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Information Technology

Mission Statement
The mission of the City of Shawnee Information Systems department is to continuously improve the City of Shawnee through the development, application and support of technological solutions within the City thereby empowering City staff and management to face the current and future challenges of providing the best services to City of Shawnee Citizens.
The City of Shawnee Information Systems Department oversees the operation, maintenance, deployment, and utilization of all City of Shawnee computers, technical and peripheral equipment, software, web sites, embedded systems, and many other aspects of technology use within the City. The department is currently staffed by three employees, a Network Specialist, a Software Specialist, and a Help Desk Specialist. 


Q: How do I report when something is inaccurate on the website?
Errors, broken links or other inaccuracies on the website can be reported using the 'Comments?' link in the left toolbar. The link will report the page currently being viewed and allows for comments to be added in regard to the detailed information. The more detailed the comments are the faster Information Systems can correct any errors.

Q: What does the ''Information Systems'' department do?
The Information Systems department is responsible for all the Information Technology equipment, operations and support within the City operations. This includes all servers, desktop computers, remote Wide Area Network (WAN) locations, associate fiber connections, mobile data systems, and the various software utilized throughout the City for each department.