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The City of Shawnee annually receives Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG) from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

To be eligible for housing rehabilitation programs, the applicant must own and have occupied their home continuously for one (1) year. The applicant must meet pre-determined income guidelines and their home must have some deficiency with the City Code and HUD’s Housing Quality Standards.

Housing rehabilitation programs are designed with the intent to create safe, decent and affordable housing in the City of Shawnee. The following is a list of housing rehabilitation programs offered by the City of Shawnee, through its’ agent the Shawnee Urban Renewal Authority (SURA).

Home Repair Program:
A program provided by the City of Shawnee to assist low and moderate income homeowners who cannot afford to complete repairs that, if left unattended, would jeopardize the health and safety of occupants.  The maximum funding amount is $30,000 and the home repair amount shall be paid or otherwise earned as follows: At the end of each year following the project date, the property owner shall be deemed to have earned twenty percent (20%) of the assistance amount so that at the end of the five (5) year period, the assistance amount shall be deemed earned and / or paid in full.

Homeowners may be eligible for assistance if they meet the following conditions:
     -  Your home must be in the city limits of Shawnee.
     -  You must own and live in your home as your principal residence for the past one year.
     -  Your home must have code deficiencies that make the house unsafe or unsanitary.
     -  Your property must meet all zoning and environmental restrictions and regulations.
     -  You must complete an application and repair(s) must be approved in order to qualify for grant.

First Time Home Buyer Program:
*Currently Unavailable*

Fifty percent (50%) of the home cost will be repaid over a 20 year period at zero percent (0%) interest.  The remaining fifty percent (50%) will be a grant and will be forgiven after a ten (10) year period.  If the home is sold, transferred, or otherwise encumbered within that ten (10) year period, the total unpaid amount will be due and payable to the City of Shawnee.

Demolition Program:
For qualifying individuals, the full cost to demolish a dilapidated structure will be a grant, forgiven at the end of a five (5) year period.  The property owner will earn twenty percent (20%) of the cost per year through the five (5) year period.  If the owner sells the land within the five (5) year period, the remaining unearned portion will be due and payable to the City of Shawnee.

FY 2023 Income Limits:

     -  Family Size 1:  $40,800
     -  Family Size 2:  $46,600
     -  Family Size 3:  $52,450
     -  Family Size 4:  $58,250
     -  Family Size 5:  $62,950
     -  Family Size 6:  $67,600
     -  Family Size 7:  $72,250
     -  Family Size 8:  $76,900

2020-2024 Five Year Consolidated Plan
2023 Annual Action Plan
Citizen Participation Plan - Draft

2022 CAPER

For information on Fair Housing, visit

Breanna Wallace, CDBG Program Manager
City Hall
16 W. 9th Street
Shawnee, OK 74801
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