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Grant Writing Section

Welcome to the Shawnee Police Department's Grant Writing Section

The Shawnee Police Department hired a grant writer in 2005. The Grants Section falls underneath the direction of Mr. Chris Thomas, Administrator of Support Services. He writes and manages each of the grants for the police department. Grant funding has come from private, local, state, and federal entities.

Shawnee Police Department aggressively seeks funding that will assist with the departmentís officers, staff, equipment, training, community relations, and more.

The Shawnee Police Dept has received over $500,000 in grant money from sources such as the Oklahoma Highway Safety office, Oklahoma office of Homeland Secruity and the Department of Justice. Grant money from these agencies have gone to safety equipment, uniforms, ballistic vests, computers and overtime to name a few.

If you would like to donate to the police department or would like to collaborate on a grant submission, please donít hesitate to call: Mr. Chris Thomas at (405) 878-1638.