Current City of Shawnee
Licensed Residential/Garage Sales

Last Update: 7/30/2014 7:57:27 AM
16 CHEYENNE DR8/1/20148/2/2014-96.894986, 35.345163
215 DAKOTA DR8/1/20148/2/2014-96.901685, 35.341449
314 DEL RANCHO LN8/1/20148/2/2014-96.884419, 35.360116
411 E CHICAGO ST8/1/20148/2/2014-96.923100, 35.360386
51806 HENSON CT8/1/20148/2/2014-96.900370, 35.353300
629 MOHICAN CIR8/1/20148/2/2014NOMAP
71802 N BROADWAY AVE8/1/20148/2/2014-96.923813, 35.351805
8917 N KICKAPOO AVE8/1/20148/2/2014NOMAP
9529 N LOUISA AVE8/1/20148/2/2014-96.928673, 35.333539
10615 S BELL AVE8/1/20148/2/2014-96.922138, 35.321216
111713 W MACARTHUR ST7/31/20147/31/2014-96.948734, 35.361727
121713 W MACARTHUR ST8/1/20148/2/2014-96.948734, 35.361727
13517 W WOOD ST8/1/20148/2/2014-96.931137, 35.337621

City of Shawnee Licensed Residential Sales Map

Last Update: 7/30/2014 7:57:27 AM
Total Sales: 13 Total Mapped: 11

Note 1: The City of Shawnee requires all residences to properly license any residential sales
If a residential sale is within the City Limits and is not in this list, it is possibly in violation of the City of Shawnee
ordinances and could result in a fine or citation from the City of Shawnee Code Enforcement Dept
Note 2: Residential Sales are sold in two day increments. However, the resident may choose to only
conduct the sale for one of those days if they desire. Be advised of sales that may not active on day two.
Note 3: Sales listed with a NO MAP error indicate that the street segment could
currently not be found in the geocoding map system. Efforts are made to update these as time allows.
Coded by Stephen W Nolen (c) 2005