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Recreation Center Gym (Municipal Auditorium)
401 N Bell
(Please enter through the  Shawnee Recreation Center door)

Weekly Pickleball Sessions
Monday:   9-11am, Ages 55+ Only, Free, BEGINNERS PLAY
Monday:   5-7pm, Ages 13+, $4, BEGINNERS PLAY
Tuesday:      9-11am,  Ages 55+ Only,  Free

Tuesday:       6-8:30pm, Ages 13+,  $4
Wednesday:    1pm-3pm,  Ages 13+,  $3
Thursday:    9-11am,  Ages 55+ Only,  Free
Thursday:   6-8:30pm,  Ages 13+,  $4
Friday :       1pm-3pm,  Ages 13+,  $3
Saturday:    8:30-11:30am, Ages 13+,  $4

Follow up on Facebook at Shawnee OK Pickleball Group

Informational Video

Out of Bounds

For more information on the sport of Pickleball: https://www.usapa.org/

For more information about Shawnee Parks and Recreation Pickleball sessions, call 405-878-1528.