CDBG-CV2 Mortgage/Rental Assistance and Utility Assistance

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CDBG-CV2 Mortgage/Rental Assistance and Utility Assistance Grants

The City of Shawnee has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) via the Oklahoma Department of Commerce (ODOC) for Mortgage/Rental Assistance and for Utility Assistance. These funds will help citizens who are past-due on rent or mortgage payments and/or utility bills as a direct result of issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For those households that qualify, mortgage/rent assistance can be provided to a mortgage company on behalf of a homeowner, or a landlord on behalf of a tenant, for up to six months, provided they are behind on rent or mortgage payments due to COVID-19.  Assistance may cover past due payments to bring beneficiaries current. Expenses must have accumulated on or after January 21, 2020.  If determined eligible, payments will be made directly to landlords or lenders. Maximum amount of assistance per month must at least meet rent reasonableness standards (24 CFR 888 and 24 CFR 982.503). All information provided by applicants below will go through a stringent verification process by City of Shawnee staff prior to any payments.  Utility assistance will be paid directly to the utility provider on behalf of the resident, considering the same eligibility requirements.

In order to qualify, an individual or family must meet the following criteria:
•For mortgage assistance, residence must be owner-occupied.
•Rent must not be more than fair market value.
•Delinquency must be due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
•Tenant or homeowner must meet low to moderate income limits.
•Residence must be within Shawnee City Limits.

To apply for this program, please fill out the CDBG-CV2 Mortgage/Rental Assistance Application or CDBG-CV2 Utility Assistance Grant Applicationand return to the CDBG office at 227 N. Broadway, Suite C.  There will be additional forms to complete and information to provide.  You may contact Jill Nichols with the City’s CDBG Program for more information. (405) 273-1276 or