Shawnee Splash / Woodlands Veteran Park

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Group/Private Splash Rentals

Shawnee Splash also offers private time in the park through our reservation program.

You can host private birthday parties or groups and have a Private Splash event.

See the Splash Birthday page for more information about that option.

To request a private splash reservation, use the registration form below. 
Supervisors must play an active role in supervising the group participants throughout the complex.
This will include locker rooms, grass area, snack bar, and pool/deck areas.

 Please understand that you must follow this ratio for your participants:

  • Non-swimmer children 1:1 Ratio
  • Children under 6 years old- 1:5 Ratio
  • Children 6 years and older- 1:10 Ratio

     Group Policies

    1. The group leader shall identify to the pool manager upon arrival an adult group leader who is responsible for the coordination and supervision of their group. This leader will be present the entire time of the rental.
    2. Group Participants will wait to enter the activity areas together. The group must meet with head lifeguard prior to activity begins.
    3. Individual groups are financially responsible for any damage done to the facilities on property.
    4. Groups are responsible for clean-up of their area.

     Group Procedures

    1. Group will be notified if your request cannot be met. The reservation is not confirmed or booked until full payment has been received and a confirmation email has been submitted.
    2. Payment can be made by cash, check (payable to Shawnee Water Park), and credit card.
    3. The group is restricted to the number of participants indicated on the application. If there are additional participants, those individuals will be charged the full daily admission fee at the time of entry.
    4. Please be advised the pool will be open for use during all types of weather conditions, with the exception of a sustained heavy rain storm or temperatures below 70 degrees. You are responsible for the entire fee regardless of the weather or level of participation. No refunds. The passes are date specific and are not transferable.


    1. All swimmers must have a swimsuit in order to swim in the pool. This includes an appropriate top and bottoms for females and appropriate trunks for males.
    2. Outside coolers, food, or drink are not allowed inside the facility. Concessions are available for purchase inside the facility. (Picnic space is available outside of the pool fence)
    3. Swim diapers are required for children not potty-trained.

     Group Reservation Request Form (PDF)