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City of Shawnee Oklahoma  


City of Shawnee Oklahoma


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Shawnee Municipal Authority
111 S. Kickapoo St.
Shawnee, Ok. 74802-1448

Objectives of the program include:  
    1. Preventing introduction of pollutants into the Publicly Owned Treatment Works which could cause pass through or interfere with the treatment operations and/or the use or disposal of municipal sludge;
    2. Improving the feasibility of recycling and reclamation of municipal / industrial wastewater and related sludge;
    3. Enforcing applicable Federal Categorical Standards and requirements; and
    4. Generally, to increase health and wellfare by limiting environmental risk from pollutants discharged to the wastewater collection and treatment system.

Downloadable Industrial Pretreatment Documents
                                                        Toxic Organic Management Plan Document- TOMPCERT
Permit Renewal Document -  /Publicworks/water/CMS/files/Documents/wastewaterdischargepermitrenewal.doc
Industrial Inspection Checklist
Baseline Monitoring Report

Hot Link to The City of Shawnee's
 Municipal Code  
Chapter 26 - Utilities
Here you can view / research municipal codes pertaining to Industrial Pretreatment 

Pollution Prevention (P2) Assistance
 Business and Industry