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Records Section

Welcome to the Shawnee Police Department's Records Section
Phone # (405) 878-1691 or (405) 878-1692
Fax (405) 878-1733
About the Records Section
The records section will record actions taken by law enforcement personnel whether in response to a request for service or for self initiated actions. This section falls underneath the Shawnee Police Department’s Support Services Division.

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. During after hours, there is a white telephone sitting on the counter in front of the Records window, just pick up the phone and dial 2121 and you will reach Police Communications. They can get an officer to come to the window to take a report from you. No reports, impound releases or information can be released when Records is closed.

Police Records is staffed by three (3) civilian employees. They are responsible for all data entry of police reports into the GLOBAL system, for maintaining records of all arrests, criminal histories, case reports, Uniform Crime Reports, etc. Records staff provides copies of reports upon request, and in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, to the media, individuals, insurance companies and other law enforcement agencies.

Records Department Costs for Copies
  • Accident Reports: $.25 per page
  • Incident/Offense Reports: $.25 per page
  • Arrest Report : $.25 per page
  • Multiple Records/Research Reports:
    A research may be incurred for a report or several reports, plus $.25 per page for copies requested.
  • Misc. Requests*/Additional Copies:
    $.25 per page
    $.50 double-sided document

   Impound Release Fee $100.00

These fees are non-refundable in the event that insufficient information is provided and/or no record is found. To ensure that we can process your request successfully, it is very important that you provide as much information regarding the record as possible – a case number is preferable but not required.
Records Technology
Police Records System screen shot The Shawnee Police Records Section is also key to the COMPSTAT program by inputting and validating the data from all the activity around the City. They insure addresses can be mapped, encoding is correct and that the data is available in a timely fashion for reporting purposes and COMPSTAT meetings. Without quality information, quality crime fighting is difficult and the Shawnee Police Records Section steps up to that challenge.

Things you should know
Please note that, with the exception of traffic accident reports, any information pertaining to a minor will be redacted (removed) from your copy.

Only the first two pages of an offense report are available for immediate release. This information is generally sufficient for insurance purposes.

Emailed and/or faxed forms will not be accepted
Freedom of Information Act requests must go through the City Clerks Office
(405) 878-1604 or (405) 878-1609