Date: 3/17/2014Board: City CommissionDocumentType: AgendaWeb Posted: 3/13/2014 4:48:35 PM
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March 17, 2014 AT 6:30 P.M.





1. Consider approval of Agenda:

2. Consider approval of Consent Agenda:

a. Minutes from the March 3, 2014 regular meeting.

b. Acknowledge the following minutes and reports:
• Planning Commission minutes from the January 8, 2014 meeting
• Shawnee Civic and Cultural Development Authority minutes from Regular meeting on January 16, 2014 and Special Called meeting on February 3, 2014.
• License Payment Report for February 2014
• Project Payment Report for February 2014

c. Authorize staff to advertise for bids on the Parking Lot and Drive improvements for the Municipal Swimming Pool Project.

d. Workers Comp Settlement – Darrell Freeman

e. Workers Comp Settlement – Loyd Davis

f. Approve Resolution of Appreciation to Rhonda Masquat for over 38 years of service to the City of Shawnee.

g. Mayor’s Appointment
Traffic Commission
Paul Roberts 1st term Expires 1/01/2017
Replaces Deena Harris – termed out

3. Commissioners Comments

4. Citizens Participation
(A three minute limit per person)(A twelve minute limit per topic)

5. Mayor’s Presentation of Certificates of Appreciation for Tornado Response.

6. Presentation of Resolution of Appreciation to Rhonda Masquat for over 38 years of service to the City of Shawnee.

7. City Manager’s presentation of Employee of the Month to Julie Daniels, Police Department Dispatch.

8. Discuss and consider refusal of Quit Claim Deeds on properties located at 1207 East 9th Street and 702 West Main Street deeded to the City of Shawnee by an individual.

9. Public hearing and consideration of an ordinance to rezone property located at 3720 N. Bryan from R-1; Single Family Residential to R-E; Residential Estates District. Case #P05-14
Applicant: Janice Percell

10. Public hearing and consideration of an ordinance to rezone property located at 8 and 12 East MacArthur from C-1; Neighborhood Commercial to C-3; Automotive, Commercial and Recreational District. Case #P03-14 Applicant: James T. Kerr

11. Public hearing and consideration of approval of a Conditional Use Pemit in C-4 zoning located at 6 West Main. Case #P02-14 Applicant: Rob and Misty Hardison

12. Consideration of approval of a Final Plat for North Harrison Street Business Park located at Harrison and Wolverine Road. Case #S02-14 Applicant: Redbud Development, LLC

13. Public hearing and consideration of approval of a Planned Unit Development located at the SWQ of I-40 and Kickpoo Street in C-3 zoning for commercial use. Case #P04-14 Applicant:Cates-Clark & Associates, LLP

14. Consideration of a Preliminary Plat for Shawnee Marketplace Planned Unit Development at the SWQ of I-40 and Kickapoo Street. Case #S01-14 Applicant: Cates-Clark & Associates, LLP

15. Discussion, consideration and possible action on an ordinance repealing and amending portions of Chapter 8 of the Shawnee Municipal Code, dealing with Businesses, Permits and Licenses.

16. Discussion, consideration and possible action to instruct staff to make changes in Chapter 2 of the Shawnee Municipal Code.

17. Acknowledge Sales Tax Report received March 2014.

18. City Manager's Report

19. Consider Bids:
a. Police Range Tower Project (Award)

20. New Business
(Any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the posting of the agenda)

21. Administrative Reports, including but not limited to:
• Main Street Streetscape Project
• Kickapoo Paving Project from Kickapoo Spur to Farrall Street
• Update on the Convention and Visitors Bureau

22. Adjournment

Respectfully submitted
Phyllis Loftis, CMC, City Clerk

The City of Shawnee encourages participation from its citizens in public meetings. If participation is not possible due to a disability, notify the City Clerk, in writing, at least forty-eight hours prior to the scheduled meeting and necessary accommodatons will be made. (ADA 28 CFR/36)

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