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Welcome to the Fairview Cemetery in Shawnee Oklahoma! The Fairview Cemetery was commissioned on June 21st, 1897 and has been in consistent use since that time. There were graves in use before that time but the official commission was on that date. Staff at the Cemetery provides for the needs of individuals requiring immediate and pre-need services as well as maintaining the Cemetery's grounds, facilities, equipment and records. The Cemetery contains nearly 80 acres of space on the eastern side of Shawnee.

Cemetery Rules and Guidelines
Out of respect no pets are allowed in the Cemetery, we ask that those who enjoy walking at Fairview to respect any funerals that are currently in session. Additionally there are guidelines for headstones, types and number as well as what vases are used on the markers.

Famous Residents
Please note that you can search and view the Fairview Cemetery records below to help find your loved ones or those that are interesting. The Cemetery has several better know individuals in our wonderful location including Dr. Brewster Higley who penned the old favorite "Home on the Range" in 1873, Donald Robberson, who discovered D-Loop DNA Replication, and Louise Fluke, the designer of the Oklahoma State flag. Additionally, the founder of Shawnee, Henry G Beard, is buried at Fairview.
We welcome you to use the online features here and be sure to contact the friendly Fairview staff if you have any questions or need more information.

Cemetery Fees

Contact Information:
Fairview Cemetery
1400 N Center Ave
Shawnee, OK
Online Features  (Links Currently not Available.  Call the Cemetery Office for assistance.)
  • Online Cemetery Records 
    View and search the Fairview Cemetery records and find your loved ones burial location
  • Online Cemetery
  • Digital Memories - Add memories of your loved one! Coming Soon 
    View, read, and participate in the Digital Memories project by adding stories, photos, and memories of loved ones buried in Fairview Cemetery.
  • 1900-1999 Burial Rate Graph 
    See the activity for the past century in this infographic chart
Fairview Cemetery
1400 N Center Ave
Shawnee OK