin Lakes
> Lake #1 and Isaac Walton Park are closed due to tornado damage. No date at this time as to when they will re-open. Lake #2 will remain open for fishing only and Glen Collins Park will remain open.
> The courtesy boat dock was up righted and temporarily repaired until new parts can be purchased.
> The floating fishing dock will take some time to repair and will not be usable for some time.
> The old courtesy boat dock has been removed and will not be reused.
> We hope to be able to get out on the Lake and make sure that all is safe. Even though the lake is closed, people are still going around the barricades to unload boats and swimming in areas that are not designated for swimming.
* Wes Watkins Reservoir
> Water levels rose 5.5 ft.
> Cleaning up debris from the storm damage
* Current Projects (no change on any of the projects this week)
> Municipal Swimming Pool
Project is on the June 3, 2013 Commission Agenda
> Glory Daze Games and Fireworks
This event is set for June 29, 2013 at the Expo Center from 3:00 pm till the fireworks show is complete. $40,000.00 dollars has been raised for this event.
> Municipal Court Offices
Looking at bids this week and will select a contractor.
> Auditorium Exterior Restoration and Window Replacement
Bid opening is on the June 3, 2013 Commission Meeting
> City Hall ADA Restroom Project
We will bid project in July 2013

AIRPORT/Rex Hennen, Assistant Airport Manager
* Fuel Sales
> May 2013 fuel sales were considerably higher than May 2012 due to more favorable weather conditions overall. Fuel sales continue to steadily increase:
▪May 2012 = Avgas 1,630.51 Gallons; Jet A 631.00 Gallons
▪May 2013 = Avgas 2,598.34 Gallons; Jet A 2,613.38 Gallons
* Foreign Trade Zone Application (approved)
> Working with SEDF to market the Airport’s new designation
* “Oklahoma Certified Site Program - Aerospace Park”
> Application is being completed by SEDF and airport staff

EXPOSITION CENTER/Mike Jackson, Operations Manager
* Events: May 19-25, 2013
> May 30-31, 4H Camp, Conference Center, Upstairs
> June 1, Wedding Reception, Conference Center
> Excel Auction, Otto Krausse Building Section D
> June 1-2, Oklahoma Quarter Horse Foundation Show, Fred Humphrey Pavilion
* IFYR totals as of May 31, 2013
> Contestants Entries – 731 >Event Entries – 1,307 >States – 28

HUMAN RESOURCES/Tammy Johnson, Director
> Processing evaluations/PAA’s for status changes of employees
> Processing insurance status changes/retirements/resignations
> Updating and maintaining employee records for insurance
> Processing monthly reports for workman’s comp
> Processing new employee’s insurance/retirement/new hire paperwork
> Conducting interviews for open positions.
> Processing open enrollment paperwork for yearly insurance enrollment.
> Other routine HR duties
> Review & attend WC case proceedings.
> Observe crews in the field for safe work procedures.

* City Clerk
> Preparation of minutes for City Commission and Authorities for 5/28/13 continued meetings from May 20, 2013
> Worked with insurance company regarding tornado damage to city owned equipment, vehicles, and structure.
> Preparation of June 3, 2013 City Commission and Authorities agendas
> Normal routine duties including tort claims, management of archived records, research of records for staff and Commissioners, distribution of payroll, preparation of inbound/outbound mail, and overseeing insurance on vehicles and property owned by the City of Shawnee
* Utility Billing/Customer Service
> Zone 3 cut-off for non-payment (5/29/13)
> Zone 3 billing (5/28/13)
> 203 total number of customers using kiosks for May, 2013
> $16,860.38 total amount received in kiosks payments for May, 2013
> Routine customer service/billing, water and sewer transactions and issues involving payment arrangements, cut-offs, past-due collections and sanitation

INFORMATION SYSTEMS/Steve Nolen, Chief Information Officer
> Reviewed / Resolved ISA / VPN Issues after finding Microsoft patch issues
> Reviewed / resolved data store server performance issues
> Moved all old IT equipment from POD into IT storage building
> Contacted Vendors for quotes and order info for tablets, cables and billing issues
> Various printer support and supplies
> Finalized 05/19 Tornado mapping and assessment data
> Update network storage permissions for Police / CID
> Setup temp account to Emergency Management Temp PIO
> Reset various end user passwords; assist with basic log in processes
> Continued work on police mobile system deployments
> Prepared for ProQA CAD installation
> Query Brazos vendor for Global records integration solution process
> Finalization of Sonicwall remote router VPN / Wireless configurations
> Airport WiFi replacement solution research and reviews
> Broadcast / produce live Commission meeting
> Channel 30 schedule updates and maintenance
> Misc administrative / AP / Credit card reconciliations completed

