City of Shawnee Online Maps
Maps are provided as a convenience service to Shawnee Citizens, please validate official needs with City staff.
esri_logo Flood plain map
      flood plain viewer
esri_logo  Pott County Fire Districts  kml_iconTrees Too Low over Street/Alley 
esri_logo  State House Districts
      Application allows workers to communicate with office staff 
kml_iconTall Grass or Weeds  kml_iconDerelict Vehicles 
esri_logo New City Limits Feb. 22nd ,2017
      February 22nd, 2017 
esri_logo  Earthquake and Fault line Scene
      Visual aid of why your Earth is shakking 
esri_logo City of Shawnee Zoning Map
      As of January 2017 
esri_logo  City Commission Ward Map
      What Ward do YOU live in? Check the map! 
kml_iconDilapidated Structures  esri_logo  Horse in the City Map
      Check out the Horse in the City Arts project locations 
esri_logo  State Senate Districts  kml_iconIllegally Stored Appliances, Refridgerators, etc  esri_logo  City of Shawnee Parks
      Find a park nearest you and enjoy the outdoors 
esri_logo  Emergency Siren Locations
      Is there a storm siren near you? Check the map out 
kml_iconIllegal Parked Boat or Trailers  esri_logo City of Shawnee Airport Walking Trail
      Like to walk/ride? Check out the Airport Trail 
kml_iconPolice Crime Incidents - Last 30 Days
      View recent Police Incidents across the City 
kml_iconDead Trees Needing Removed  esri_logo  Trash Pick up Days
      Trash Collection for your Area
kml_iconSexual and Violent Registrants Map  kml_iconJunk, Trash or Debris  esri_logo  City of Shawnee Utilities System
      Utility Map 
kml_icon Vehicle Accidents  kml_iconObstructing View of Roadway  
kml_iconFire Runs in the past 24 Hours  kml_iconIllegally Parked RV or Travel Trailer   
esri_logo  City Fire Hydrants
      Find the closest Fire Hydrant to your location 
kml_iconUsing Street as Storage   
kml_iconResidential / Garage Sales  esri_logo City of Shawnee Zip Code Information
      Find your Zip Code