1) No outside food or drink is permitted in the Shawnee Splash facility. Concessions are available.
2) All patrons are required to wear SWIM SUITS to swim in pools. Street clothes are not allowed. Accepted clothing is at the discretion of Splash Staff. Cover ups t-shirts MUST be a dri fit material. If you have questions about your swimwear, please see staff prior to entering the water park as they will be happy to help. Examples of not allowed items are: basketball shorts, under ware, boxers, denim, cut offs, cargo shorts, women's undergarments, etc.
3) No Re-Entry. Once admitted, patrons cannot leave and gain reentry without re-paying admission. Season pass members can enter and exit with their season pass each entry.
4) Tobacco Free Park-All City of Shawnee properties are tobacco free spaces. This includes Woodland Park along with Shawnee Splash Waterpark.
5) 48" to Ride Slides Alone- Patrons must be 48" to ride slides alone. If under this height, patron can ride with someone 18 years of age or older. Signage is available at entry for parents to check height. If child's height is in question, the child will receive a slide wristband, giving access to both slides.
6) 15 minute Safety Break- At the top of every odd hour the park is open, there will be a 15 minute safety break. At this time individuals 17 and under MUST exit the pools. We encourage everyone to re-apply sunscreen, visit the snack shack, and find some shade to take a break.
7) Children12 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult. Children ages 4 and under must be within arms reach of an adult ages 18 years or older AT ALL TIMES.
8) Shawnee Splash will close the park when lightning is within 10 miles of the waterpark.  
9) Patrons can bring lawn chairs into park for use.  

1) Experienced Swimmers Only- Individuals who cannot swim and/or individuals who are wearing a lifejacket are NOT permitted in the diving well.
2) Once you go up, you gotta jump- Our high dive is just that, HIGH, please make sure that you and/or your child is ready for the commitment of jumping. Once a swimmer reaches the top of the high dive, they must jump. It is much more dangerous for the swimmer to climb back down the wet stairs than to jump into the well. If swimmer needs assistance, please signal the lifeguard on duty for assistance.
3) 1 at a time- on each climbing wall. (Instructions for climbing walls are located on poolside.)
4) Front flips only off the diving boards.