Planning Division

The  function of the Planning Division is to:
  • Review development applications to ensure compliance with Shawnee standards.
  • Advise elected officials, the Planning Commission, the Board of Adjustment, and other city departments on any development related matter.
  • Facilitate the adoption of city goals and the achievement of those goals by continually maintaining the Comprehensive Plan, development regulations and ordinances, and development policies.
  • Coordinate a fair and open process for public involvement in decision making.
  • Enforce the development regulations and ordinances established by the City, as well as the State of Oklahoma.
  • Represent the City in regional initiatives and partnerships. 
Please contact the Planning Department if you are interested in any of the following:
    • Platting property
    • Changing the zoning classification of a property
    • The existing zoning classification of a property
    • Making an application for development
    • Future land use designation in the Comprehensive Plan
    • Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulation Ordinance requirements
    • Current development activity
The department also serves as the lead for multiple studies such as the Twin Lakes Master Plan, the Trails Master Plan, and the Santa Fe Depot Visioning Process.  The Planning Division also provides staff support for the Shawnee Arts & Cultural Commission.

Finally, the Planning Division serves as the zoning administrator for the city.  In this role, staff ensure compliance with the zoning ordinance and works with property owners to guide them to the most successful project possible for their property.

To view the zoning map, please click here.