RFP for Fair Market Value Appraisal Services

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RFP for Fair Market Value Appraisal Services

Request for Fair Market Rental Value Appraisal Services

The Shawnee Regional Airport is seeking the services of a licensed professional real estate appraiser to determine a fair market rental value for certain aircraft hangars at the Shawnee Regional Airport. Information for Respondents relating to this Request for Proposals ("RFP") is on file and open for public inspection at the offices of the City Clerk, and the Shawnee Regional Airport. Proposals will be received at the address below not later than Close of Business 29 October 2021. A copy of the Information for Respondents may be obtained from Shawnee Regional Airport as follows:
Attention: Bonnie A. Wilson,  Airport Manager,  Shawnee Regional Airport 2202 North Airport Drive Shawnee, Oklahoma 74804
Telephone: (405) 878-1532     Email:

Persons seeking a copy of the Information for Respondents must provide contact information to include an email address at the time of the request for the purposes of creating a record of interested parties, distribution of any Addendum or other information related to this Request for Proposals. The opportunity to enter into a professional services agreement will be awarded to the Respondent (s) determined to be best qualified to provide services to the Shawnee Regional Airport. The Airport reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals for any reason at any time prior to execution of an agreement(s) with the Respondent(s) selected and to waive any and all informalities and irregularities in the selection process.