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Water and Wastewater Cost of Service Study
Bathymetry and Capacity of Shawnee Reservoir

The City of Shawnee provides Water and Wastewater utility services. Solid waste services are currently provided by Central Disposal and billed by contract by the City of Shawnee.

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City Hall
16 West 9th
Shawnee OK 74801
Mailing Address:
City of Shawnee
PO Box 1448
Shawnee OK 74802-1448
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Central Disposal
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2009 Utility Rate Study and Comprehensive Plan
In 2008, the City of Shawnee began developing a long range comprehensive plan for the Shawnee Municipal Authority in order to insure Shawnee Citizens continue to receive quality water and sewer services for the next 5 to 10 years. Staff worked throughly with a consultant to review current and future needs and devise the funding methods required to insure these needs are met. The basic goals of the Cost of Service Study are as follows:
To provide adequate water and service to all of its customers, each utility must receive sufficient total revenue to ensure proper operation and maintenance (O&M) and continued development of both systems.

Revenue Adequacy
The objective for projecting revenue requirements is to ensure that the utility revenues are sufficient to recover annual total cash needs (O&M, interdepartmental/fund cost transfers, debt service needs and short term capital needs – normal or routine replacement).

Utility System Cash Needs Analysis
Using the cash-needs approach, MFS focused on Shawnee Municipal Authority’s historical trend (FY 2004/05 thru FY 2007/08) of both water and wastewater expenses for personal services, materials and supplies, other services and charges, capital, debt service and interfund transfers .
For more information of the plans, rate proposals, etc, view the basic presentation in PDF format here:
Water and Wastewater Cost of Service Study

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