Date: 7/15/2013Board: City CommissionDocumentType: AgendaWeb Posted: 7/11/2013 3:08:47 PM
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July 15, 2013 AT 6:30 P.M.





1. Consider approval of Agenda:

2. Consider approval of Consent Agenda:

a. Acknowledge staff will proceed in the instant meeting with the opening and consideration of bids as set forth in Agenda Item No. 12 a and SMA Agenda Item No. 2 b.

b. Minutes from the July 1, 2013 regular meeting.

c. Budget Amendment – 2006 CDBG Entitlement Grant Fund FY 2013-2014.
Appropriate 2006 CDBG Entitlement Funds for FY2013-2014 (Rollover)

d. Budget Amendment – 2009 CDBG Entitlement Grant Fund FY 2012-2013.
Appropriate 2009 CDBG Entitlement Funds for FY2013-2014 (Rollover)

e. Budget Amendment – ODOC NSP Program Income Fund FY 2013-2014
Appropriate NSP Funds from ODOC for Housing Rehabilitation Program Income FY 2013-2014 (Rollover)

f. Acknowledge the following minutes and reports:
• Planning Commission minutes from June 5, 2013
• License Payment Report for June 2013
• Project Payment Report for June 2013

g. Approve staff recommendation for Safety National to provide excess liability coverage for the City’s self-insured Worker’s Compensation Program.

h. Authorize Police Department to purchase four (4) 2014 Ford police interceptor SUV’s from the Bob Hurley dealership at a cost of $26,433.00 each.

i. Approve settlement of John Akins from the Worker’s Compensation Court.

j. Lake Leases Transfer and Renewal:
j. Lake Leases Transfer and Renewal:


• Lot 14 Magnino A Tract, 17312 Magnino Road
From: Ronald Mitchell
To: Ronald Mitchell and Marcie Mitchell
• Lot 13 Magnino Tract, 16708 Clearpond Lane
From: Steve Parsons
To: Steve Parsons and Cindy Parsons
• Lot 7 Hart Tract, 16211 Hart Road
From: Jim Davis
To: Alvin Woodrell and Lynne Woodrell
• Lot 6 Hart Tract, 16209 Hart Road
From: Jim Davis
To: Alvin Woodrell and Lynne Woodrell


• Lot 1 Johnston Tract, 16816 Magnino Road
Jerry Roberts and Deborah Roberts
• Lot 4 Eckel Tract, 15400 Eckel Road
Bobby Cox and Janelle Cox
• Lot 9 Belcher Tract, 15605 Nickens Road
Patricia Cunningham and Edward Hall
• Lot 2 Hart Tract, 16105 Hart Road
John Bracklein
• Lot 4 Seck Tract, 33712 Post Office Neck
Dana Myers

3. Commissioners Comments
4. Citizens Participation
(A three minute limit per person)
(A twelve minute limit per topic)

5. A public hearing and consideration of an Ordinance with a Conditional Use Permit for property located at 31504 Westlake Road.
Case #P09-13 Applicant: Tonya Jennings

6. Consider approval of a final plat for Wyndemere Addition Section I located East MacArthur, west of North Bryan.
Case #S06-13 Applicant: Greg Brown Homes, LLC

7. Consider Oklahoma Municipal Retirement Fund lump sum payment from Defined Benefit Plan and refund of contributions from the Defined Contribution Plan for Darrell Freeman.

8. Consider a resolution of support for nomination of Wes Mainord to the OML Board of Directors, District 5.

9. Consider a resolution and Lease/Purchase Agreement with Motorola for replacement and upgrade of radio equipment.

10. Acknowledge Sales Tax Report received July 2013.

11. City Manager Report

12. Consider Bids:
a. Exterior Restoration, Exterior Painting and Window Replacement for the Shawnee Municipal Auditorium (Open)

13. New Business
(Any matter not known about or which
could not have been reasonably foreseen
prior to the posting of the agenda)

14. Administrative Reports

15. Adjournment

Respectfully submitte
Phyllis Loftis, CMC, City Clerk

The City of Shawnee encourages participation from its citizens in public meetings. If participation is not possible due to a disability, notify the City Clerk, in writing, at
least forty-eight hours prior to the scheduled meeting and necessary accommodatons will be made. (ADA 28 CFR/36)

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