October 2020 Ice Storm (Updated)

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October 2020 Ice Storm (Updated)

*Final Update, December 29th, 2020* Please see the following information related to the October 2020 Ice Storm:

We are in the process of completing our first sweep of debris cleanup, expecting to conclude the first stage by January 4th. On January 11th, we will begin our second and final stage, sweeping through the city again. All residents need to place and remaining storm related to debris curbside . Please ensure that the debris is away from any utility poles, meter covers, mail boxes, signs and posts, mailboxes and any lawn ornaments. The crews will begin from the southern end of the city and sweep northward until completion. 

Limbs not placed curbside by the 11th will not be picked up by the City.

Finallythe debris drop-off located at the Expo Center will close January 30th at 2:00 p.m.
Debris on Streets
Report debris on public streets to the community Action Center:
Debris on Your Property
Commercial Property
Commercial properties (to include businesses, manufacturers, apartment complexes, churches, schools, etc.) are responsible for their own debris removal.  
Debris on Power Lines
OG&E, or  its contractors, will remove tree debris from power lines and stack the limbs on your curb for  removal. Do not attempt to remove debris interfering with power lines, contact OG&E for help. 
Debris on Residential Property
Citizens have multiple options for debris removal. Central Disposal accepts 3 foot bundles of tree limbs  during curbside pickup each week on your scheduled trash day. In addition, Central Disposal accepts  one (1) level truck bed of waste per month with a valid water bill at the Transfer Station on 45th Street. For tree limb loads larger than a level truck bed, Central Disposal will allow customers to take the load directly to the landfill at no additional charge to the customer. For more information on Central Disposals services, please contact them at (405) 275-0900, or by email at info@centraldisposalok.com

In addition to Central Disposal's services, the City of Shawnee has established a central location to drop off storm debris at the Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center behind the grand stands (please follow the signs).  This location will not be able to accept any limbs greater than 10 inches in diameter.  The debris drop-off location will be open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and 8:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday. Residents will be required to show an ID and a matching City of Shawnee water bill.

Finally, the City has started the process of picking up curbside debris.  Please cut limbs into sections no longer than 10 feet and stack them at the curb away from obstructions such as poles, mail boxes, overhead wires and trees. Do not place debris over your  water meter. Do not mix ice storm related debris with your normal curbside pickup items such as yard bags, bulk waste, or poly carts. Note that this service will also pick up debris set aside in alleys where applicable. The storm relief efforts will be at no charge to Shawnee residents. 

For major tree removal and trimming such as trunks or limbs leaning on or against property, consider hiring a professional licensed and bonded tree trimming and removal company. 

We appreciate your patience as the debris removal from neighborhoods will take weeks, if not months, to cover the entire community. The City will not be issuing citations for storm debris stacked at the curb. 

Burning Storm Debris
The City will continue to require burn permits issued by the Fire Marshall; however, fees will be waived during ice storm relief. Please contact the Fire Marshall to obtain a burn permit at:
  • Get a Burn Permit Here
  • (405) 878-1675
See OG&E's System Watch website for outage information. OG&E is continuing to restore power throughout the City of Shawnee. Please visit oge.com/powerrestoration for additional information. Additionally, see OG&E's Service FAQs for commonly asked questions related to power restoration.
Report power outages or downed power lines to OG&E:

A message from OG&E:

 We know many of you are still dealing with power outages related to this statewide ice storm. Please know our crews are working day and night to get all customers back up as quickly and safely as possible. Since Monday, we have restored power for more than 230,000 customers. We have over 3,500 restoration personnel in the field (representing 18 states) working to restore power for our customers. This is the largest contingent of assistance in our history. 

 So far we've found 639 poles, 566 crossarms, 91 transformers and 178 transmission structures that have been damaged or destroyed.

 We expect to restore power for customers in Woodward and Enid by Sunday. A majority of the Oklahoma City metro is expected by Tuesday. The remaining service area is expected to be restored between Wednesday, Nov. 4 and Friday, Nov. 6. We will restore power for thousands of customers every day and will update restoration estimates as they become available. 

 In the meantime, it is important to make sure your home is ready to receive power. If your weather head, service cable or meter socket is damaged you will need to contact a certified electrician to make necessary repairs before service can be restored to your home.