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FAA Certified Repair Station


Air Flite, Inc.

Shawnee, OK 74804


Bell Approved Services

Field Maintenance for the 206A/B, 206L, & 407
Tailboom Repair Fixtures for Bell 206A/B, 206L, & 407
Component Overhaul and Repair for 206A/B & 206L
Tailboom Overhaul Exchange Program
Large Inventory of New and Exchange Bell Parts in Stock
24 Hour AOG Support & Service

Schweizer Approved Services

Field Maintenance for 300C, 300CBi, & 333
Component Overhaul and Repair for 300C, 300CBi, & 333
Structural Repairs and Modifications 
Completions and Refurbishment     
Large Inventory of New Parts in stock
24 Hour AOG Support & Service

KSNL AERO/Pacific Air Holdings

FAA Certified Repair Station

2202 North Airport Drive 
Hangar 11
Shawnee, OK 74804


Pacific Air Holdings 

Cessna Caravan Leasing. We have a large fleet of Cessna Caravan 208B. We have owned and operated Cessna Caravan Aircraft for over thirty years in just about every corner of the world. Call us today to lease, we have aircraft available and ready for your 14 CFR part 135 certificate.

 KSNL Aero 

 FAA Certified Repair Station. Aircraft Inspection and repair specializing in Turbo Prop and Turbine corporate aircraft. 100 Hour / Annual and Phase Inspections. All Employees licensed and Drug tested meeting the requirements for 14 CFR part 135 maintenance. PT6 hot section inspections, vibration analysis, MORE Program Requirements, Fuel Nozzle Cleaning and Overhaul, PT6 component overhaul, and maintenance. Skilled Technicians with state-of-the-art equipment ready to maintain your Turbo Prop or Turbine aircraft. New 29000 sq. ft hangar, over 3 million USD in Aviation Parts in stock. Call us today to schedule.

Certified Repair Station

Red Cloud Aviation, LLC.
2202 Airport Drive
Hangar #16
Shawnee, OK 74804
(405) 808-4045

Maintenance Services

Avionics Sales and Installations and Pitot/Static Certs
Annual, 100 Hour, Phase Inspections
Major Airframe, and Engine Maintenance
Piston, Radial, Turbine, Rotax, and Jabiru Engine Maintenance
Prop Strike Inspections
Aircraft Parts and Sales
Fabric Repairs and Recovers
Certified Light Sport, and Experimental Aircraft Custom Interiors