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Date: 11/18/2013Board: City CommissionDocumentType: AgendaWeb Posted: 11/14/2013 4:35:58 PM
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November 18, 2013 AT 6:30 P.M.





1. Consider approval of Agenda:

2. Consider approval of Consent Agenda:
a. Minutes from the November 4, 2013 regular meeting and the November 12, 2013 special called retreat meeting.

b. Budget Amendment CDBG Entitlement Grant Fund 2013

c. Acknowledge the following minutes and reports:
• Planning Commission minutes from the October 2, 2013 meeting
• License Payment Report for October 2013
• Project Payment Report for October 2013

d. Acknowledge Commission and Related Authorities meeting schedule for 2014

e. Acknowledge Wes Watkins Oversight Committee Meeting schedule and final budget data for 2012-13 season

f. Authorize staff to advertise for bids on construction of an observation tower at the Police Department gun range

g. Approve agreement with AT&T for telephone service

h. Lake Lot Leases:
• Lot 4 Coffman Tract, 15401 Perry Road
Perry Gatewood and Elizabeth Gatewood
• Lot 24/25 Belcher Tract, 33504 Post Office Neck
Scott Lackey
• Lot 6 Renfro Tract, 15812 Sleepy Hollow Road
Lesalee Hinkle
• Lot 8 Eckel Tract, 15203 Eckel Road
Henry Davis

j. Authorize purchase of two staff vehicles from the state contract price and amend budget (Fund 301) for purchase of these vehicles

k. Authorize staff to advertise for bids for ADA compliant restroom at City Hall

3. Commissioners Comments

4. Citizens Participation
(A three minute limit per person)
(A twelve minute limit per topic)

5. Presentation and progress report by Municipal Pool Finance Committee regarding fund raising.

6. Consider approval of a revised preliminary plat for Belmont Park Addition located on the northeast corner of Acme and MacArthur.
Case #S07-13B Applicant: Justin Ramer

7. Consider approval of a final plat for Belmont Park Addition located on the northeast corner of Acme and MacArthur.
Case #S07-13 Applicant: Justin Ramer

8. Public hearing and consideration of an ordinance modifying rules applicable to vehicles for hire/taxicabs contained within Chapter 8, Article X of the Shawnee Municipal Code.
Public hearing continued from November 4, 2013 meeting.

9. Consider an ordinance on faηade requirements in commercial zoned districts.

10. Consider an ordinance amending the No Parking on portions of certain streets and naming the streets where parking is prohibited.
Added no parking on E. Chicago from Union west to mid-block, both sides of street, as approved 11-04-13

11. Acknowledge Sales Tax Report received November 2013.

12. City Manager's Report

13. New Business
(Any matter not known about or which
could not have been reasonably foreseen
prior to the posting of the agenda)

14. Administrative Reports

15. Adjournment

Respectfully submitted
Phyllis Loftis, CMC, City Clerk

The City of Shawnee encourages participation from its citizens in public meetings. If participation is not possible due to a disability, notify the City Clerk, in writing, at least forty-eight hours prior to the scheduled meeting and necessary accommodatons will be made. (ADA 28 CFR/36)

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