Swim Lessons

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Swim Lessons

2023 Swim Lessons    
Session 1- June 5-15
Session 2- June 19-29
Session 3- July 3-14
Session 4- July 17-27

For more information call the  Shawnee Parks & Recreation Office at 405-878-1528.

TADPOLE (Ages 6 months through 2 year) $40
A. Requirements: Must be accompanied by parent/guardian - will be required to swim with the student.
B. Purpose:
1.  Initiate the child to the water.
2.  Develop, in the child, a high comfort level in and around the water and a readiness to swim.
3.  Enable the parent to supervise child aquatic activities and help teach the child water skills.
C. Water Skills: Simple games, stunts, pool-side exercises, basic swimming, and water safety. 

BULLFROG (Ages 3 - 5 years) $40
A. Purpose: Continuation of the Tadpole class and children who need to overcome the fear of water.
B. Water Skills: How to enter the water, rhythmic breathing, flutter kick, glides, beginning stroke

LEVEL 1 WATER EXPLORATION: (Ages 5 years+) $55
A. Purpose: Children with no swimming instruction or needing assistance to over-come the fear of water.
B. Water Skills: How to enter water, breath holding, rhythmic breathing, floats, glides, flutter kick, beginning stroke.

LEVEL 2 FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS: (Ages 5 years+) $55
A. Purpose: To continue building on the fundamental skills & safety learned at Water Exploration.
B.  Water Skills: Level 1 skills plus combined stroke on front and back, turning over, safety skills.

LEVEL 3 STROKE DEVELOPMENT: (Ages 5 years+) $55
A.  Eligibility: Perform Level 2 water skills.
B.  Purpose: Improve water skill proficiency, endurance, and ability to care for themselves in water.
C. Water Skills: Introduction to additional aquatic skills such as front crawl, elementary back stroke, rotary breathing, basic kicks, diving, and treading water.

LEVEL 4 STROKE IMPROVEMENT: (Ages 5 years+) $55
A. Eligibility: Perform Level 3 water skills.
B.  Purpose: To develop confidence & competence in water skills & water safety.
C.  Water Skills: Build endurance, breast stroke, side stroke, personal safety skills.

LEVEL 5 STROKE REFINEMENT: (Ages 5 years+) $55
A.  Eligibility: Perform Level 4 water skills.
B.  Purpose: Water skill proficiency, endurance, and coordination.
C. Water Skills: Various water entries, flip turns, stroke coordination & refinement, sculling

JUNIOR  LIFEGUARDING : (Ages 11-15) $80
Available June 19-29 and July 17-27
A.  Eligibility: Perform Level 5: Stroke refinement water skills.
B.  Purpose: Complete Level 6 water and rescue skills & encourage good fitness habits.  Class also incorporated leadership and team building opportunities.
C.  Water Skills: 500 yard swims, 5 minute treading water, in-water rescues, backboard rescues.