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Nikaho, Japan, Akita Prefecture


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Nikaho is situated near the scenic Sea of Japan and Mt. Chokai. Extending 19.5km from north to south and 9.4km from west to east, it covers a total area of 98.51km. Approximately 12, 500 population and growing.

Agriculture is the key industry, especially rice production. The oil and gas industry has also contributed greatly to the growth of this town. Today, Nikaho is well-known as the center of the electronics industry in Akita Prefecture.

In Nikaho, there are some local craft industries such as the production of roof tiles, soy, miso, sake and Hatahata-sushi. Nikaho has both high-technology electronics alongside traditional local crafts which helps to foster a creative vitality and display Nikaho’s ability to change with the times.

Nikaho has been working to create a comfortable, healthy and harmonious community which it has termed, "the Garden Industrial City." To do this, it has tried to take into consideration every aspect of community living including the education and welfare of its citizens.

Today, Nikaho is well-known as the center of the electronic industry in Akita Prefecture. There are over 50 factories and about 4,200+ workers, many of whom commute to Nikaho from other towns and cities.

There are four elementary schools and two junior high schools. In junior high school, computers have been introduced for CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction) in mathematics, foreign languages and science.

Nikaho citizens have many opportunities for cultural activities such as the Nikaho Heights Festival in spring and the Culture & Dramatic Entertainment Festival in the autumn.

Sports and recreation activities not only contribute to good health, but also to friendly relations among the people. Nikaho Sports Park is a large sports area which includes a baseball diamond, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a Community Sports Hall, and more.

The Nikaho Youth Center was established to provide young people with a variety of educational opportunities. In the building there is a concert hall, library, and the Saito Family Museum.

Nikaho (Senior Citizens) Recreation Center was established for the senior citizens in the town. They can take baths in a hot spring, meet with the friends and enjoy their social lives there.

The Town of Nikaho has a rich cultural history. It was originally a castle town for the feudal lord living there who was named Nikaho. Ban-gaku, which is an ancient musical dance, is still performed as festivals in Toushi, Kamagadai and Iseiji. It has been designated a cultural treasurer by the Akita Prefectural Government.