FIRE DEPARTMENT/David Short, Chief
* Fire Chief
Red Cedar Project
▪ Due to tornado and storms, have been limited on time spent with cedar issue
▪ Contacted companies concerning equipment, labor cost and availability
* Suppression
> Responded to 127 emergency calls: Breakdown of calls: Fires - 9, Good Intent Calls - 13,
Rescue/EMS - 79, Service Calls - 4, Hazardous Conditions - 15, False Alarms - 6, and Special Incidents: - 1
* Fire Prevention
Plan Reviews
> New Church at Harrison & Westech
> Boom-A-Rang Diner, 400 W. MacArthur (hood system)
New Construction
> Round House, 1 American Way (new addition)
Requested / Administrative Inspections
> Project Safe’s Safe House
> Stay and Play #2, 30 Ken Del
> 826 W. Benedict (structure fire)
Consultations / Meetings
> Proposed new church at I-40 and Westech
> New restaurant, 2033 N. Kickapoo
Permits and On-Site Inspections
> Burn Permits issued: 6
> Boom-A-Rang Diner, 400 W. MacArthur (hood system)
* Training
> EMS Jane (CHF vs. COPD)
> Tour of the Shawnee Memory Care facility (all shifts)
> Continuation Training for seven (7) Probationary Fire Fighters

* Police
> Reports: 162 / Total Citations: 103 / Handwritten Citations: 22 / E-Citations: 81 (78.64%)
> Arrests: 27
> Attended retired Officer Funeral
> Click-it or Ticket Operation
> Follow up on Sandy Rea 1984 missing person case
> Friday night storms
* Dispatch
> Managed 2010 calls for service (Police/Fire/EMS)
> 22 Cases Forwarded to CID for Review
> 7 Felony Cases Assigned / 1 Other Case Assigned
> 8 Felony Cases Cleared
> $900.00 Total Property Recovered
> 6 Felony Cases Filed through the DA’s Office
> 13 Assists with Patrol and Other Agencies
> Running 7 Cell Phone Forensic Cases for Tecumseh Police Department
> Running 1 Cell Phone Forensic Case for Shawnee Police Department
* Staff
> Police Officers - 59 / 3 open positions / 1 in FTO Training / 1 at FBI Academy / 1 deployed on Military / 53 available
> Dispatch positions - 13 / 11 available for service / 2 in training status / 2 open position
> Animal Control Positions - 4 / 4 available for service
* COP’s Grant Program
> Conducted face book surveillance
> Assisted day shift and evening shift
> Planned internet sting
> Prostitution sting
> Click - it or ticket operation
> Picked up new lake patrol boat
> Conducted surveillance on known drug houses
> Investigate drug cases
> Assist with audit sight check for evidence
> Search for Fugitive felon, arrest-1 Felony Warrant
> Detail for retired officer funeral
> Investigate possible disaster relief scammers
> Assisted OBN in serving High Risk narcotics search warrant, Dist. #18 Drug Task Force reference joint case
* Accreditation/Lt. King, Accreditation Manager
> Conducted Basic Supervision and Supervisor Liability Courses for CLEET in Ada on May 30 & 31, 2013
> Developing crime prevention presentation (fraud) for community groups; first presentation scheduled with the Lions Club for June 6th.
> Working on new hire orientation program and an officer handbook
* Evidence
> Number of evidence items brought in: 19 > Number of evidence items released: 3
* Animal Control
> Calls Responded: 28 >Animals Impounded: 14 >Animals reclaimed: 1 >Animals adopted: 0

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Interesting Water Facts

You probably use more water each day than you suspect.

Action Gallons
Flushing the toilet 1-5 gallons
Running the faucet 1-5 gallons / minute
Taking a Shower 2-10 gallons / minute
Filling a bathtub half full 20-50 gallons
Running the dishwasher At least 15 gallons
Running the washing machine (clothes) Up to 50 gallons
Real Time Lake Level Data


Multi‐Reservoir Yield and Operations Analysis- The Multi‐Reservoir Yield and Operations Analysis study is now available. Click here to view the document.

Real Time Lake Level Data

Lake Level Gauge Lake Level Gauge

The gauges at the right displays the most recent Shawnee Lake No.1 and Wes Watkins level based on real time USGS data. You can view more data and information on the Shawnee Lake No 1 levels as well as view recent historical level information by visiting the USGS Shawnee lake site. Note this is an external site not managed by the City of Shawnee.

