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Amber Alert Section

Welcome to the Shawnee Police Department's Amber Alert Section.

During an Amber Alert, those with information can call (405) 878-1777 and speak to any one of the team members.

About the Amber Alert Section
The Shawnee Police Department is a part of the Oklahoma’s Amber Plan, a child abduction recovery program. The Amber Alert warning system was set up in the name of Amber Hagerman. Amber was 9 years old and living in Arlington, Texas. On January 13, 1996, she was riding her bicycle in her neighborhood when a neighbor heard her scream. The neighbor saw a man pull Amber into the front of his pickup and drive away at high speed. The neighbor called the police and provided a description of the man and the pickup. They conducted a search but did not find Amber until 4 days later. Amber had been sexually assaulted, her throat had been cut, and was placed in a ditch 4 miles away. To this day her attacker has not been found.

Amber Plan
The 'Amber Plan' is an early warning system available for use by law enforcement to alert the public when a child has been kidnapped and the police believe the child is in danger. The goal is to generate maximum public participation to recover children in the most serious abduction situations. This will be accomplished by providing law enforcement with timely information to assist in the location of the child or to coerce a kidnapper to release a child for fear of apprehension or detection.

To assist in our collaboration with Oklahoma’s Amber Plan, the Shawnee Police Department has created its first ever 'Amber Alert Team.' This team is comprised of 12 dispatchers and the Administrator of Support Services. The team will be called in when an Amber Alert has been issued, they will man the phones, take information concerning the child/children that has/have been kidnapped or abducted, and pass that information on to the officers working the situation. The calls will come into the Emergency Operations Center here at City Hall.
Amber Alert Team
The reason for creating Shawnee’s new “Amber Alert Team” is that when an amber alert is issued by the Department of Public Safety at our request, calls would normally come directly into dispatch. At the same time, normal duty calls are coming in, regular radio traffic is being run, calls for ambulances are occurring, fire responses are coming in, etc. By creating the Amber Alert Team, they can take the calls from inside Emergency Operations Center away from general traffic and concentrate on just informational calls pertaining to the Amber Alert. This will improve our agencies ability to collect information, disseminate the information quicker. We want to insure that we don’t miss any information that might provide us with the means to find the child (ren).

Ordinance No. 2300NS
Section 1 (16): No person shall willfully, knowingly, and without probably cause communicate false information concerning a missing child to a law enforcement agency that causes or encourages the activation of an AMBER ALERT warning system.

Members of the Amber Alert Team
Memebers of the Amber Alert Team consist of all 13 dispatchers of the Shawnee Police Dept. and the Administrator of Support Services.

Trained volunteers of the Shawnee Police Department will also be utilized to support this operation.