Partnerships are a Powerful Force for Good
Connections between community organizations leads to new ideas, resources, and ways of thinking that can make Shawnee a better place. These partnerships represent the needs and interests of the community, make the work easier, ensure transparency, accountability, and ethics, and are more impactful and effective. Partnership is The Key to success by ensuring broad participation among community stakeholders and aligning goals, strategies, and tactics.
Shawnee Homeless Roundtable
The Shawnee Homeless Roundtable is comprised of more than 40 organizations, including faith groups, nonprofits, governmental, and tribal organizations, that are unified in working on homelessness in Shawnee. The Roundtable takes a collaborative, structural, and strategic approach to homelessness. Working together, this group can envision, develop, and implement solutions for the needs of people experiencing homelessness, such as veterans, youth, survivors of domestic violence, and people struggling with mental illness, substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS. This also helps decrease redundant services and is a more effective way to combat homelessness. The Roundtable will form the foundation of the new Shawnee Continuum of Care.
Native Homeless Alliance

The Native Homeless Alliance is a newly formed group. Using data collected for the Homeless Program, we identified a disproportionately high number of Native Americans in the homeless community and brought area tribes together to work on decreasing the disparity. The Native American population of Shawnee is 13%, but the Native American homeless population is 31%. This group has set the goal of decreasing the disparity by 50% by June 30, 2024. This will not only benefit Native Americans, but Shawnee as a whole. So far, the Native Homeless Alliance has already held a Tribal Resource Fair that connected over 80 people in the community with their tribes and tribal resources.
Native Homeles Alliance