Another useful online site is the US Drought Monitor that tracks current drought conditions across the United States and can be used to visualize the current issues.
Most people are not aware that there is a USGS Shawnee Lake Weather Station set up at the Twin Lakes to record weather data for the area. Visit it to get temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, and barametric pressure of the lake area.

Every Drop Counts!
Did you know that the average American uses 100 gallons of water every day? But we can all reduce that amount by as much as 30 gallons by taking a few simple steps, such as installing WaterSense labeled plumbing fixtures and using water efficiently in our yards.
City of Shawnee/Shawnee Municipal Authority is committed to protecting the future of our national and local water supply through water-efficient practices, products, and services. That is why we are partnering with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to bring to you WaterSense, a national program that offers people a simple way to make product choices that use less water—and perform as well or better than your existing products.

Why Should You Care?
Using water efficiently will conserve supplies for future generations.

Protecting and preserving the nation’s water supply is critical to our economic future and human health.

  • WaterSense labeled products and services perform as well as or better than their less efficient counterparts.
  • Purchasing WaterSense labeled products can help you protect the environment and help you save money on utility bills.
  • Test Your WaterSense

Think you know everything there is to know about water? You can’t be sure until you’ve played EPA’s “Test Your WaterSense” online quiz! Test Your Water Sense  Maneuver the water-efficiency hero Hydro through water pipes and answer water-efficiency questions while avoiding water-wasting monsters such as Sogosaurus and Drainiac.

WaterSense Labeled Products

Stay tuned as WaterSense labeled products become available at a store near you! EPA maintains an online directory of labeled products Water Sense Product Index 

Learn More
Why water efficiency?   Learn about the benefits of water-efficiency and find links to related resources and state programs. Water Sense Tips
It is our goal to provide sufficient and safe water at the lowest possible cost to the citizens of Shawnee. 

   The City of Shawnee utilizes the Shawnee Twin Lakes and Wes Watkins Reservoir as its raw water source. They have an estimated combined storage of 34,000 acre feet with a surface area of 2,436 acres and dependable yield of 4.3 MGD. The Wes Watkins reservoir has increased the raw water available to the community.   Wes Watkins estimated storage is 11,581 acre feet of water at Normal (municipal) Pool elevations; at its flood pool elevation, the reservoir volume will be 21,869 acre feet and the surface area will be 1,640 acres. The Pottawatomie County Development Authority is the owner and developer of this project in partnership with the City of Shawnee. The dependable yield of the Wes Watkins reservoir is 4.5 MGD. Water from the three lakes will be used on a rotating basis to protect the water rights and provide for the needs of the City, PCDA and other users.

The City of Shawnee has four water storage towers with a total capacity of 2.5 million gallons.










The Wastewater Collection Division, with a staff of 7 maintains 135 miles of sewer mains, and ten lift stations. This includes repair and replacement of sewer mains, manholes, and video inspection of sewer mains. One crew spends eight hours every day jet cleaning sewer mains to keep them flowing properly. This division has flushed millions of feet of sewer line over the years.

The Water Treatment Plant produces an average 4.4 million gallons of potable water each day. The water treatment facility is located on south Kickapoo near the North Canadian River.  The first plant was originally built in 1895.

The Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant increased to 3.0 million gallons per day by a $3,500,000 project completed in June, 1997. The plant currently treats an average of 1.59 MGD of wastewater each day, much of which comes from the industrial area located in the northern area of Shawnee. As a part of the Northside Plant expansion a new interceptor line was installed from Wolverine Road and Harrison to the plant. That project eliminated a lift station and provided increased capacity to the industrial areas north of the plant. Improvements at the plant included two new clarifiers, increased sludge digestor capacity, a new chlorine basin and chemical building.

The Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant currently treats an average of 2.27 million gallons of wastewater each day. It has a capacity of 3.0 MGD. The Southside Treatment Plant serves the area south of the ridge line that divides the city. This includes the central business district and the major residential areas of the City. Both plants have excess capacity. The population equivalent of the treatment plants is 46,000.

The Industrial Pretreatment Program was approved by EPA in 1983 and revised in 1993. Objectives of the program include the following:  

    1. Prevent the introduction of pollutants into the POTW which will pass through or interfere with the treatment operations and/or the use or disposal of the municipal sludge;
    2. Improve the feasibility of recycling and reclaiming municipal and industrial wastewater and sludge;
    3. Enforce applicable Federal Categorical Standards and requirements; and
    4. Generally, to reduce the environmental and health risk, of pollutants discharged to the wastewater collection and treatment system.

Other Water / Wastewater Information

External Links and Information